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  • Biking Cycling Guide Tips

    Skiing is perplexed sport which requires lot of confidence, concentration and practice. Therefore do keep in mind some guide and tips to enjoy snow skiing.

    Riding bike or cycle on mountain area could turn out to be full of adventure and fun if some cycling and biking tips and guidelines are followed :-

    • Fitness and stamina is the most essential for riding a bike or cycle for an adventure trip. Do workout by doing pedaling on an exercise bike.
    • Abide by the traffic rules. Wear helmet to protect yourself from serious head injuries while biking or cycling.
    • Never over exhaust or tire yourself while riding. Do ride as per your capacity. Try walking when get tired.
    • Do move at a constant speed. Keep a close check on your biking or cycling speed. Keep your eyes open to see all kinds of obstacles coming in your way.
    • Do keep your speed down at blind corners as you never know what is there around the corner.
    • Always ride your bike or cycle on right hand side of the road.
    • Always stay hydrated while riding bike or cycle. Carry and drink loads of water.
    • Never hesitate to stop & look at difficult or uneven sections of trail. Do plan on how to cross them without facing any obstacles.
    • While moving in between traffic or busy street, try to ride on the right hand side of road to avoid collision with traffic automobiles.
    • Try to maintain a smooth flow with the ongoing traffic.
    • Prefer taking a lane if there is inadequate space to move.
    • Do apply hand signs and signals to let motorcyclists, cyclists and pedestrians know your intention to move, turn or stop.
    • Always ride your bike or cycle in a straight line, don't move zigzag. Avoid going in lane of parked bikes, cars and buses.
    • Always use horn, bell or verbal signage to other people while passing.
    • Ride in a visible area, do hang or carry flash light while riding at night time.
    • If you are participating in an adventure bike or cycle race, do arrange a valid Competition Driving License beforehand.
    • If you opted for hill climbing, be sure to equip your bike with decent low-gear ration such as 22 x 30 or macho bottom gears like 24 x 28.
    • If you have arranged a rental bike, make sure it is well equipped with front suspension.
    • Do get proper riding shoes, do not rely on sneakers. Also carry couple of comfortable clothes include biking shorts, rain gear and woolen jerseys along with helmet and gloves.

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