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  • 9 Most Beautiful Islands of India

    By: Admin | In: Tourist Attractions | Last Updated: 2017-07-18

    9 Most Beautiful Islands of India

    And we are back with a bang and a new topic to talk about. Lets begin with it. So tell us what image appears on the head when you hear the word island. Most probably, a substantial number of our readers will say that a place where the slushy shoreline kisses the blue waters, the virgin warm sands with the towering palm trees, rocky cliffs, lip-smacking seafood, playful water activities, chumming on the beach etc. right?

    We dont think that theres a need for us to define an island. Coming directly to the point, in the present day scenario, an island is seen as a blissful escape. People, from all over India, swarm to islands in order to rejuvenate the senses. After all, hitting the beach each time is mainstream.

    Thus, we have shortlisted some beautiful Indian islands that will surely become your apt holiday destination. Take a look.

  • Majuli Island

    Majuli Island is one of the famous Islands in India

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    Majuli Island is a serene and an exquisite escape for a delightful vacation to be spent away from the noises of the city. Subsequently, Majuli Island is the biggest river island in India. This location looks like a breathtaking painting of Mother Nature due to its tantalizing location. Unlike other islands, where the shores and the rest of the terrains are sandy, Majuli Island has terrains that are covered with moss. You can find the rich Assamese culture in the areas nearby the island of Majuli.

  • Great Nicobar Island

    Great Nicobar is low-populated island is a perfect hideout for a couple

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    This island is indeed the largest one in India. The green emerald hillocks, picturesque sights, finger-licking sea food, and pristine beaches of the Great Nicobar Island are quite enough for an ethereal experience. Soak in the sun, admire the beauteous surroundings, and let the waves of the Indian Ocean wipe out all your worries and woes. This low-populated island is a perfect hideout for a couple to evoke the sense of togetherness. The Indira Point and Campbell Bay are a must in the to-do list.

    Best time to visit- February-June

  • Divar Island

    Divar island is a perfect getaway in Goa

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    Although unpopular, this island can infallibly reinvigorate your limbs. Resting near the coasts of Goa, this island is a perfect getaway. Nestled across the whirling waters of Mandovi river, Divar Island is a must-visit for the seekers of tranquillity. If you are on a trip to Goa, just take a ferry ride from the Viceroys Arch in the Old Goa and reach to this beauteous island. And you know what! some of the amazing scenes of the movie Dil Chahta Hai were shot at the prominent locations of this island.

    Best time to visit- November-February

  • St. Marys Islands

    St. Marys Island is a beguiling tourist destination in India

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    Hedged by the deep blue waters of the Arabian Sea, this island houses several white sandy beaches and rocky blocks. These are a group of four islands of the coast of Maple in Karnataka. The St. Marys Island is a beguiling tourist destination offering you a peaceful environ to spend quality time with your family. The coconut gardens, lush plantations, basaltic rock formations, and an amazing wildlife make these islands a mesmerising place.

    Best time to visit- December and January

  • Little Andaman Islands

    Little Andaman Islands is well known Islands in India

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    This low-populated destination is the perfect place for the honeymooners and the seekers of tranquillity. Lying adjascent to the bustling blue waters of the Indian Ocean and relishing the panoramic view of the sky full of stars. Wow! We known that the thought itself has put a fire in your belly. Well, travel to the Little Andaman Islands to get all your cravings satiated. The White Surf Waterfalls, Hut bay Jetty, Butler Bay, and Whisper Wave waterfalls are the major attractions of this island.

    Best time to visit- December-February

  • Lakshwadeep Islands

    Lakshwadeep Islands is one of the beauteous Islands in Lakshwadeep

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    Well-linked with the airways and waterways, this Island is a treat to the soul of the beach lovers. The beauteous Lakshwadeep Islands is a group of 36 islands. Holiday planners from different parts of the world are mesmerized by its majestic coral reefs, serene ambience, and bewitching beaches. The beach facing hotels, reinvigorating spas, mellowing sea food, and picturesque sites of this island are enough to make you forget all your stress. Well, if you want to feel the rush of adrenaline, the activities like scuba diving, snorkelling, water skiing, canoeing, and under water walk are desparately waiting for you. Kudos to this cheerful island!

    Best time to visit- October to May

  • Barren Island

    Barren Island is a perfect destination to ditch the urban noises

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    Set in the Eastern part of the Andaman along the shoreline of the Bay of Bengal, the Barren Island is a perfect destination to ditch the urban noises. You can reach this dreamland by boarding a ship or a seaplane from the Port Blair. The dominance of the active Barren volcano has not only coined the name of this island, but also accredited it as the owner of the only active volcano in the South Asia. The pristine surroundings, beauteous hillocks, and beguiling beaches of this island will release you to a surreal world.

    Best time to visit- February-May

  • Grand Island

    Grand Island is well known Island in Goa

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    Are you a little fond of scuba diving and snorkelling? Well, if you are nodding to it, then this island is surely your territory. A day trip to this paradise situated near South Goa will take your Goa trip to a level unimagined. Just take a ferry ride and reach the Grand Island. It offers some amazing sites for making your diving experience one of a kind. This island offers a host of water sport activities for the stags, families, and couple. The Dolphin Point, Bounty bay Dive, Sail Rock Dive, and Suzys Wreck Dive are some of the most arresting spots of this island. So, make the most out of your Goa trip by checking out this mesmerising place.

    Best time to visit- October-May

  • Diu Island

    Diu Island is one of the famous Island in India

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    The exotic beaches, towering palm trees, beguiling Cathedrals & fortresses, and the remnants of the Portugese culture define the refinement of this Island. Just pick your favourite book, lie on a beach chair, sip a delightful beverage, savour the sound of soul-calming waves and chirping of the birds, aha, Doesnt that take you to another world? Well, the major highlights of this Island areDiu Fort, St Pauls Church, Gangeshwar Temple, and Seashell Museum.

    Best time to visit- October-January

  • Finally, you read about the most beguiling islands of India. Though people say that all islands are alike, there is a huge difference in every island. The virgin sands and panorama may appear to be the same but the joy differs. So, the list has said enough and now, its your turn to visit these islands.

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