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  • Top 35 Most Haunted Places in India

    Top 35 Most Haunted Places in India

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    "They have been dwelling on this land since centuries, migrating places, awaiting reincarnation. From the dark forests to the crowded bazaars, from abandoned forts to lonely village roads, they are still there, everywhere. Urbanization and modern beliefs may have simply diminished their acceptance but their reflections can be seen by those who are open to their vibes states a believer."

    There goes a never ending debate on the existence of the 'unknown'; however, their presence has been felt quite often on the places enlisted below. If you seek to add some thrill to you next trip, dare to pass by the given scary ghost towns.

  • Mukesh Mills

    Mukesh Mills - Haunted Place in Mumbai, India

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    Mukesh Mills have been a popular sight for shooting of films and advertisements. The mill has an overpowering energy in the vicinity. Bipasha quoted that during the shooting of her film 'GUNAAH' at the Mukesh Mills, she was unable to deliver her dialogues properly and felt someone preventing her from delivering her dialogue.

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    • Parveen Riyat

      27 September, 2016 at 4:16 pm

    I always search haunted places, suddenly I saw your blog. I read your blog that is really interesting for me specially Bhangarh Fort Ajabgarh. I also heard bhangarh story from someone. Thanks for sharing and I will share this story with my friends also.

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