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  • Packing Right Light

    The golden rule for the packing of any tour is "Pack it Light". A small and light weighted luggage for any travel is always advantageous. The bulky and multiple luggage are nuisance not only for you but also for your fellow travelers. There is very chance that they will pose problem for you while traveling. Different traveling options such as air traveling or railway traveling has specific weight limit of luggage. If the limit exceeds, one could have to pay fine as well. So it is palpable that you should pack light and right items for your trips. A proper planning with the help of our tips will assist you in this endeavor.

  • Pack It Light

    • In order to save your energy, here are some tips for Packing Light and Right. Take utmost advantage from this.
    • Make a proper planning before heading out for a trip. A holiday related trips has some other requirement than the business trip.
    • Choose light weight bags or suitcase. Nowadays cargo bags and backpack are much in use as they are light as well as have capacity to withhold good quantity of belongings.
    • More than two bags, if you are travelling singly, should be a big no. A backpack is not a bad idea for the singleton.
    • Collect your belongings accordingly and make a check list of them. The most important items that are frequently used should be given priority to the subordinates.
    • Arrange them according to the priority like over stuffing your bag with too much clothes that are to be least used should be avoided at all cost.
    • After arranging them keep two third of them away if it also requires some hard decision to be taken.
    • Put small items like pens, cell phones, important documents frequently required at the time of travel in the pocket of the clothes you are wearing.
    • Pack the light and right clothes according the days of trip you are going to spend.
    • Try not to carry more than 2 pairs of clothes if the trip is of average duration. A little bit of laundry work on you trip will keep your clothes as well as you healthy!
    • If you are on the holiday trip avoid carrying along to much formal dresses.
    • Choose dark clothes that dry quickly and either don't wrinkle or look good when wrinkled.
    • Carry zip-off pants with several pockets as they can accommodate lighter items without any problem.
    • Roll your clothes instead of stuffing them into the suitcase. It saves space as well as keeps your clothes wrinkle free.
    • Keep your toiletries as small as possible and pack them separately in a waterproof plastic bag.

  • Test of Over Packed

    Now when you are done with you packing then let have a small test for weather in spite of your entire endeavor you are still over packed. Follow these simple steps:

    • If all your belongings are exceeding one single suitcase, bag or backpack then you are over packed.
    • Hold your luggage on your head for 10 seconds; if it is too heavy to tolerate then you are over packed.
    • Walk with your luggage around area of your home; if you break into the sweats then you are over packed.

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