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  • Top 21 Haunted Places In Mumbai

    By: Admin | In: Most Haunted Places | Last Updated: 2017-06-07

    "Whats the matter puffy? Theres no need to make crying noises. Stop hiding under the bed. I knelled down and extended my hand to pull him out from under the bed, just then I saw him walking past the door. I felt shivers down my spine. This was one of many incidents I experienced, when I was living in Vrindavan Society of Mumbai. Always been a skeptic, it was hard to believe at first but terrible experiences changed my opinion. I immediately shifted to some other place and decided to carry out a research and list all the haunted places in Mumbai. Here, I share the list with you.

  • D'Souza Chawl

    D'Souza Chawl is the Famous Haunted Places in Mumbai India

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    The residents of Dsouza Chawl, situated in the busy area of Mahim, were facing water problems. The residents considered digging a well as the suitable alternative. The well was dug, but without any walls and that caused the death of a woman. The screams of the woman who fell in the well are still heard near the periphery of the well. It is said the woman cried for help for long but could not survive till help came.

  • Aarey Milk Colony

    Aarey Milk Colony is one of the most haunted places in mumbai

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    Aarey Milk colony of Mumbai is considered to be an unsafe and weird place. With leopards creeping around, petty crimes and paranormal occurrences, this colony is not where you want to go alone. This 10sq. Km stretch in Mumbai is popular as a haunted location amongst people. The atmosphere of the place possesses an uneasy silence. The locals and visitors in the area have witnessed a lady in white saree asking for lift during the graveyard hours (12-4) am. The witnesses add, she gets really violent after you stop in the first place. There are also instances of an old mans flickering apparition, voices of kids crying and eeriness in the air.

  • Mukesh Mills

    Mukesh Mills is one of the most visited haunted places in mumbai

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    This 1870s establishment by East India Company is now a popular shooting spot in Mumbai. The spirits of thousands of workers, killed in the fire massacre still haunt the place. There are no shoots conducted after sunset. During the shoot of the movie, Gunaah, actress Bipasha Basu shared a strange experience; she was not able to deliver the dialogues. Though Im very good with my dialogues, it felt like something held me back. I shared this experience with the director and the crew, says the actress. The place has many legends attached to it; one of them is of a possessed actress whose identity is unknown.

  • Tower of Silence

    Tower of Silence is one of the famous spookiest places in mumbai

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    Tower of silence is listed as one of the most haunted places in Mumbai for a reason. It owes the nerve-wrecking record of numerous Haunted stories. The Tower Of Silence is a circular raised structure, built by the Zoroastrians (Parsi) as their ex-carnation ground. It is situated on the Malabar hills; Parsis follow their ritual of leaving the body on the open terrace of this tower, for eagles and vultures to feed on. The Parsi community believes the dead body must not be buried as it will contaminate the earth and water; hence, leave it for putrefaction in the open. Imagine yourself being stuck on these towers in the middle of the night, surrounded by rotten bodies all over. Im sure the thought must have already given you Goosebumps! Lets read the next one.

  • Sanjay Gandhi National Park

    Sanjay Gandhi National Park is one of the famous scary places in mumbai

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    The dense forests, lush greenery, old caves and wildlife are not all that make Sanjay Gandhi National park popular in Mumbai. There is more to it; the supernatural that waits in the Sanjay Gandhi National park will make you jump out of your wits. Legends have it that an old lady clad in white saree causes mysterious paranormal activities in the National park. One of the visitors states that she tried to divert the bike rider into the forest. He added that she stood in the middle of the road, trying to confuse and scare off the travelers. So, the next time you are passing by the Sanjay Gandhi National Park after noon, be Attentive!

  • Vrindavan Society

    Vrindavan Society is one of the famous haunted places in mumbai

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    Vrindavan Society in Mumbai ranks amongst the most known and posh societies of Mumbai. But apart from this, it also owns the badge of one of the most haunted places in Mumbai city. There have been a series of eerie incidents reported by the residents of the society. The tale of an old and lonely man who committed suicide in his apartment is often narrated by the people. His apparition has been observed roaming in the corridors and haunting, especially the new comers in the society. The guards report being slapped at dark hours. Are you planning to purchase a house in Mumbai? Consider Vrindavan society! *wicked laugh*

  • Nasserwanj Wadi

    Nasserwanj Wadi is one of the horror places in mumbai

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    Some people adore their possessions so much that they are not ready to give them up even after death! Nasserwanj Wadi located near Mahim railway station, has been a consistent occupant of the list of the Mumbais most haunted site. As per our conversation with a local; around 16 years ago, Nasser, a local Parsi, was burnt alive in his house. Even today, his spirit guards his property. No intrusions tolerated! He harms everybody and anybody who crosses his path. Beware intruders!

  • Road to Marve and Madh Island

    Road to Marve and Madh Island is most visited haunted places in mumbai

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    The beautiful road way to Marve and Madh Island is blessed with immense scenic beauty and lush greenery. However, it is infamous for the eeriness in the air and instances of paranormal activities witnessed by travelers on the road. The legends have it that on a full moon night the distressed young brides spirit haunts the road. She is angry and vengeful. Some serious accidents have been caused by her, states one of the victims friend. Travelling by this road will leave a constant fear in your heart, and chances are you might not even turn off the lights at night, he added. Ooh ooh!

  • Bombay High Court

    Bombay High Court is one of the famous haunted places in mumbai

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    The legend of the Bombay high court sounded funny to me at first, but now that I have talked to some of the witnesses, I take my laughs back. As per the witnesses, presence of the spirit of a bilingual criminal who was executed under a murder case is observed during the criminal proceedings. This 30 year old ghost is clearly uncompassionate about the judges and the police. He has been reported to torture them specifically during a murder case hearing. He is a notorious ghost. Isnt he?

  • St. Johns Baptist church, Andheri

    St. Johns Baptist church Andheri is most visited haunted places in mumbai

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    St. Johns Baptist church located in Andheri, Mumbai was abandoned after an epidemic in 1840. This church built in the 16th century, has many ghostly stories attached to it. The most famous of all is the legend of a young bride tormenting the local people. As per the locals, there was an exorcism conducted in 1977, to get rid of the ghost of the bride. That night, screams and shrieks were heard, it was followed by a plunge into the pond and a splash of water was seen & heard by many. All the fishes in the pond were found dead the next morning. This two time death venue of the bride is declared haunted and is listed amongst the most haunted places in Mumbai.

  • 8th floor, Grand Paradi Towers

    8th floor flat Grand Paradi Towers is one of the famous haunted house in mumbai

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    Grand Paradi towers situated in the Malabar hills is infamous as the suicide point for the obvious reason. The Paradi Towers were built long back in 1970, yet arent fully occupied. The 8th floor of the tower has particularly seen as many as 20 deaths, mainly of the same family members. To get rid of the believed haunting, havans conducted by the residents but the evil spirit doesnt seem easy to be tamed.

  • Poonam Chambers, Worli

    Poonam Chambers Worli is famous Mumbai haunted places

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    After the bomb blast of 1993 and the wall crash in 1997, Poonam chambers in Worli, Mumbai is aid to possess the spirits of the people who suffocated themselves to death under the rubble. The unnatural deaths of these people pointed towards the presence of supernatural in the area. The place has been declared haunted after spurting out several haunted stories. The security guards report incidents like rattling of doors, and hearing strange voices. They are scared vehemently, who wouldnt be?

  • Taj Mahal Hotel

    Taj Mahal Palace Hotel is one of the haunted places in Mumbai

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    The lavish five star hotel, Taj Mahal, in Mumbai possesses the harmless ghost of its own architect. He committed suicide due to a glitch in the construction of the hotel. Wonder, who possesses who?

    His apparition has been observed in some specific parts of the hotel. He may or may not be harmless but Im surely not taking the risk. What about you?

  • Ram Sakit Building, behind Paradise Cinema, Mahim

    Ram Sakit Building is famous haunted places in mumbai

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    20 years ago, the Ram Sakit building witnessed a drowning in well incident similar to Dsouza Chawl in Mahim. Here, a 50 year old woman mistakenly fell in the well and now her spirit is said to make appearances on full moon nights and vanish in the morning. There is something spooky about the Mahim area in Mumbai. Im not ever going there alone at night. Would advise the same to you

  • Santa Cruz West

    Santa Cruz West is one of the famous haunted places in mumbai

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    Santa Cruz in Mumbai is one of the most frequently visited places in the city, yet considered haunted. Wondering why? Read on. The ghost of Santa Cruz has earned a fancy name for herself 2nd floor ki bhabhiji. The reason behind this title is, the residents are scared as well as consider it inauspicious to utter the name of an evil spirit. Wait! I have heard this before. Oh yes, in the Bollywood movie, Haunted. She is clearly an angry ghost who committed suicide after a fight with her husband. A mysterious black dog has occupied the second floor post her death. Many have witnessed her presence in the corridor along with the strange barking of the dog. OK! This one gave me a bone-chilling experience.

  • Juhu Pawan Hans Quarters

    Juhu Pawan Hans Quarters is the famous horror places in mumbai

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    Juhu Pawan Hans quarters saw the 20 year old Salma setting herself on fire in the year 1989. The reason for this dreadful act is unknown. As per locals and witnesses, the blazing apparition of the girl is seen running towards and later disappearing in the Peepal tree. The devotees have built a Hanuman temple in the area to keep themselves protected. Though, dark nights are still her favorite to make an appearance. Lets keep our fingers crossed and hope the god protects us.

  • SNDT Girls College

    SNDT Girls College is famous most haunted places in mumbai

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    The ruins of the old SNDT College are haunted by the spirit of a teacher. The lady ghost is heard reciting the multiplication tables in the classroom, followed by sounds of slapping and children weeping. The ghosts at the college are said to be most active at 2 in the night. Few years ago, few young boys carried out an investigation in the place to check the reason behind the noises, they found nothing. Doesnt this remind of that one bully teacher in the primary school?

  • Jogeshwari, 2nd floor

    Jogeshwari, 2nd floor is one of the haunted houses in mumbai

    Image Source :

    The pink colored building of Jogeshwari observes absolute silence in its second floor. The restless soul of the air hostess who was murdered there haunts the place. However, another air hostess rented out the house. From then on, People have sighted a woman, considered to be the air hostesss ghost, crying in the terrace stairs all the time. She points towards her house and cries, as if trying to tell that someone else is now living in her house.

  • IC Colony, Borivali

    IC Colony, Borivali is one of the horror places in mumbai

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    A gardener committed suicide in the open garden plot situated right in the middle of the IC colony. He feared to lose his job. The spirit is supposedly stuck at that place and is noted to harm children playing in the garden. The ghost of the gardener has made space for IC colony in the list of most haunted places in India.

  • Kamathipura Brothel no: 25

    Brothel no: 25 Kamathipura is one of the spookiest places in mumbai

    Image Source :

    During the British era, this place was popularly known as the white gully. The place gets its name from the white women trafficked from Europe and Japan. The place was mainly occupied by the British soldiers to spend their leisure time. The legends have it that a prostitute from the colonial times haunts the place and scares the wits out of the customers. Brothel no- 25 belonged to her and that is where most of the eerie incidents have been reported.

  • Rajesh Khannas Bungalow Aashirwaad

    Aashirwaad Rajesh Khannas Bungalow is one of the famous haunted places in mumbai

    Image Source :

    Before being the residence of the Superstar Rajesh Khanna, the bungalow belonged to Rajender Kumar who got the house at much cheaper rate because of the reported haunting. He endowed huge endeavors in this house and earned good name for himself. Later on the house was purchased by Rajesh Khanna, who earned laurels in his professional life but on the other hand, his personal life fell apart. Soon his good times ended. 10 years post his marriage, he divorced his wife Dimple. On the professional front his career set flat and soon declined. Whatever little time he spent in the house, he remained ill until he finally left us in 2012. This bungalow located on Carter Road turned out to be inauspicious for him.

  • With this I sum up the list of the 21 most haunted places in Mumbai. You may be a believer or a skeptic when we talk about ghosts, but beliefs must always be substantiated with proofs. So, if you are currently located in or around Mumbai, I suggest you to visit these places but at your own risk.

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