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  • Vaishali
  • Bihar
  • India
  • Area 52.0 Sq. Kms.
  • Suitable Visiting Seasons ( months)

    October to March.

  • Climate and Geography

    As in other places in upper Gangetic plain, Vaishali has an extreme climate. It is very hot in summer and very cold in winter.

  • Main Languages Hindi, Maithili, Bhojpuri and English.
  • Population 25,000.
  • Temperature Summer - Max : 44oC. Min : 21oC.
    Winter - Max : 23oC. Min : 6oC.

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Vaishali Overview

The ancient town of Vaishali in Bihar holds much significance for our history. It derives its name from its ruler of Ramayana era, King Vishal. During the rule of Licchavi Dynasty, around 6th century BCE, Vaishali became the first republic of the world. It also served as their capital. Vaishali is of great significance to both Buddhist and Jain followers. It is the place where Lord Buddha gave his last sermon and also the birthplace of Jain Tirthankar, Lord Mahavira.

This city is now an archaeological site. The relics of its remarkable past have been preserved by the Archaeological Survey of India. During the time of Buddha’s visits, Vaishali was a rich and prosperous city. The city hosts some famous festivals and fairs such as the Vaishali Mahotsava and Sonepur fair. The art of making objects in Sikki work is still prominent here. A visit to this historic town will transport one back into time.


Vaishali is touched upon by NH19, 77 and 103 at many points. The Patna Airport is nearest for air travellers at 55km. There is also a major Railway Station at Hajipur, the district headquarters of Vaishali.

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