Chaumukhi Mahadeva

Chaumukhi Mahadeva

  • Vaishali
  • Bihar
  • India
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Chaumukhi Mahadeva, Vaishali Overview

Chaumukhi Mahadeva
Chaumukhi Mahadeva is a sacred Hindu temple in Vaishali. It is a temple that was constructed in the 4th century. Enshrining Lord Shiva, this temple has a historical significance in the region. It is a self-manifested Shivalinga with four faces. Many folktales are associated with Chaumukhi Mahadeva Temple. The incarnations of Lord Vishnu like Lord Rama and Buddha, in their respective eras, visited this temple.

It Is Known For:
- Chaumukhi Mahadeva is a historic Hindu shrine in Vaishali
- It enshrines a four-faced self-manifested Shivalinga
- This historic temple was visited by the incarnations of Lord Vishnu in their respective eras
- It is said that the four faces of the Shivalinga point towards the 4 directions
- Chaumukhi Mahadeva Temple is the mid-point of Kashi Vishwanath Mandir (Benaras) and Baidyanath Dham (Deoghar). The geologists have approved this theory
- Devotees celebrate the festival of Maha Shivaratri with a great enthusiasm

Best Time To Visit
There is no special time for visiting Chaumukhi Mahadeva Temple. This sacred shrine attracts many tourists and pilgrims alike. The footfall increases on all Mondays and on Maha Shivaratri. The whole temple is beautifully decorated and devotees start visiting the temple from early hours.

Watch Out!
Leaving the leftovers behind and littering trash in the temple is not allowed. The offenders are pulled out immediately by the security guards. Thus, all pilgrims and visitors should follow the regulations.

Reaching There
Vaishali city is well-connected to Bihar via roadways, railways, and airways. People reach this city by the state-run buses, broad gauge trains, and flights. Traveling within Vaishali is done by the local transit.

Nearest Railway Station - Dighwara Railway Station
Nearest Airport - Patna Airport

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