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  • Hiking Guide Tips

    Make your hiking trip enjoyable and memorable by proper planning and preparation. Follow some basic essential guidelines and tips before heading for hiking.

    • Plan everything in advance, Keep note of all the minute details of all visiting spots and important stuff to carry.
    • Bring clothing for all kind of weather, as weather can change instantly.
    • At higher elevation, people show symptoms of altitude sickness like vomiting, dizziness, nausea, headache, breathing problem or backache. If you or your family member shows any of such symptoms, try to take them back at lower altitude.
    • Do wear proper hiking shoes while traveling. Proper shoes are must to walk on sharp rocks or uneven path.
    • Wear layered clothes as weather conditions changes frequently as you elevate up.
    • Wear high and tough boots to avoid getting sting or hurt by snakes or any harmful insect. Never try to capture or hurt snakes. Give them ample space to escape without hurting you.
    • If traveling in group, try to place slower hikers or old age members in front. With this you will never loose a slower hiker laid behind.
    • Always wear UV protected sunscreen lotion to avoid sunburn while being on hiking adventure. Also wear sunglasses and a hat.
    • Carry minimum things as possible while hiking. Light weight bags are easy to carry while hiking.
    • Try to walk in proper breaks and intervals. Never rush continuously to reach the peak level. Take a tea or snacks break every one or two hours. These small breaks will refresh you a lot and could recharge your energy to start afresh.


    If you are taking your young ones along with you for hiking then do keep in mind certain basic tips:-

    • Rethink whether your kids can handle it.
    • Carry loads of snacks and drinking water for your kids while hiking.
    • Make sure that your kids rest properly at equal intervals. Never keep a tight and busy hiking schedule. Don't rush through end to complete the whole hiking task.
    • Do carry tissues and toilet paper for wiping and cleaning purposes.
    • Always maintain excitement and cheer amongst kids. Boredom and dullness can irritate kids and make them cranky while hiking.
    • Add a goal or purpose to the hike. Make you kids count the animals, flowers or birds while going up. This will make them busy while hiking.
    • Kids love to click snaps. If possible, let them handle the photography part.
    • Do carry band-aids and antibacterial ointment along with you to deal with shoe bites or blisters.

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