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  • Safari Guide Tips

    Wildlife Safaris may become genuinely unforgettable and thrill filled if you consider following guidelines and tips before heading for it: -


    To make your trip more adventurous and safe, do follow certain safety guidelines and tips mentioned below :-

    • Always listen and follow all the instructions provided by safari guide or instructor.
    • If going with your family, either opt for malaria free safaris or take anti-malaria medication to avoid getting sick while being on safari trip.
    • Do get an authentic health and vaccination advice before you depart for safaris. Take treatment and vaccination before and during the trip.
    • Do carry anti diarrhea, anti malaria and headache medicines.
    • Avoid wandering all alone especially at night time. Prefer staying inside your tent to avoid any kind of miss happening.
    • Beware of wild animals, especially hyenas who roam around the camp area in search of left over food stuff after fire dies away. If you hear their howl sound, stay inside your tent.
    • Try to keep you tents zipped up, especially at evening and night time to get protection from cold weather and wild animals.
    • Be cautious of wild snakes, as they always stay in search of warm places like tents and sleeping bags.
    • Always eat or properly dispose of left over food. Never leave food inside the tent area to attract insects, flies and wild animals.
    • Never feed wild animals as they may get agitated or loose their control to attack you in return.
    • Try to travel in a group, never travel alone on a safari tour. Stay cautious of your surroundings and prefer not taking lifts from strangers.
    • Avoid getting into the bush without your guide permission.
    • If you see wild animals, do not approach them and try to maintain a proper distance from them.
    • Never enter or swim inside any river, lakes, streams or waterfalls as you can become an easy prey to crocodiles, hippo's and other wild animals present in the water.
    • Do not get off from your safari vehicle to click the pictures of wild animals. They may attack you in return. It can pose a threat to your life.
    • Check online or from wildlife safari agents about the best time to visit a safari and what to carry with you.
    • Do take insect repellent with you. Try to wear sober clothes and avoid bright colored clothes as flies and insects get attracted by it.
    • Carry your own drinking water bottle and avoid drinking contagious local water. Always prefer to eat hygienic food.
    • Keep your legs, arms and other body parts as covered as possible, to avoid insect sting or snake bite.
    • Wear high gum boots and long pants. Try not to put highly scented perfumes and a deodorant as these attracts insects and flies.
    • Opt for trip insurance.
    • Carry wild animal and bird guide or travel book to know more about them.
    • Do carry sun hat, sunscreen lotion and sunglasses to avoid sunburn from harmful Ultra Violet (UV) rays.
    • It is preferable to carry your cameras inside dust-proof bags especially in the dry season to resist dust from entering your camera's lenses.

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