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  • List Of 12 Most Haunted Places In Delhi

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    List Of 12 Most Haunted Places In Delhi

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    And then, Tina suddenly heard a thump and moved towards the stairs to check from where the sound was coming. As she climbed the stairs to reach the attic, the lights went off. In the fainted light of the lightning, she saw an apparition making its way to her. But, before she could move a step, the spectre was closer and ready to take over

    Did the story scene give you goosebumps? What if we tell you its not a story, but a real case!
    Do you believe in life after death? Ever felt their presence or perspired cold as you watched them lights flicker for no reason? How many times did you check for the monster under your bed or woke your mom up in the middle of the night to lead you to the loo?

    Theres a strange curiosity we all share to know about the afterlife and hearing about the urban legends entices the adult as much as it scares the heck out of a kid. Ghost stories and related instances have excited all of us and at least once in our lives, we have all planned a trip to a haunted place in delhi with our friends. So, if you live in Delhi, you will now know where to head.

  • Graveyard Noises at The Jamali Kamali Tomb

    The Jamali Kamali Tomb  - Haunted Place in Delhi

    Image Source : Wikipedia

    Visitors have reported spooky incidences at the archaeological tomb of Jamali Kamali. People have heard their names being called out. At nights, lights glowing have been witnesses in the dark with no traceable human existence. The cameras have captured a few powerful images. The entries are closed post 6 p.m.

  • Near Dwarka, Sector 9 Metro Station

    Near Dwarka, Sector 9 Metro Station

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    What would you do, if the woman you saw 10 seconds ago disappears just after a glance? At Dwarka Sector 9 metro station many such instances have been reported. You will certainly stop doubting the existence of ghosts after visiting this place at night. People traveling to workplaces in nightshifts have felt a woman running alongside their cabs. People have also reported that the woman slaps them, appears and disappears time to time.

  • White Lady Ghost at Sanjay Van

    White Lady Ghost at Sanjay Van

    Image Source : Wikimedia

    The vast forest of Sanjay Van in south east Delhi can give you quite a nerve- wrecking experience. The forest has several graves. Reports have recorded noises of children crying and corpses crawling out the graves. The most notorious of all is the woman in white, who stares fiercely at the riders and diverts their vehicle into the forest. Sometimes, she may even ask for a lift and disappear. There are several instances of the woman in white reported by the travelers on Sanjay van road.

  • Khooni Nadi (Bloody River)

    Khooni Nadi - Bloody River

    Image Source : Flickr

    Khooni Nadi has not failed in its record to kill everyone and anyone who has dared to step into it. So, if youre planning to visit this deadly river in Rohini. Make sure to wear shoes that give you a good grip.

  • House Number W-3 Greater Kailash

    House No- W 3, Greater Kailash

    Image Source : Flickr

    The robbers wanted to possess this house owned by an old and helpless couple. The couple was killed ruthlessly in their own house. Little did the robbers know that they would return to take back their house! The neighbors have reported eerie laughs and other noises heard at night.

  • Malcha Mahal

    Malcha Mahal - Haunted Palace in Delhi

    Image Source : Darkmoon

    It is a Tuglaq era lodge, surrounded by jungle on the four sides. No paranormal instance has been reported by the people, except a spiritual energy which apparently shields the place. As soon as one tries to go near it, the energy hits them like a juggernaut. Want to try fighting the spiritual energy?

  • Fort of Feroz Shah Kotla A Haunted Fort

    Feroz Shah Kotla Fort

    Image Source : Wikimedia

    This 14th century, Tughlaq era fort is believed to have djinns residing in it. These djinns are offered prayers every Thursday with messages written in paper chits.

    The djinns provide help to the faithful help seekers. Do you need help?

  • Lothian Cemetery (Nicholson Cemetery)

    Lothian Cemetery - Horror Place of Delhi

    Image Source : Wikimedia

    The British snatched this Muslim burial ground and dug open the graves to claim the land as their own. This dismayed the souls of the people already buried there. And now every night a fight goes on between the old ghosts and the ghosts of English soldiers.

  • Bhuli Bhatiyari ka Mahal

    Bhuli Bhatiyari ka Mahal - Haunted Place in Delhi

    Image Source : Wikimedia

    This Tughlaq era fort has recorded to have witnessed some very strange incidences in its time. Strange noises are heard after it gets dark. As per the legend, a neglected queen name bhatiyari resided in the fort. The queen was cursed by a faqeer and is still struggling to escape the fort.

  • The Ridge

    The Ridge - Haunted Place in Delhi

    Image Source : Panoramio

    The ridge has poor network coverage and is reported to have several eye witness accounts of people seeing the ghost of a Colonial era British man roving in the area. It is dense jungle that is blessed with the prepossessing scenic charm, which is eerie at the same time. It is surrounded with numerous monuments with a gory history, certainly making it haunting.

  • Khooni Darwaza

    Khooni Darwaza Haunted Place in Delhi

    Image Source : Wikimedia

    This monument has many deadly stories attached to it which can be traced back to the Mughal era. But the most well-known story is of the sons of the last Mughal emperor, Bahadur Shah Zafar. His sons were executed here in front of a huge public gathering. The spirits have been kind to the Indians. However, disturbances have been reported by foreign visitors.

  • Delhi Cantonment

    Delhi Cantonment Haunted Place

    Image Source : Flickr

    Wont you jump out of your skin if past midnight a women in white races alongside your vehicle really smoothly? Isnt it disturbing? The Delhi cantonment has recorded many such instances of a middle-aged woman asking for lift from travelers in the area and moving along their vehicle thereafter.

    Delhi, apart from being known for its archaeological history is also known for its ghosts stories and several haunted locations in its vicinity. After the research work for this article and writing this article, I doubt that I would dare to turn off the lights tonight.

    SshhhThe dark world awaits!

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