Taman Negara National Park

Taman Negara National Park

  • Pahang
  • Malaysia
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Taman Negara National Park, Pahang Overview

Negeram Trail This trail starts from the ranger's base camp at Sungei Relau and winds through 4.1km of lowland forest to Pasir Gelenggang. The journey takes about 2 to 4 hours to complete. Crossing the Negeram River is necessary for this trail so be prepared to get your feet wet! Palas Trail About 1.6km long, this trail also starts from the Sg. Relau ranger's station and ventures only 300m along a rough, unkempt trail through peat swamp and flat ground. Not a difficult trek but possibly need a guide as the entrance and trail is obscure. Interpretive Trail 535meters long, it's possible to venture off on this trail on your own. The trail is marked all along the way with signs and description of fauna in the area. The self-interpretive trail guide of the 20 stations is also available at the ranger's office. Guide rates: You have to hire a guide for most treks at the National Park and it's not cheap. If you intend to stay and trek be prepared to pay RM60-80 per guide per day, RM20 extra for an overnight stay in the jungle. There are official and unofficial guides there. The thing is that the official guides are generally the rangers and the unofficial guides are the village boys. On both sides, they speak little English - and that makes it a bit difficult and not really worth the price quoted. Moreover, with communication difficulties - the trekker will learn less about the jungle. Conquering Gunung Tahan? Before even thinking about climbing Gunung Tahan, there are a few matters to consider like the cost and if you're fit enough. 2 very important factors. Let's see, there's the usual National Park fee at: Entry Permit RM1.00/person Camping RM1.00/person/night Camera RM5.00/person 4WD transport RM7.50/person/way Then there is the porter and guide fees stated below : For a 4 day trek from Sungei Relau to Gunung Tahan: Guide RM300/4days (required) Porter RM50/day per porter (only if really needed) Also the duration required and the distance from one camp to the other and finally to the peak.

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