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  • 7 Most Haunted Places in Bangalore

    By: Admin | In: Most Haunted Places | Last Updated: 2017-06-07

    7 Most Haunted Places in Bangalore

    The existence of unexplained phenomena remains debatable. There are many that strongly deny the presence of the supernatural until the other side is unfolded. There comes a feeling of uneasiness when you step through the squeaking old doors of an uncanny building or you spot something lurking alone during the wee hours of night. Well, even science has no logical explanation for such entities, they exist and that too in Bangalore, the I.T hub of India. Not only technology is trapped here but a lot of queer things. Take a look at the most haunted places in Bangalore.

  • Kalpalli Cemetery

    Kalpalli Cemetery is one of the most popular haunted places in Banglore

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    The sight of gravestones and cemeteries has always been spooky. Kalpalli Cemetery, alternatively known as St. Johns Cemetery, is one such spooky cemetery in Bangalore. People that reside nearby or whenever pass through this cemetery, feel an odd and eerie presence of someone beckoning them. An apparition of a man is said to prowl in the cemetery premises at unearthly hours. Well, thats too creepy.

  • Victoria Hospital

    Victoria Hospital is most famous haunted places in Bangalore

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    Can hospitals be spooky? No. Alright, the Victoria Hospital is a place that gives creeps to the staff. Theres a morgue in the hospital where many un-attended corpses rest. A bizarre incident states that a white and misty apparition was spotted on a tree in hospital premises. The staff claims that the misty apparition is seen loitering in the corridors and steals the food packets. Eh, a hungry ghost?

  • Naale Baa

    Naale Baa is the most haunted place to see in Bangalore

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    Naale Baa Bhoota. Well, who wants a demon to return? Obviously none, so heres the description. The Naale Baa is a demon that regularly knocks on the doors at uncanny hours and a single response to it means immediate death. This eerie haunting is running down from the late 90s and the locals have written Naale Baa that means come tomorrow in front of their homes because the ghost knocks daily. Beware tonight.

  • The Bangalore International Airport

    Bangalore International Airport is well known haunted places in Bangalore

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    B.I.A. is one of the busiest airports in India and holds a queer phenomenon. A lady clad in white gown walking on the runway is a common sighting by the airport staff. Who is she is the un-answered question till date. There have been incidences when the lady was approached by workers but she vanished into air with ear pinching scream. By the way, try to capture her on your camera. She might pose for you.

  • NH 4

    NH-4 highway is one of the most famous haunted places in Bangalore

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    Highways and ghouls have an old connection. NH-4 is a highway that connects Bangalore with Mumbai. This highway is haunted by the ghost of an unknown hitchhiker girl. Frequent incidents of accidents have been reported at NH-4. The soul of the girl asks for lift or comes in front of the vehicle and vanishes into thin air. So, think twice before giving lift to any pretty lady during queer hours.

  • Terra Vera, St Marks Road

    Terra Vera is one of the most popular places to visit in Bangalore

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    Terra Vara used to be a splendid bungalow in the pre-independence era. The Vaz sisters were the lone residents of bungalow. Dolce Vera, the younger girl was stabbed to death by a youth and was buried there itself. Since then, unusual and sinister occurrences became common. The household belongings are untouched till date and the ghost of Dolce Vera still haunts the bungalow. Some claim to spot her lurking indoors as well. Theyre daring, are you?

  • Call-Centre on M.G Road

    Call-Centre on M.G Road  is most famous haunted places in Bangalore

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    At first it sounds like a usual landmark but turns a haunted place when the story unfolds. A girl that was returning to home was crushed to death by a drunk driver. She was left to die on the road. None came forward to save her. The passersby claim that she returns & her scream can be heard on the same day she died on this spot. So do you have a night duty as well?

  • Yes, ghosts and demons do exist. One cannot deny their presence that can be strongly felt at different places. Whether it is an un-inhabited building, a less frequented road shrouded amidst the canopies or old cemetery, one can surely sense an eerie feeling in the atmosphere. Some are notorious whereas some seek help and this is their way to show their presence around. So be careful if you sense something odd, especially at un-earthly hours.

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