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  • Most Terrifying Haunted Places in World

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    The belief in Supernatural is one of the enduring cultural similarities found throughout the World. Anywhere you go, there are places with legends attached to them, and the locals narrate you the ghost stories of that place. You can find people all over the globe, with a special fascination to the subject of life after death. We, at times, blame movies for instilling the idea of afterlife in the young minds but as a matter of fact, the existence of spirits can be traced back through centuries.

    Here we present you a list of the scariest and the most haunted places in the world compiled together. Have a look!

  • Highgate Cemetery - North London, England

    Highgate Cemetery - Famous Horror Places in the World

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    This cemetery established in 1839, has buried 1, 70,000 people in 53,000 graves. Many apparitions have been observed there, the most famous being of a tall man with black hat, dark long coat and red gaze. He is known as the vampire ghost of the Highgate cemetery. Another apparition frequently observed at the cemetery is of a crazy woman who runs across the graveyard in search of the children she murdered.

  • Screaming Tunnel - Niagara Falls, Ontario

    Screaming Tunnel - Most Visiting World's Haunted Places

    Image Source : flickr

    There are two legends associated with the screaming tunnel.

    • A distraught couple, who were getting divorced, fought over keeping the daughter. The little girl, during the violence at home, quietly escaped the house and hid in the tunnel. The father found her and burnt her alive in the tunnel with kerosene and match stick. The tunnel still has her screams stored in. It is believed, if you light a match stick in the tunnel at night, the girl will get extremely frightened and scream.
    • A woman residing in the nearby village was tortured by her husband. She was considered deranged by the villagers. After the fights, she would quietly walk into the middle of the tunnel and scream, to show her rage and pain to the entire village.

    You may believe whichever you want but this is for sure that the tunnel is haunted.

  • Changi Beach Singapore

    Changi Beach - Top World's Haunted Places

    Image Source :

    After the war between China and Japan, and Japanese surrender. Changi beach served as an execution grounds for the culprits. It became the land for war criminals trials. The trials took a few years as many Japanese war criminals were put on trial. About 135 were executed, all of them at Changi. The spirits of those Japanese is believed to haunt the change beach.

  • Monte Cristo - New South Wales, Australia

    Monte Cristo - Top Visiting Haunted Places in the World

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    A pregnant maid pushed down from the balcony, a stable boy burned to death while he was asleep and a baby girl thrown down the stairs. Considering the amount of tragic and violent deaths that have occurred at Monte Cristo, no second thoughts are needed to consider this house as Australias most haunted locale. Several people have died sudden, accidental deaths, while others have been murdered, leading to high paranormal activity in this property.

  • Bhangarh Fort Rajasthan

    Bhangarh Fort - Famous Horror Places in the World

    Image Source : flickr

    The fort of Bhangarh in Alwar has many ghost stories to narrate. The oldest and most popular of all is the legend of the princess of Bhangarh. Here it goes; a black magician residing in the village, fell in love with the Princess Ratnavati of Bhangarh, who was believed to be very beautiful. The magician tried to trick the princess into loving him by a replacing her perfume with the one that was casted a spell upon. She caught hold of this mischief and spilled the scent over a massive stone boulder. As the perfume spilled on the boulder, it started rolling towards the magician and crushed him under it. While dying, he cursed the entire vicinity to never have any inhabitants.

  • Eastern State Penitentiary, Pennsylvania, United States

    Eastern State Penitentiary - Haunted Places Around the World

    Image Source :

    Eastern State Penitentiary is reported to be haunted since 1940s. The officers have reported eerie experiences and mysterious visions in the ancient prison. And the ghost sightings have only increased since Eastern State was abandoned in 1971. With the growing interest in paranormal investigation, Eastern State Penitentiary is now considered as the most carefully studied building in the United States. The site is been explored by Dozens of teams, each year.

  • Waverly Hills Sanitorium - Kentucky, United States

    Waverly Hills Sanitorium - Top Visiting Horror Places around the World

    Image Source : flickr

    Waverley hills was a hospital to treat tuberculosis patients in 1910. While the patients who survived both the disease and the treatments left Waverly Hills through the front door, the majority of patients left through what they called as the body chute. This enclosed tunnel for the dead led from the hospital to the railroad tracks at the bottom of the hill. The bodies of the dead were secretly lowered to the trains using a motorized rail and cable system. This was an attempt to keep the corpse hidden from other patients so that it didnt affect their health. The doctors considered a patientss mental health to be of equal importance.

  • Castle of Good Hope - Cape Town, South Africa

    Castle of Good Hope - Famous Haunted Places around the World

    Image Source :

    The castle was located so near to the sea that the moat was filled up with the tide. There were windowless dungeons in the castle used as torture cells. During winter floods the water rose upto 3 meters in one minute, killing some of the convicts in the cells. The apparitions reported include a man who walks the ramparts (the guard who killed himself) and a dog that jumps on passersby. The most interesting of all is the ghost of a woman seen running through the complex crying, and finally disappeared when excavations uncovered a womans body.

  • The Tower of London - London, England

    The Tower of London - One of the Famous Horror Destinations in the World

    Image Source :

    This fortress was home to the Queen Anne Boleyn, this haunted tower in London is said to possess two main ghosts; 1. Arbella Stuart, James I's cousin was imprisoned and possibly murdered at the Tower, 2. A grizzly ghost- Legend has it that many years ago a huge ghostly bear appeared by the Martin Tower, scaring a guard so badly that he died of shock!
    Other apparitions seen here are of the headless ghost of Anne Boleyn, along with two prince believed to have been murdered by their uncle, Richard III, in 1483.

  • Ancient Ram Inn, Gloucestershire, England

    Ancient Ram Inn - Top Haunted Hotels in the World

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    Ancient Ram Inn in the village of Wotton-under-Edge, Gloucestershire, is riddled with 20 ghosts. This hotel was built in 1145 on pagan burial ground. While renovating the property, small bones and daggers were discovered under the earth, it is believed that children had been sacrificed there to pagan Gods years ago. The spirits have been disturbing the place since then; the Guests have been reported to be pushed down onto a bed by an incubus and other such disturbances. If you want to gain a spooky experience, you can stay in the spooky B&B, which will cost you 25 to 30 a night.

  • Fort George, The Citadel, Nova Scotia, Canada

    Fort George - Most Visiting Haunted Fort in the World

    Image Source :

    Fort George, The Citadel is over 260 years old, making it nearly as old as the town itself. The citadel has seen many wars, including the American Revolution, the war of 1812. Various paranormal activities are reported by the visitors at this National park (now). Visitors have reported to see fully uniformed soldier into an area of the prison and disappear. People hear noises in the hall, proving the place to be haunted by the spirits of the soldiers.

  • Banff Springs Hotel, Alberta, Canada

    Banff Springs Hotel - Famous Horror Places in the World

    Image Source :

    Banff spring hotel has a buffet of ghosts to give you the scariest dreams. All the spirits at this hotel are not evil though. The most often seen spirits are of the bellboy, who helped visitors to carry luggage to room and the other of a dancing bride in the ballroom with the ghosts of her murdered family.

  • Borgvattnet (The Haunted Vicarage) Sweden

    Borgvattnet (The Haunted Vicarage) - Top Haunted Places around the World

    Image Source :

    A lot of spooky things have been observed at this haunted house since 1927, when the first incident was been reported. Over the years, the residents of this house have changed but the eeriness still stays with it. The residents and the guests have reported to see a woman with grey hair, 3 woman staring together at the guests in the middle of the night, inexplicable noises.
    The Borgvatnett building is currently serving as a restaurant/cafe, as well as a guest house. If you dare to stay the entire night youll receive an overnight-stay-certificate to prove it!

  • Babenhausen Barracks - Hesse, Germany

    Babenhausen Barracks - Most Scariest Places to Visit in the World

    Image Source : flickr

    Kaserne Babenhausen: many unnatural instances have been observed and reported by the people who have lived in this house. Some of the reported happenings include lights being turned on and off itself, voices in the basement. Soldiers in Nazi-uniforms have been seen, footsteps when no one is there, the strangest of all are the phone calls of a woman talking backwards. The legends have it that a witch was hung in the local town during the 1800s. Her ghost is blamed to kill 5 soldiers in the early 1900's. The women talking backwards on the call is still heard today.

  • Lawang Sewu - Semarang, Indonesia

    Lawang Sewu - Most Visiting Haunted Places Around the World

    Image Source :

    Lawang sewu can be translated as a building of thousand doors. It is a mace famous for its ghost apparitions that have been caught on camera several times. If you are daring enough to visit this place at night, you will surely experience a ghost encounter.

  • Poveglia Island Italy

    Poveglia Island - One of the Famous World's Haunted Places

    Image Source :

    The Pogelvian Island possessed a mental asylum in the 1800s. The asylum was poorly constructed and was used as a place of exile rather than rehabilitation. A doctor in the asylum is believed to perform strange experiments on the patients. Over time, the doctor went mad and threw himself from the asylums bell tower. The chimes of the bell are still reported to be heard by the locals, even though the bell has been removed decades ago. So, are you fond of the sweet, bell chimes?

  • Island of the Dolls - Xochimilco, Mexico

    Island of the Dolls - Most Scariest Places in the World

    Image Source :

    A man moved to this Island in the 50s; he found out the place to be haunted by the ghost of a little girl that drowned there decades ago. He bought several dolls and tied them to the trees to please the girl. But as he learned later, she wasnt satisfied. She wanted him to become a ghost like her. As he was terrified, he told this to his relative. However, he died the same day, drowning at the same spot as the girl died years ago. Their ghosts are now seen on the island, and the dolls are said to whisper as you walk past.

  • Edinburgh Castle - Edinburgh, Scotland

    Edinburgh Castle - Top Haunted Places Around the World

    Image Source :

    The sight of the castle seems so old, it appears that the existence of the Edinburgh Castle can be traced back to the Iron Age. No wonders that this castle has accumulated a few supernatural residents. The castle has reported to have the ghosts of its formers servants, a beheaded drummer boy, and a man who probably lost his in one of the tunnels of the castle.

  • Akershus Fortress - Oslo, Norway

    Akershus Fortress - One of the Famous Haunted Places in the World

    Image Source :

    The Akershus Fortress was built as a strategic fortress; it had multipurpose, being used as a prison, and home to the site of Nazi orchestrated executions. This castle is a hotbed for those restless souls. The most well-known apparitions that haunt the castle and its grounds are a robed woman and Malcanisen, a demonic dog whos witness dies a few months after its sight.

  • Old Changi Hospital - Changi, Singapore

    Old Changi Hospital - Visiting Scariest Places around the World

    Image Source : flickr

    Old Changi hospital was been established in the 1930s and seized during the World War II. It was then turned into a prison and torture facility for the Japanese Secret Police. This hospital today witnesses the apparitions of bloody Japanese soldiers, men, women and children roaming in the hall way. Would you like to get operated inthis hotel?

  • St Augustine Lighthouse - Florida, USA

    St Augustine Lighthouse - Florida, USA

    Image Source : flickr

    St. Augustine lighthouse was built in 1874; this working lighthouse is home to several spirits over the past years. The spirits observed at the lighthouse include the ghosts of two little girls, a woman, who is often seen, heard crying and asking for help, and a former lighthouse keeper who storms the basement every now and then.

  • The Queen Mary Hotel - California, USA

    The Queen Mary Hotel - Haunted Hotels in the World

    Image Source :

    The Queen Mary Hotel in California was once a transatlantic ocean liner, the hotel has been touted as one of the countrys most haunted hotels. Taking into account its legend of ghosts, its not hard to see why. Two women lost their lives as they drowned in the first class pool of the ship, and now their ghosts are often seen there. Apparitions, other than of those have also been noticed many a times near the bar and lounge areas, and most of them dressed up in period dresses. In the entire hotel, there was one room, B340, where most of the eerie instances occurred. Was it a Coincidence?

  • Mary King's Close - Edinburgh, Scotland

    Mary King's Close - Haunted Places in the World

    Image Source : flickr

    The ghosts of Mary Kings close are as old as 17th century, making it one of the most haunted places in the World. The close is comprised of a network of underground roads and tunnels that were used to commute to various businesses and homes in the 16th and 17th century. As people begin to die of Plague, the area was soon abandoned. Apparently many spirits of plague victims and past residents still haunt the place. You can hear the Footsteps that seem to follow close behind, moreover the voices of the disembodied and various other apparitions including a little girl named Annie are reported to be seen.

  • The above-given places hold a strong eerie sensation that even skeptics would stop to reconsider. These places shout the stories of those restless souls who could not rest in peace because of traumatic and horrific deaths such as execution, murder, imprisonment in the dungeons. The places mentioned above have been very well documented by paranormal researchers and their precincts exhibit the stories attached to them.

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