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  • Top 13 Places To Visit In Kodaikanal

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    Best Places To Visit In Kodaikanal

    Encircled in the murky hills of Western Ghats and bestowed with the beauteous natural surroundings in profusion, Kodaikanal is an arresting hill town located in Tamil Nadu. Unfolding over humongous acres of land, this enchanting hill station is frequented by many on a large scale. Kodaikanal houses tantalizing valleys, appealing forests, serene lakes, gigantic waterfalls, and much more. With such locations, a vacation packed with fun and thrill is guaranteed in Kodaikanal. Globetrotters of all age groups throng to this alluring hill station for spinning the indelible moments of life. Here's a small guide of top 13 travel attractions in Kodaikanal that should be visited to make the trip unforgettable.

  • Pillar Rocks is famous tourist place in kodaikanal

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    Mother Nature is a tremendous sculptor. She has shown her skills on various locations in Kodaikanal and one of her sculpted works lie here. Known by the name of Pillar Rocks, this is an awe-inspiring must-visit destination located in Kodaikanal. Pillar Rocks stand at a whopping height of 400 feet (that's humongous) and are known as a deadly but an exquisite picnic spot. Honestly, only the dauntless may dare to enjoy a picnic close to these rocks.

  • Kodai Lake

    Kodai Lake is one of the famous place to visit in kodaikanal

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    When the sun rays fall on the calm waters, it shimmers exquisitely. Similarly, the calm blue waters of astounding Kodai Lake shine when rays of the sun kiss it. Located in tantalizing surroundings, Kodai Lake is a famous attraction in Kodaikanal. The boundary of this lake is covered by pine trees that contribute in making the ambiance of this lake as tranquil. Try to visit Kodai Lake and indulge in boating.

  • Bryant Park is one of the most famous places to visit in kodaikanal

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    Bryant Park is like a fantasy coming true. Known as the largest public park in Kodaikanal, Bryant Park is an appealing garden and well-known travel goal. Comprising of numerous towering trees and colorful flowers, it serves as the apt place for spending a leisure time with yourself. The morning and evening walks are simply delightful in Bryant Park as the melodious chirping of the birds in a calm ambiance is soul-soothing.

  • Coakers Walk

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    Have you ever experienced walking in heavens? Not yet? No problem. Visit Coakers Walk. It is a breathtaking pathway perched on a higher elevation in Kodaikanal. It is hemmed in the beautiful and murky valley. Due to its elevation, walking on this pathway gives you the feel of strolling in the heaven as the clouds come face to face with people. This point also allows you to witness the panoramic view of Kodai hillocks.

  • Bear Shola Falls is one of the beautiful tourist place in kodaikanal

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    If love private and reserve places then Bear Shola Falls is a not-to-be-missed destination. Surrounded amid hillocks, Bear Shola Falls are a seasonal waterfall that emanates in full swing during the monsoon season. This waterfall got its name because the folklore claims that bears came to this point to quench their thirst. Excursionists flock to this point to reinvigorate their senses with the serenity of nature.

  • Kurinji Andavar Temple is most famous tourist place in kodaikanal

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    There are numerous Hindu shrines in Tamil Nadu then how can Kodaikanal miss one? Recognized amid the popular and aesthetically carved shrines, Kurinji Andavar Temple is a beguiling shrine devoted to Lord Murugan. With intricate carvings done on interior walls, Kurinji Andavar Temple is built in Tamil style of architecture and is visited by hundreds of devotees extensively. You should pay a visit to this pious shrine during your trip to Kodaikanal.

  • Silent Valley View

    Silent Valley View

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    Located in the mesmerizing Nilgiris, Silent Valley View is a biosphere reserve as well as a recreational spot in Kodaikanal. It is a bewitching place that never fails to lure visitors. This region encompasses the Silent Valley National Park as well. It is a sanctuary that is a residence to exotic fauna like lion-tailed macaque, Hanuman langur, panther, garter snake, and sizable avifauna like Nilgiri Robin, Grey Hornbill, Nilgiri Pigeon etc.

  • Dolphin's Nose

    Dolphin's Nose is one of the popular tourist spot in kodaikanal

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    Another surprising name in the list of attractions in Kodaikanal, Dolphin's Nose is an alluring viewpoint. Shrouded in mist during early morning and evening, this rocky hill cliff is the right place for enjoying the venture of trekking. Visiting this point is like treating your eyes with the serenity of nature in profusion. Carry the camera along to click photographs of this tantalizing location.

  • Silver Cascade Falls is one of the most visited tourist place in kodaikanal

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    Have you ever seen a waterfall that resembles mang tika of a woman? No, alright. We're going to tell you about Silver Cascade Falls. Encircled in the majestic hillocks, the water paves its way and gushes down from a height of 200 feet. This is a famous waterfall that is located on Madurai-Kodai road and is swarmed by hundreds of holidaymakers, especially during monsoons as the width of water doubles up.

  • Kodaikanal Solar Observatory is famous places to visit in kodaikanal

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    Kodaikanal has something for all. If you aren't impressed with hillocks & waterfalls then you must take a tour of Kodaikanal Solar Observatory. This will surely uplift your mood. The observatory is equipped with the latest technology and telescopes that help in gathering knowledge about heavenly bodies and other solar things. Documentaries on solar system and planets are shown to the young visitors of the observatory.

  • Devil's Kitchen

    Devil's Kitchen is one of the popular tourist place in kodaikanal

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    Who wants to be the devil's meal this time? Obviously none. Devil's Kitchen, located in Kodaikanal, is an enchanting valley that acts as a perfect trekking destination. Beckoned by the murky Himalayan ranges, this region boasts green vegetation and is visited by trekking aficionados extensively. Bring our your daredevil to challenge your trekking potentials at Devil's Kitchen. Remember to avoid visiting this area during extreme monsoons as landslides occur due to heavy downpour.

  • Green Valley View (Suicide Point)

    Green Valley View (Suicide Point) is of the famous place to visit in kodaikanal

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    Why would an individual commit a suicide upon visiting this beauteous location? Shrouded under greenery, Green Valley View Point aka Suicide Point is a thronged destination in Kodaikanal. After climbing the top any hillock, an individual can witness the panoramic view of Kodaikanal Valley and it is simply breathtaking. Try to figure out that why this point is tagged as suicide point? We don't think people come here to end their lives.

  • So how'd you felt after taking this virtual tour? Hopefully, it gave you a brief overview of the must-visit holiday goals in the hill station of Kodaikanal. Since you have gathered a precise information about these destinations, you must pack up the luggage and step out to take a stroll amid nature in Kodaikanal.

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