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  • Most Terrifying Haunted Places in World

    The belief in Supernatural is one of the enduring cultural similarities found throughout the World. Anywhere you go, there are places with legends attached to them, and the locals narrate you the ghost stories of that place. You can find people all over the globe, with a special fascination to the subject of life after death. We, at times, blame movies for instilling the idea of afterlife in the young minds but as a matter of fact, the existence of spirits can be traced back through centuries.

    Here we present you a list of the scariest and the most haunted places in the world compiled together. Have a look!

  • Island of the Dolls - Xochimilco, Mexico

    Island of the Dolls - Most Scariest Places in the World

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    A man moved to this Island in the 50s; he found out the place to be haunted by the ghost of a little girl that drowned there decades ago. He bought several dolls and tied them to the trees to please the girl. But as he learned later, she wasnt satisfied. She wanted him to become a ghost like her. As he was terrified, he told this to his relative. However, he died the same day, drowning at the same spot as the girl died years ago. Their ghosts are now seen on the island, and the dolls are said to whisper as you walk past.

  • Mary King's Close - Edinburgh, Scotland

    Mary King's Close - Haunted Places in the World

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    The ghosts of Mary Kings close are as old as 17th century, making it one of the most haunted places in the World. The close is comprised of a network of underground roads and tunnels that were used to commute to various businesses and homes in the 16th and 17th century. As people begin to die of Plague, the area was soon abandoned. Apparently many spirits of plague victims and past residents still haunt the place. You can hear the Footsteps that seem to follow close behind, moreover the voices of the disembodied and various other apparitions including a little girl named Annie are reported to be seen.

  • The above-given places hold a strong eerie sensation that even skeptics would stop to reconsider. These places shout the stories of those restless souls who could not rest in peace because of traumatic and horrific deaths such as execution, murder, imprisonment in the dungeons. The places mentioned above have been very well documented by paranormal researchers and their precincts exhibit the stories attached to them.

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