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  • Archaeological Museum Of Vaishali in Vaishali#1
    Archaeological Museum Of Vaishali

    Archaeological Museum of Vaishali is a famous travel attraction in Bihar. This historic museum is an amazing place to gather the knowledge of the earl...


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  • Vishwa Shanti Stupa in Vaishali#2
    Vishwa Shanti Stupa

    Built in the Japanese style of architecture, Vishwa Shanti Stupa is a religious site in Bihar. Literally translating to the World Peace Pillar, this m...


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  • Ashoka Pillar in Vaishali#3
    Ashoka Pillar

    Ashoka Pillar or the Lion Pillar in Vaishali is a famous tourist attraction located in Vaishali. It is a great pillar erected during the rule of King ...


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  • Buddha Stupa in Vaishali#4
    Buddha Stupa

    Standing as a symbol of peace in beautiful surroundings, Buddha Stupa is a famous travel attraction in Vaishali. This is a Japanese Pagoda that was bu...


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  • Raja Vishal Ka Garh in Vaishali#5
    Raja Vishal Ka Garh

    Raja Vishal Ka Garh is a well-known name in the list of tourist destinations in Vaishali, Bihar. Also known as Vaishali Garh, this place is believed t...


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  • Bawan Pokhar Temple in Vaishali#6
    Bawan Pokhar Temple

    Bawan Pokhar temple is a hindu temple located on the banks of a pond called Bawan Pokhar. The old temple, built during Pala period, enshrines beautifu...

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  • Chaumukhi Mahadeva in Vaishali#7
    Chaumukhi Mahadeva

    Chaumukhi MahadevaChaumukhi Mahadeva is a sacred Hindu temple in Vaishali. It is a temple that was constructed in the 4th century. Enshrining Lord Shi...


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This ancient town is of much significance to people who practise Buddhism and Jainism. The places to visit here are Ashokan Pillar- built by Emperor Ashoka, it’s where our National Emblem has been taken from; Bawan Pokhar Temple- an ancient temple of the Pala period; Buddhist Stupas- these caskets contain the ashes of Lord Buddha; Abhiskek Pushkarn- the coronation tank which was reckoned to contain holy water; Kundalpur- birth place of Lord Mahavira; Raja Vishal ka Garh- an ancient parliament house.

There is also a museum set up by Archaeological Survey of India near the Visva Shanti Stupa.

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