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  • Top Visa Free Countries for India

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    Top Visa Free Countries for India

    Thinking of traveling abroad. Erg! But don't want to go through the hassle of cumbersome visa procedures. Here is the good news! There are certain Visa-free countries for the Indians. Don't be astonished! As people have understood the importance of travel for either business or leisure, there has been a great upsurge in the travel industry in the past decade. Indians are nowhere behind, especially the youth. They have that urge to explore the world and travel the world for business expansion too. But high travel taxes, expenses, and hitches allied with the visa applications are perhaps the main concern of the international travel industry. Visa expenses, and the recurrent visits in person at visa departments that can be hundreds or even thousands of miles from where the potential traveler lives, act as an austere restraint to travel to some countries.

    Keeping the perplex situation in mind, there has been substantial progress towards Visa facilitation over recent years, particularly with the implementation of Visa on arrival policies for Indians in certain countries. These countries have become the choice destination for Indians, due to the uncomplicated visa policies. Additionally, these reforms support the business environment of the host country to continue to attract the inward investment and drive forward economic growth and job creation. A visa-free country for Indians is a blessing in disguise for the 'eleventh-hour planners' and hereby enlisting is the 'countries' (Yup, There are many!) that facilitate free visa for Indians. And the tour begins

  • Bahrain - visa free and visa on arrival countries for indians

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    Flocking over 3 lakhs Indian expats, Indians make up the largest expatriate population in Bahrain. The latest visa policy of Bahrain provides easy access to the country and facilitates the Indian residents to apply for electronic visas that can be acquired through a simple online application process. Under the latest policy, visas will be valid for a month and can be renewed for up to three months.

    Critique: Like an oyster, Bahrain has a jagged peripheral that takes some levering open, but it's always worth the effort. Manama may lack the grace of other Gulf capitals, but that's key to its raw appeal. The storied location of ancient Dilmun and the epicentre of the Gulf's pearling past, Bahrain has an antiquity to display with pride. Currently, the country boasts its own Formula 1 Grand Prix. Bahrain's buoyancy may have been dazed by the repercussion of the Arab Spring, but its charm still endures the hallmarks of wealth.

  • Bhutan - visa free and visa on arrival countries for indians

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    Visawhat visa??? You don't require a visa to visit Bhutan if you are an Indian resident. As per the latest accord endorsed by India and Bhutan, all you need to produce at the port of entry is a valid passport with a minimum of 6-month validity, voter ID, and a passport size photograph to travel to this divine country.

    Critique: The last great Himalayan kingdom cloaked in mystery and magic, Bhutan is a divine nation where a conventional Buddhist culture prudently embraces global expansions. With Monasteries on cliffs, prayer wheels, and fluttering coloured prayer flags, this astounding Himalayan landscape boasts snow-clad peaks that rise above ethereal tranquillity rounded in primaeval forests. The enduring images of the "Last Shangrila" are as iconic as the country itself!

  • Cambodia - visa free and visa on arrival countries for indians

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    Cambodian Visa can be acquired by applying online, as e-visa has been launched by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation. The whole process is easy and hassle-free. Spare a few minutes on the laptop and the visa is in process. As easy as a cakewalk!

    Critique: The magical charm about this bewildering kingdom that casts a spell on visitors is impeccable. Cambodia is the collision of ancient and modern worlds that creates an authentic adventure. Cambodians gained a lot of precious lessons from the rise and fall of the Khmer empire, to the horrendous rule of Pol Pot. With both stimulating and gloomy history, Cambodia delivers an intoxicating present that ascends to the demesne of the gods, Angkor Wat and descends into hell at Tuol Sleng Prison.

  • Fiji - visa free and visa on arrival countries for indians

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    Fiji offers a warm welcome to Indian nationals, as they do not require a pre-entry visa to enter Fiji. A 4-month valid Visa (further extendable) is issued upon arrival at the airport or at the Port-of-entry by the Immigration Officers. The prerequisites are- A passport that must be valid for at least six months beyond the intended period of stay, sufficient funds, a confirmed return ticket, proof of accommodation, original bank statement of the traveller for the last 3 months.

    Critique: Fiji can be the jack-of-all-trades for any visitor, with a gamut of pristine islands to explore. Its stunning crystal clear beaches, lavish resorts, delectable local dishes, and adventurous expeditions makes it the impeccable paradise. Say 'bula' to the natives at a dance ceremony, trek to the hidden waterfalls on 'Garden Island', ride a bamboo raft through the Namosi Highlands for a memorable experience. Do grab some Kava with the natives for an enriching experience!

  • indonesia is one of the famous Visa Free Country for India

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    Making travel simpler for the Indian residents, Indonesian Visa is valid for 30 days and can be obtained on arrival for the tourist & business categories, provided the traveler contains- A passport valid for 6 months, a photocopy of the passport first and last page, two passport-size photographs with a red background, confirmed onward/ return air ticket, hotel confirmation/letter of invitation.

    Critique: Indonesia is the world's largest archipelago, offering myriad adventures with more than 17,000 islands, of which 8000 are inhabited, and over 300 languages spoken across them. Dramatic sights are the norm of this world's fourth most populous country is a sultry phantasmagoria draped along the equator for 5000km. Speaking of the beaches, Indonesia is the best place for beach hunters, where they can relax in a swaying hammock with shady palm trees overhead, listening to chill reggae songs playing in the background and sipping a margarita. Doesn't that sound perfect!

  • Jamaica - visa free and visa on arrival countries for indians

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    In courtesy of Nationals of a Commonwealth Country, Indians are granted Jamaican visa with a nominal fee of 20 USD on arrival for a stay of usually 30 days. Requirements that an applicant should fulfil are- a passport valid for at least 6 months at the time of arrival in Jamaica, 2 coloured passports sized photographs, bank statement of last 3 months, confirmed return air ticket, hotel confirmation or invitation letter from the associates in Jamaica.

    Critique: The Caribbean country, Jamaica is a "different world", where cultures from different parts of the globe merge together to create a magnificent city inside the constituency of Queens. Jamaica embraces limpid waters flowing over gardens of coral, touching soft sandy beaches, subsequently elevating red soil, and lush banana groves. Gushing waterfalls seem like a sudden eruption. Jamaica has its own vinyl that will make you tap into its curious rhythm, as you explore beyond the beaches and all-inclusive. From numerous restaurants with delectable cuisines to museums and historic landmarks, Jamaica has all of it in the store that a traveller seeks for.

  • Jordan - top visa free countries for india

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    Travel hassle-free to Jordan, as the 14-day valid visa can be acquired on arrival by paying a nominal fee of 60 USD. All that an Indian resident need to provide is a valid passport, hotel confirmation, confirmed return/onward air ticket ( to support the application, it is advisable if you have the air ticket is issued by Royal Jordanian Airlines or sector in and out of Jordan should be on their airline), sufficient funds-not less than 1000 USD, and one passport-size photograph with a white background.

    Critique: A city of contrasts, Jordan blends the old traditions with the new culture, creating a mesmerizing voyage for those who venture in its lands. An anodyne retreat in a borough of conflict, Jordan has enchanted visitors for centuries with its World Heritage Sites, welcoming townships and enthusing desert landscapes. The tradition of welcoming visitors still prevails in Jordan.

  • Kenya - visa-free countries for indian

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    Want a visa for Kenya? Move your fingers on your laptop and voila! The e-visa facility is available to the Indian applicants to apply for the Kenyan visa with a validity of 3 months. Don't forget to take a printed copy of your e-visa with you, else the officials may deny boarding of the flight to Kenya or entry to Kenya. C'mon! That's feasible!

    Critique: When you think of Africa, you are possibly thinking of Kenya. Vast savannahs speckled with massive herds of wildlife, Snow-clad equatorial mountains, customary people adding soul and colour to the earth. This is Kenya!
    It is the sole acacia contoured on the savannah against a vista stretching into infinity. The profusion of Kenya's wildlife owes everything to one of Africa's most pioneering and prosperous conservation communities. Consecutively, Kenya is a country of epic landscapes that can stimulate the deepest yearnings of this distinctive continent.

  • Maldives - visa free and visa on arrival countries for indians

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    Included in the SAARC Country, there is a special covenant to allow an easy travel for the Indian Nationals in Maldives. A 30-day Visa is issued on arrival at the airport. Don't forget to carry your passport valid for at least six months, confirmed onward/return air ticket, onward country visa and have enough funds to cover the expenses for the duration of the stay in the Maldives or a confirmation of reservation in a Tourist Resort or a Hotel.

    Critique: Superlative luxury, spectacular white-sand beaches and a remarkable underwater world make the Maldives an apparent choice to experience a holiday of a lifetime. Dotted with possibly the best beaches in the world; Maldives is famous for consistently luminous cyan-blue waters, softer granules of whiter-than-white powder sand and that it's hard not to become blas about them. To make it more difficult to resist, Maldives is flocked with the world's most exclusive hotel brands that compete with each other to attain ever-greater heights of luxury. Whoa! Every resort in the Maldives has its own private island!

  • Mauritius - top visa free countries for india

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    Duly filled visa application form- check, passport size photograph- check, at least six months validity holding a passport- check, hotel confirmation- check, sufficient funds- check, return flight approval- check, and you are all set to acquire visa (60 days) on arrival in Mauritius.

    Critique: Mauritius is precisely prominent for its sapphire-blue waters, shimmering beaches and, luxury resorts that offer a front-row seat onto some of the most stunning views of the Indian Ocean. These are the places of the extreme finesse, immaculate service, amenities that range from coddling spas, designer rooms, and extensive watersports choices to wistful swimming pools, and world-class restaurants. Gosh! Mauritius air is full of fun and joy! Wanna experience?

  • Myanmar

    Myanmar - visa-free countries for indian

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    Why not take advantage of the wi-fi and apply for e-visa for Myanmar. All you require is the copy of your e-visa on arrival in Myanmar. Stay light and enjoy your excursion to this stunning country!

    Critique: It is a new epoch for this astonishing and intricate land, where the landscape is scattered with gilt pagodas and the conventional ways of Asia endure. Fortunately, the pace of change in Myanmar is not overpowering, leaving the simple indulgences of travel around Myanmar integral. Myanmar is all set to share its tales with the world. Bursting of the veins with culture and warm-hearted natives, the country is enriched with a special flavour and aroma. From the shrines holding centuries of antiquity to numerous surprises around every corner, Myanmar is a constant stream of glee.

  • Nepal - visa free and visa on arrival countries for indian

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    Due to the excessive to and fro of travellers between the two countries, the Indian nationals have been spared from the requirement of visa under any category. All you need is an ID proof as an Indian citizen along with sufficient funds to cover the stay in Nepal.

    Critique: Lodged between the high Himalaya and the clammy Indian plains, Nepal is a land of snowy mountain tops- namely The Everest and Sherpas, yaks and yetis, hermitages, and mantras. Everest is a testimony to a climber's willpower and physical endurance and the spiritual aura of the shrines and monasteries in Nepal help to sustain that endurance well! Nepal is indeed an exhilarating destination for nature lovers and thrill seekers.

  • Saint Lucia

    Saint Lucia - top visa free countries for india

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    Again an easy approach for the Indian globetrotters, e-visa facility for 60 days is available at the click of a button! The point of concern is that the e-Visa holders must arrive via 24 designated airports or 3 designated seaports. Mind that!

    Critique: The splendour of Saint Lucia offers the perfect milieu for the casual adventure. Take a lofty, laid-back ride above the rainforest canopy, replenish yourself under the gush of a stimulating waterfall or take a stroll through the rainforest. The turquoise waters that surround the island of Saint Lucia offer a glut of invigorating adventures to replenish the body, mind, and soul. The contemporary northern end of the Caribbean island provides beachfront resorts, lively shopping malls, and corporate eateries and nightlife of Castries and Gros Islet for the savvy travelers.

  • Samoa - visa free country for india

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    Samoa is a visa-free country for the Indian travelers. Just go light on the mind; the intricate visa formalities won't bother you visiting this country. Have a gala time!

    Critique: Considered as the heart of Polynesia, Samoa is tranquil but feisty, barren yet well manicured, peaceful but birthed by volcanic eruptions. Despite its extreme natural exquisiteness all kaleidoscopic seas, emerald wildernesses and crystal clear waterfalls, this is an unpretentious place, bereft of mega-resorts and gaudy attractions, but greets as warm as the island's sun.

  • Senegal - top visa free country for india

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    No pain, only gain! No pre-arrival visa is required to enter Senegal for a maximum stay of 90 days. But don't forget to carry your passport (valid for at least six months), confirmed onward/return air ticket, onward country visa and have enough funds to cover the expenses for the duration of the stay in Senegal or a confirmation of reservation in a Tourist Resort or a Hotel in case you rake it too easy!

    Critique: The enigmatic capital of Saint-Louis, Senegal is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It entices with colonial architecture and juxtaposition to scenic national parks. One of the West Africa's most stable countries, Senegal is where sophistication meets chaos, scowling traffic, vivacious markets and dazzling nightlife, while in proximity le De Gore and the beaches of Yoff and N'Gor tap to the sluggish and languid beats. Whether you want to socialize with the modernizers of urban Africa or be isolated with your thoughts and the hums of nature, you'll find your place in Senegal!

  • Seychelles - visa free and visa on arrival country for indians

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    Visa is not processed to visit Seychelles. The Indian residents can acquire a visitor's permit on arrival, which is valid initially for 4 weeks. Go on a hassle-free journey to Seychelles and enjoy the generosity of Mother Nature and rejuvenate your mind, body, and soul.

    Critique: Seychelles is all about talcum-powder beaches embellished with turquoise waters, opulent hills, and a transcendent laid-back cadence. Diving and swimming are the most popular activities in the Seychelles, and precisely so. Striking granite boulders, shallow shelves, and magnificent coral gardens give the divers and snorkelers almost an instant access to a variety of milieus. These dreams of a tropical paradise become reality in the Seychelles making, it a glamorous tropical getaway for the honeymooners.

  • Somalia - visa free country for india

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    The good news is that the Somalia tourist visa is not required for the citizens of India for a stay up to 90 days. All prerequisites required are a valid passport, hotel confirmation, confirmed return/onward air tickets, and sufficient funds.

    Critique: In past years, Somalia was a magnet for travellers. Right now, its natives, places, and infrastructure are still recouping from the ruthless civil war. The situation is not intractable. There are mounting signs of hope and Mogadishu, the capital, is undergoing an urban bang. And amidst this turmoil, there is a success story: the self-proclaimed nation of Somaliland, north of the country, has coped to preserve something close to harmony and solidity.

  • Sri Lanka - top visa free country for india

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    If you are planning a short visit to Sri Lanka, you should acquire an ETA. An envisioned traveller scheduling a holiday or to transit through requires to apply and obtain an ETA prior to arrival in Sri Lanka.ETA application can be attained using any of the following options: by the applicant, by the Third party, by Registered agents, at Sri Lanka Overseas Missions, at the head office of the Department of Immigration and Emigration (DI&E), Colombo, on arrival at the port of entry in Sri Lanka

    Critique: Infinite beaches, eternal ruins, warm people, herds of elephants, rolling surf, exciting trains, legendary tea, and mellowing food make Sri Lanka enticing. Sri Lanka has been hiding in unadorned spectacle for a long time. With a diversity of landscapes comprising the verdant tea plantations and rain forested peaks, there are pristine white- sanded beaches too with the glittering cobalt waters, making it a perfect destination for the vacationers.

  • Tanzania - visa-free countries for indian

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    Indian applicants who desire to travel to this beautiful country of wildlife and beaches can obtain a Visa on arrival by paying a mere fee of 50 USD. Other than that, the applicant must hold a passport valid for at least 6 months beyond their stay, including confirmed return flight tickets, hotel booking and yellow fever vaccination certificate. It is mandatory to provide an evidence of sufficient funds to cover the stay in Tanzania.

    Critique: Rich biota, tantalizing beaches, affable people, beguiling cultures, Serengeti, Ngorongoro, Mt Kilimanjaro, Zanzibar Archipelago this is Tanzania. With chimpanzees swaying through the treetops, wildebeest stampede, hippos shoving for space in murky waters, elephants meandering along the seasonal migration routes, Tanzania is the land of safaris. Spreading its silhouette across Tanzania's northern plains, Mt Kilimanjaro is Africa's highest peak and the world's highest volcano. A perfect platter for a travel enthusiast, Tanzania houses all these and more cloaked in one adventurous and convivial package.

  • Thailand - visa free and visa on arrival countries for indians

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    Indian junkets can attain a 15-days Visa by paying a Visa fee of 1,000THB (subject to change without notice) on arrival at the Airport by providing a passport valid for at least 1 month from the date of expiry of the desired visa with a minimum of two blank pages facing each other. Two recent passport-size colour photographs with white background, on arrival visa application form duly filled and signed, proof of accommodation, confirmed return air ticket. It will also be necessary to prove that the applicant has sufficient funds for the stay in Thailand.

    Critique: Affable and fun loving, striking and sultry, cultured and ancient, Thailand exudes a golden hue from its scintillating temples and tropical beaches through to the ever-bolstering Thai smile. Revered around the world, Thai gastronomy conveys primary facets of Thai culture: it is substantial, warm, refreshing, and cosy. The cosmic world is a close amigo in this Buddhist nation, and religious devotion is colourful and omnipresent. Gleaming shrines and golden Buddha's scaffold both the bucolic and contemporary landscape. With an elongated coastline and jungle-topped islands moored in cerulean waters, Thailand is a tropical hideaway for the sybarite and the hermit, the mensch and the indigent!

  • Trinidad and Tobago - visa free country for india

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    With no intricate visa procedures, Trinidad and Tobago is an easy ride for Indian itinerants. Just carry a valid passport that has a validity up to 6 months from the date of travel, 2 passport size photographs, enough funds, a proof of accommodation, and confirmed return ticket and there you are holding a valid entry for up to 90 days in Trinidad and Tobago.

    Critique: Trinidad and Tobago is a practice in stunning paradox. In Trinidad, pristine mangrove wetlands and rain forested peaks sit side by side with smoke-burping oil refineries and horrid industrial estates. Tobago has everything you'd expect from a Caribbean island. With plenty of palm trees and white sand, it remains moderately unchanged by the tourism industry. Combined, this twin-island nation offers matchless bird observing, superb diving, verdant rainforests perfect for hiking, waterfall snorkelling and cycling, and vibrant nightlife with the magnificent Carnival, undoubtedly the best of the province's annual feasts.

  • Uganda - visa free and visa on arrival countries for indians

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    A 90-days valid visa is issued on arrival at the Uganda airport for the Indian wanders. The criteria include a valid passport with a minimum of six months validity, two passport size photographs, return air ticket, invitation letter/hotel reservation, yellow fever certificate, and a fee of 50 USD. Just carry the above-mentioned requisites, and your stay in Uganda is confirmed.

    Critique: A republic in East Africa, Uganda boasts an assorted range of flora and fauna, bursting with national parks, rough roads, and quiet villages, making it an ideal spot for safari enthusiasts and nature-lovers. Some of the world's extremely imperilled species prosper in this territory, including mountain gorillas and chimpanzees. Although easily accessible in terms of the visa, Uganda remains an under-visited and fascinating destination as compared to Kenya and Tanzania. Most areas remain pristine, offering an authentic sight.

  • South Korea - top visa free country for india

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    Valid passport with a minimum of 6-month validity from the date of travel, a duly filled visa form, a passport size photograph, return ticket to 'Swadesh', personal bank statement of last 6 months, proof of hotel confirmation, appointment letter, and a covering letter. Fly with these requisitions to South Korea and you will be granted a visa on arrival in South Korea.

    Critique: Split by an alarming border, the Korean Peninsula offers the vacationers an astounding range of experiences, picturesque landscapes, and years of culture and history. Korea may be famed as the Land of the Morning Calm, but plunge into its capital Seoul, the dynamo of Asia's third-largest economy, and tranquillity is the last thing you'll sense!

  • Zimbabwe

    Zimbabwe - visa-free countries for indian

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    The visa for Zimbabwe is just at a click of the button, as they provide an e-visa facility to Indian natives. Make sure you go through the online visa requisitions well and are proficient in online banking for an easy access.

    Critique: Though Zimbabwe's quandary doesn't brush a rosy picture from afar; the veracity is dissimilar on the ground of tourism. Insistently, it's hands down one of the securest and most remarkable countries in Africa. An excursion here will take you through a striking patchwork of panoramas, from Highveld, balancing sarsens and blazing trees, to blas towns, lush mountains and Lifeblood Rivers up north. Spot the Big Five in its national parks, fathom World Heritage-listed archaeological sites and stand in reverence of one of the natural wonders of the world, Victoria Falls. Wherever you go you'll receive a welcoming approach from the natives, renowned for their courtesy and pliability in the face of adversity.

  • Action speaks louder than words. Buck up and get ready for some action and grab your passports and set your journey to any of above splendid destinations, as easy access of visa makes it convenient for the Indian itinerants to kick-start their journey and experience these worlds of wonder at their convenience.

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