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Nalanda Overview

Nalanda is a small district located in the Indian state of Bihar. It was formed after the division of Patna in 1976. There are different folklores that are related to the name of Nalanda, however, the popular tale goes like this. The Chinese Traveler Xuan Zang classified Nalanda as 'no end of charity' by calling it Na Alam Da. It is said the great philosophers like Gautam Buddha and Mahavira preached here for a long time.

Nalanda covers a gross area of 2,367 sq. km. and a major portion of its land is an uneven plain. It is fed by the water of the rivers like Kumbhari, Phalgu, Mohan, and Jirayan. The climate of the place is classified as moderate in nature. It experiences humid summers with an average temperature of 37°C. The winter season is a pleasant time as the mercury levels fall down and rest at 12°C on an average.

Nalanda is well-known for the ancient university it boasts. An 800 year hold Nalanda University is the identity of this district. The oldest university was opened again in the year 2016. The other notable attractions include the places like Rajgir Wildlife Sanctuary and the ancient ruined temples of Baladitya.

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