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  • Top 20 Places To Visit In Himachal Pradesh

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    Top 20 Places To Visit In Himachal Pradesh

    The scenic valleys and meadows that perch on the branch of nature become an ideal destination for holidaying away from the noises of city. This is a strong reason advocating that Himachal Pradesh is a perfect place for spending a calm and relaxing vacation. The snow laden province is located in the northern part of India and shares its borders with the state of Jammu & Kashmir in north, Punjab in west and Uttarakhand in south east. The state is well connected by the national highways, railways and airways and in this quick guide, youll get to know about the top 20 Places To Visit In Himachal Pradesh that have a breath-taking view and will make your holiday to live up the eternal moments of life.

  • Shimla

    Shimla is the most visited city in Himachal Pradesh

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    Shimla is the largest city in Himachal Pradesh and is a beautiful hill station located at an elevation of 2205 meters above sea level. The green pastures and snowcapped Himalayan ranges surround the capital city of Himachal Pradesh. It is a destination that has a charm of attracting the tourists throughout the year from all the directions of country. Shimla boasts many tourist spots that include Christ church, Mall road, Annadale, sunset point, lakkar bazaar and a long list that continues.

  • Manali

    Manali is the most popular place in Himachal Pradesh

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    Manali is a valley elevated at 2050 meters above sea level and rests in the nest of mountainous range of Himalayas. Surrounded by the beautiful green valley of Beas river, the tourist spot calls the visitors during all the months in a calendar especially during the winters. People, especially honeymooners, come to hang out and spend a relaxing holiday in the hill station. It is also a gateway for experiencing the thrilling activities like trekking, mountain biking and skiing etc.

  • Chamba

    Chamba is the most popular tourist place in Himachal Pradesh

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    Entrenched in the valley of river Raavi, Chamba is a small district in Himachal Pradesh. Elevated on 996 meter altitude it is a green area that is famous for its temples, monasteries and palaces. Due to its remoteness the sub Himalayan region is a home to less number of people but boasts a variety of flora and fauna. Other attractions on this virgin land are Rang Mahal, Chaugan fields- the place for fests, the pristine Manimahesh Lake, temples and museums.

  • Dalhousie

    Dalhousie is the most popular place in Himachal Pradesh

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    Named after the British governor general, Dalhousie and is a calm hill station that is elevated at a height of 1970 meters above sea level. The architecture of this hill station reflects the British culture as it houses several buildings and Victorian style mansions that date back in the 17th century. Famous because it has the largest number of churches among other hill stations in north India, it boasts attractions like Kalatop wildlife sanctuary, Subhash baoli, Satdhara are destinations that should be visited for making the journey even memorable.

  • Khajjiar

    Khajjiar is the most popular hill station in

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    With the bright green carpets of grass spread on vast acres of land, Khajjiar is a hill station that is nestled at the base of Dhauladhar Mountains. Khajjiar is elevated at 6500 meters above sea level and is a mesmerizing tucked landscape that provides the tourists a unique combination of pastures and lake where tourists can enjoy camping under the stars. This scenic destination can be visited all throughout the year. Horse riding, zorbing, trekking are some outdoor activities that will boost the adrenaline in you.

  • Dharamshala

    Dharamshala is the most visited place in Himachal Pradesh

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    Offering with a jittery view of Dhauladhar Mountains, Dharamshala is a town and hill station that perches on the Kangra valley and is a getaway for leisure and adventure travelers. Dharamshala is divided into 2 divisions. Lower division is the town itself and the upper division is Mcleodganj. Addition to the fact is Dharamshala is a hub of Tibetan culture and is considered to be the best places for knowing Buddhism more deeply. The tourists can visit various monasteries including the very famous Tsughlagkhang, where Dalai Lama resides.

  • Kangra

    Kangra is the amazing place in Himachal Pradesh

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    Popularly known as the Land of Gods, Kangra is an important tourist spot as well pilgrimage center in Himachal Pradesh. Located in the extended southern ranges of majestic Himalayas, Kangra is a picturesque valley famous for the Hindu temples, ruines of Kangra fortress, Monasteries and some heritage buildings that are now used as accommodations for visitors. A serene calmness can be felt in the atmosphere of Kangra due to its natural surroundings.

  • Hamirpur

    Hamirpur is the famous tourist spot in Himachal Pradesh

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    Known as Veer Bhoomi due to largest army recruitments for Dogra regiments, Hamirpur is, a hilly terrain elevated at 783 meters and located in a colder region of western HP. Hamirpur is named after the ruler Raja Hamir Chand of Katoch dynasty who ruled for 40 years. This district has earned a rank in the literate districts of Himachal. Religious and serene tourist spots like Vyas Cave, Naina Devi Temple, Deotsidh Temple, Bacchretu Fort are some places to see in Hamirpur. Even the adventure buffs can enjoy activities like trekking and angling here.

  • Parwanoo

    Parwanoo is the most visited tourist place in Himachal Pradesh

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    With a captivating ambience of hill station and hustle and bustle of city, Parwanoo is a town based in Solan district of Himachal Pradesh and shares its borders with the state of Haryana. Parwanoo has evolved over the years and has turned into a major industrial hub and tourist place in HP. Serene lakes, profuse gardens, beautiful apple orchards, temples, open areas for trekking and cable car rides with industries like cotton, timber, steel, automobile etc. make Parwanoo a special tourist destination.

  • Solan

    Solan is the most popular hill station in Himachal Pradesh

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    Located on the border of Punjab and Himachal, Solan is a hill station away from the noises of the city. It is surrounded by majestic green hills that give an awe-inspiring panoramic view of the area. Popularly, Solan is known as mushroom capital of India due to wide production of mushrooms. Another name, city of red gold, is given to it because it produces tomatoes in a vast number. The tourists can visit places like Majathal sanctuary that is a home to endangered species like cheer pheasant and varieties of birds, Solan brewery, monasteries etc.

  • Una

    Una is the perfect place for the tourist

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    A low hilly terrain, Una shares its borders with Kangra and Hamirpur in HP, Ropar and Hoshiarpur in Punjab. Una is a place that has been identified as a transit town for the travelers that go towards the nearby hill stations like Kullu, Dharamshala or the locations within the Himalayan range. The tourists as well as pilgrims visit this place as it has a lot of temples. Most famous temple in Una is Sheetla Mata temple that is famous for curing diseases like chicken pox, eye and skin problems.

  • Kasol

    Kasol is  one of the most popular place to visit in

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    Kasol is a destination bestowed with the blessings of nature. It is a landscape worth a million thoughts that is located in the gorgeous Parvati valley, nestled in the lower Himalayan range. Kasol is a remote village entrenched alongside the Parvati river and is a perfect destination for holidaying. It is a wonderful place that calls the tourists during the whole year for experiencing the thrill of rock climbing and trekking in the mountainous terrains.

  • Kasauli

    Kasauli is the most popular spot in Himachal Pradesh

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    Born as a British cantonment, Kasauli is a present day hill station perched on the foothills of majestic Himalayas. Kasauli owes its serene ambience of Victorian style buildings built by Britishers in the pre independence era that speaks about its rich colonial history. Its enchanting calmness keeps the tensions away and makes it a popular tourist destination in Himachal Pradesh. Numerous sites like mall road, Lovers point, Baptist church, Kasauli brewery etc. should be visited.

  • Manikaran

    Manikaran is the famous tourist spot in Himachal Pradesh

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    Manikaran is located on the north eastern side of Kullu district in Himachal Pradesh. Manikaran or Manikaran Sahib Gurudwara is a popular Sikh as well as Hindu pilgrimage center in Himachal Pradesh. It boasts hot springs and is also known by the name of hot springs of Himachal Pradesh. It has a temple dedicated to Lord Shiva and Lord Rama. Basically, it is a small town that attracts tourists and pilgrims from many parts of India.

  • Sangla

    Surrounded by mountain slopes, profuse green forests and snow covered peaks, Sangla is the most charming valley in the whole Kinnaur district that is a perfect getaway for keeping the noises of city at bay. The Baspa River flows through the valley and feeds the apple orchards, trees of apricot and walnut. Since it shares its borders with Tibet, a blend of Indo Tibetan culture is seen in Sangla district of Kinnaur where tourists can visit places like monasteries, temples and markets where the amalgamation of both cultures is seen in the food and handicrafts.

  • Chitkul

    Chitkul is an ideal holiday destination in Himachal Pradesh

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    Chitkul is located on the Indo-Tibetan border and is known as the last inhabited village of India near this border. Chitkul is a lesser explored place by tourists y assures the scenic beauty due to its location near the mountainous region of southern Himalayas. This place has remained untouched from the ruggedness of the urban culture, it is a complete package for the adventure buffs to enjoy trekking and bike journeys.

  • Kullu

    Kullu is the most visited place in Himachal Pradesh

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    No doubts in calling it as a heaven for the nature lovers. Kullu derives its name from a Sanskrit word Kulant Peeth that means end of habitable world. Located at an elevation of 1230 meters above sea level has greenery in abundance, clear water streams and a pleasant climate throughout the year. The tourists coming to Kullu can indulge in different adventurous activities like rafting, trekking, mountaineering and camping. There are attractions like Hindu, Sikh and Buddhist pilgrimage sites, cultural festivals, Kullu Dusshera that lasts for a week etc.

  • Kalpa

    Kalpa one of the most important tourist destinations in Himachal Pradesh

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    Located on the banks of river Satluj, Kalpa is the main village in Kinnaur district of Himachal Pradesh. With the majestic Kailash mountain ranges beckoning the place, it boasts many temples and monasteries where tourist can feel a sense of calmness. The nature portrays its creativity in Kalpa when the sun rises and colors the peaks of Kailash pink, yellow and golden as the sun rises. A home to mountainous animals, Kalpa offers a full package of thrill to the adventure lovers.

  • Dhankar

    Dhankar is the most visited place in

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    Dhankar is located at a cliff at an elevation of 3894 meters above sea level in Spiti valley, Lahaul. Historically, Dhankar used to be the capital of Spiti in 17th century that gradually changed with time and at present is a famous Buddhist village. The famous Dhankar Lake is a vast lake that lies on the other side of mountains and its depth is mysteriously unknown. Tourists visit Dhankar for admiring the natural beauty it boasts and experiencing a thrill of trekking on the rocks.

  • Dashir Lake

    Dashir lake is the most popular tourist place in

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    The Dashir Lake lies at an altitude of 4270 meters and is closer to Rohtang pass. With its scintillating waters and snow clad mountains in vicinity, the beauty of this place is truly mesmerizing. The specialty of the Dashir lake is that the water posses miraculous healing qualities. The lesser explored place is visited by hardcore trekkers that want adrenaline rush by trekking and camping around the lake area.

  • Conclusion

    The tourists that prefer spending a holiday in the hill stations or tourist spots outside the country should take a look in their homes, that is, look around for the areas in own country that have scenic beauty, profuse greenery, snow clad mountains, crystal clear waters that will make you surely nod your head in a no to the hill stations outside the country. The Indian state of Himachal Pradesh boasts numerous tourist destinations that have a mesmerizing beauty and purity in air. Most of these places are equal competitors on an international level. Whether it is Shimla, Manali or any other hill station, it is really hard to tell that which is more beautiful. Visiting and deciding upon self assessment proves to be better, so gear up and pull up your socks as the amazing breath-taking views will be unforgettable once you pay a visit to these tourist destinations in Himachal Pradesh.

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