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  • Top 35 Most Haunted Places in India

    By: Gaurav Batra | In: Most Haunted Places | Last Updated: 2017-06-07

    Top 35 Most Haunted Places in India

    Image Source : Flickr

    "They have been dwelling on this land since centuries, migrating places, awaiting reincarnation. From the dark forests to the crowded bazaars, from abandoned forts to lonely village roads, they are still there, everywhere. Urbanization and modern beliefs may have simply diminished their acceptance but their reflections can be seen by those who are open to their vibes states a believer."

    There goes a never ending debate on the existence of the 'unknown'; however, their presence has been felt quite often on the places enlisted below. If you seek to add some thrill to you next trip, dare to pass by the given scary ghost towns.

  • Bhangarh Fort Ajabgarh, Alwar, Rajasthan

    Bhangarh Fort  Ajabgarh, Alwar, Rajasthan

    Image Source : Flickr

    Bhangarh Fort has made to the list of Asias most haunted places for the paranormal activities encountered in its precincts. There are many stories associated with the place but the most believed is from the time of kings and princesses. As per the legend, a local black magician fell in love with the Princess Ratnavati of Bhangarh (said to be of immense beauty). The magician replaced the perfume that she was supposed to use with a love potion. Somehow, she got to know about this mischief and spilled the scent over a massive stone boulder. As the potion spilled on the boulder, it started rolling towards the magician and crushed him under it. While dying, he cursed the place and the fort is unhabituated ever since.

  • Kuldhara Rajasthan

    Kuldhara- Most Visited Haunted Places in Rajasthan India

    Image Source : Wikipedia

    The ruins of Kuldhara narrate the tale of despair linked with its history, brick to brick. A popular folklore associated with the place takes you 200 years back when it was inhabited by the Paliwal Brahmins. Salim Singh, who was the Diwan of Jaisalmer during this time, was known for his debauchery and unscrupulous tax-collecting methods. The Diwan had his eyes on the beautiful daughter of the village chief and to fulfil his unpleasant motives, he threatened the villagers that if they came in his way he would levy huge taxes on them. The villagers left their homes, cursing Kuldhara. To this day, the land is barren and awaiting its inhabitants that left years back.

  • D'Souza Chawl in Mahim Mumbai

    D'Souza Chawl in Mahim - Famoust Haunted Places in Mumbai India

    Image Source : Itimes

    DSouza Chawl located in the busy area of Mahim faced water problem like any other Chawl in Mumbai. The residents decided to dig a well to solve this problem. However, the well did not have any boundaries. It was like, a disaster had to happen. One night, a woman walked up to well to fetch some drinking water and slipped into the well. She cried for help and struggled to death but by the time help reached, she had already drowned. The womans presence is witnessed at the spot on and off.

  • The Shaniwarwada Fort Pune

    The Shaniwarwada Fort is the Famous Haunted Places in Pune India

    Image Source : sakhideshmukh26 wrdpress com

    Shaniwarwada is popularized by the movie Bajirao Mastani. Bajiraos son Raghunathrao and grandson Narayanrao had disputes over power quite often. Young Narayanrao had his uncle, Raghunathroa arrested, and as a consequence Raghunathraos wife sent assassins to kill NarayanRao. His body was cut into piece so small that they were carried in a pot for cremation. Screams of the young Peshwa are still heard in the Shaniwar Wada on a full moon night.

  • GP Block Meerut

    GP Block Meerut - One of the Most Visited Haunted Location in India

    Image Source : Fearandyou

    Meerut's GP block is a compound with three spacious buildings in which no one has dared to live after the 1930s. A woman in red is said to haunt the place.

    The night is dark and full of terrors.."

  • The Vrindavan Society Thane

    The Vrindavan Society Thane is one of the Famous Spookiest Places in India

    Image Source : Indiatimes

    The building 66b of the Vrindavan Society became the death ground of an elderly person. The reason for the suicide remains unknown as there was no letter or note left. The residents feel an unearthly energy which they cant they see. They hear noises in their bed rooms. At times, they feel that someone is peaking in from the balcony.

  • Dumas Beach, Surat- Gujarat

    Dumas Beach, Surat - Gujarat

    Image Source : Dontgetserious.Com

    Dumas Beach consists of 4 beaches out of which only two beaches are visited by most of the people. One out of the four beaches was long used as a Hindu graveyard. Even the pictures clicked with flash on that beach are not visible. Orbs are observed on the pictures, which deepens the probability of a spirits presence.

  • Jatinga Assam

    Jatinga is Famous for Haunted Place in Assam India

    Image Source :

    This village in Assam is the suicide spot for birds. Every year, several indigenous as well as migratory birds flock to this village after sunset around 7 to 10 pm and kill themselves by crashing into trees, houses, buildings and search lights. There is a 1.5 km stretch of land in this village where this peculiar phenomenon takes place. This mainly happens during the late monsoons or between September to November. Spooky! Isnt it

  • Ramoji Film City Hyderabad

    Ramoji Film City  Famous Haunted Location in Hyderabad India

    Image Source : Wikimedia

    The film city is built on the war grounds of the Nizams Sultans. At the entrance of the film city there are hotels. The spirits of the sultans are said to be living in those hotels. People have seen lights falling off from the top of the hotel, injuring many. The leftover food is scattered all over in room. The walls are scribbled in Urdu.

  • Raj Kiran Hotel Lonavala, Maharashtra

    Raj Kiran Hotel  Lonavala, Maharashtra

    Image Source :

    The overall hotel is fine, although it has a room in its ground floor which is said to be haunted. Guests have reported their bed sheets being pulled off while they slept. Some have woken up in the middle of the night and witnessed a blue light at their feet. Something very creepy goes on in that room at night. Want to explore?

  • Sanjay Van (near Qutab Institutional Area) New Delhi

    Sanjay Van  Haunted Place in New Delhi, India

    Image Source :

    The lush forest of Sanjay Van is a home to several graves and their beings. The noise of children crying has been heard, and reports of graves being dug are recorded in the forest. Out of all the ghosts encountered, the most notorious is the woman in white. The woman stares at the riders and try to divert their bikes towards the jungle. Eerie much?

  • Dow Hill in Kurseong Darjeeling

    Dow Hill in Kurseong Darjeeling - Visiting Ghost Places in India

    Image Source :

    Dow hill is haunted by a headless ghost. He does more than just making an appearance. As quoted by the locals, the headless being has chased down many people walking down the Dow hill roads, and then disappeared in the forest. The memory of the headless ghost is not easy to get away with. Whoever saw this ghost always had the feeling of being chased or eyes looking at him/her at all times.

  • The Brij Raj Bhavan Palace in Kota Rajasthan

    The Brij Raj Bhavan Palace in Kota, Rajasthan  Most Visited Horror Places in India

    Image Source :

    This palace in Kota was home to the princely family. The Palace was later acquired by Major Charles Burton, who was killed by the Indian soldiers at the Brij Bhavan Palace during the 1857 mutiny. The spirit of Major Charles Burton still haunts the place.

  • Bengal Swamps West Bengal (Aleya Ghost Lights)

    Bengal Swamps, Aleya Ghost Lights - Haunted Place in West Bengal, India

    Image Source :

    Imagine while roaming on the marshes and swamps of Bengal you see a shimmering colorful light at a distance. Would you chase it? I would suggest you not to do that. The locals of west Bengal believe these lights emanate from the spirits of fishermen who accidentally lost their lives in these areas. These ghost lights are also known as Aleva lights. People who have chased these lights have lost their sanity if managed to save their lives.

  • Fernhill Hotel, Ooty

    Fernhill Hotel, Ooty - One of the Haunted Hotels in India

    Image Source : Wikipedia

    The shooting of the Bollywood movie RAAZ was done at this eerie hotel in Ooty. During the shooting, Bipasha Basu (the lead actress of the film) reported some spooky incidents witnessed by her during the film. One such instance is the falling of Dr. B.R Ambedkars photo from the wall; "It happened out of frame but was captured on camera. We all saw it on the Monitor," says Bipasha.

  • Mukesh Mills

    Mukesh Mills - Haunted Place in Mumbai, India

    Image Source :

    Mukesh Mills have been a popular sight for shooting of films and advertisements. The mill has an overpowering energy in the vicinity. Bipasha quoted that during the shooting of her film 'GUNAAH' at the Mukesh Mills, she was unable to deliver her dialogues properly and felt someone preventing her from delivering her dialogue.

  • National Library Kolkata

    National Library Kolkata is Famous as a Horror Place in India

    Image Source : Wikipedia

    There are two famous ghost stories believed in the case of National Library Kolkata. Most famous of which is the sightings of a ghost that is believed to be the wife of the Governor, Lord Metcalfe who lived there. She is believed to roam in the halls of the library. She was very particular about keeping the books at their specified places. People reading alone in the library have felt someone breathing down their neck especially when the book has been picked out hasn't been placed back.

    Another story claims that during some renovation work, a few laborers died due to an accident and their ghosts have been spotted in the library ever since then.

  • Sanjay Gandhi National Park, Mumbai

    Sanjay Gandhi National Park, Mumbai

    Image Source :

    This national park has also been reported to have an old woman in white saree asking for lift from the people passing by in their vehicles. The guards at the Sanjay Gandhi National Park confirm the presence of ghosts.

  • South Park Cemetry, Kolkata

    South Park Cemetry Kolkata - Scariest Place in India

    Image Source :

    This is the oldest burial ground in Kolkata. The un-natural situations observed here include; a sudden illness, dysfunctioning of the camera, eerie images being clicked on the camera. A burial ground being spooky, isnt that obvious?

  • Writers building, Kolkata

    Writers Building, Kolkata - Best Haunted Building in India

    Image Source :

    Writers building is vacated right after sunset. Nobody wishes to work in the most powerful building of Kolkata post. Strange, isnt it? Want to know why? Apart from being the most powerful building of Kolkata, it is also the most haunted building. The writers building was previously was the secretariat building of the state government of west Bengal.

    The empty rooms of this 300 year old building have many stories to tell. This was the place where famous revolutionaries Binay, Badal and Dinesh killed Captain Simpson of the East India Company. Legends have it that this building has been haunted for many decades and no caretaker has been daring enough to work post a month. The ghosts inhabit in the large rooms of the building. Their screams are heard late at night even though the building is vacated before 7pm.

  • Bombay Supreme Court

    Bombay Supreme Court

    Image Source :

    The Bombay High Court is mysteriously haunted by a bilingual spirit, who is said to terrorize and torment people whenever a murder trial takes place. This is a vengeful ghost who is there since 30 years.

  • Delhi Cantonment Area

    Delhi Cantonment Area - Most Haunted Place in Delhi, India

    Image Source :

    Imagine while driving late at night, a middle-aged woman asks you for a lift and disappears within seconds. What would you do? Had it been me, I would be scared to my wits. The Delhi Cantonment has several witnesses who have encountered this apparition.

  • Towers of Silence, Mumbai

    Towers of Silence, Mumbai

    Image Source :

    Now imagine a building with dead bodies lying on its roof. Scary! Isnt it? The Towers Of Silence are the creepiest of all haunted places in India. Situated at the Malabar hills, Mumbai, this building is like a requiem place for the Parsi community. As per the rituals and customs, the dead Parsis are left on the roof top of this building, to be eaten by the vultures.

    Paranormal activities are observed here. It is believed these eerie happenings originate from this cemetery at the Grand Parsi Towers.

  • Malcha Mahal, New Delhi

    Malcha Mahal is one of the famous haunted places in delhi, India

    Image Source :

    This fort is located amidst the woods, near the Buddha garden. The inhabitants like the officers, reporters or residents are hell scared to enter this place. There is a sign board that displays a warning related to the hounds and a trespasser being gunned down. The government has given the authority to shoot down anyone who is seen as a threat to this property.

  • Three Kings Church, Goa

    Three Kings Church, Goa - Most Haunted Places in India

    Image Source :

    The Three Kings Church is located in Goa. The legend has it that there were three Kings who were fighting to get this property and even killed each other in this battle. Locals and visitors claim that this church is possessed by the spirits of these three kings.

    They believe that their souls rove in the church premises. Are you daring enough to explore this spooky church in Goa?

  • The Lambi Dehar Mines, Mussoorie

    The Lambi Dehar Mines, Mussoorie - Most Visited Haunted Location in India

    Image Source :

    These mines have experienced a dreadful event in it. The millions of workers working in the mine died a painful death coughing blood. This happened due to sudden inappropriate working conditions. But on the other side, this mine is said to be occupied by a witch who has killed many others. She is often reported to be seen in these hills.

  • Kalpalli Cemetery, Bangalore

    Kalpalli Cemetery, Bangalore - One of the India's most haunted place

    Image Source : Flickr

    The Kapalli Cemetery is also known as St. Johns cemetery. This cemetery on the old madras road is said to possess a ghost. It has been seen roaming in the cemetery, by passersby, on the madras road.

  • The Mansion, ResidencyRoad, Pune

    The Mansion, Residency Road, Pune is one of the scary house in india

    Image Source :

    This may seem to be an old, worn out house at first. Wait until night, (only if youre strong hearted) because this one will give chills down your spine. The locals and neighbors tell the stories of the wicked old lady that owned this mansion in past.

  • House Number W-3, Greater Kailash, Delhi

    House Number W-3, Greater Kailash, Delhi is one of the famous haunted houses in india

    Image Source : Flickr

    Children and people in their old age are the most stubborn about the things they want. House no. w-3 in GK was loved by the old couple who resided there. A group of robbers had their eyes set on this house. The robbers killed the old couple ruthlessly. The spirits of the couple still haunt this house. Their whispers and laughs have kept the house alive.

  • Vas Villa - St. Marks Road, Bangalore

    Vas Villa St. Marks Road, Bangalore - Famous Haunted House in India

    Image Source :

    Dolce and Vera Vaaz were the daughters of a prominent high court judge. Dolce was 75 years old when she was brutally murdered in her own room at their big family house at St. Marks road. Vera could only shout at the youth running away after stabbing Dolce in the neck, stomach, and hands. Dolces presence is still felt and heard in her room.

  • Savoy Hotel, Mussoorie

    Savoy Hotel, Mussoorie - One of the Famous Haunted Hotel Places in India

    Image Source : Flickr

    Hotel savoy beckons its visitors for a memorable stay, but theres a lot more that it has hidden in its closet. According to the legend, Lady Garnet Orme was poisoned and killed in one of the rooms of this hotel. Her presence is reported by the staff and the visitors.

  • Khairatabad Science College, Hyderabad

    Khairatabad Science College, Hyderabad  - most visited haunted places in india

    Image Source :

    The legends have that the college premise was gradually abandoned; however, proper disposition wasnt given to the bodies used in the science labs. The ghosts of those bodies are believed to haunt the college now. The terror increased after an on duty guard died mysteriously. Are you a biology student?

  • Tunnel 33,Shimla

    Tunnel 33, Shimla is one of the most haunted places in India

    Image Source : Flickr

    This is the longest and straightest tunnel careful in the history. This tunnel falls on the Kalka- Shimla stretch. People have felt some kind of eeriness in this tunnel. The story of this tunnel goes back to the British era; this tunnel was supposed to be built by Captain Barog, a British engineer. Since he could not complete it, he was fired from the job and was ridiculed. In depression, he one day went to the tunnel and shot himself. It is believed that his friendly spirit still haunts the tunnel. Several paranormal activities reported here.

  • Chandan Nagar, Pune

    Chandan Nagar, Pune - Horror Place in India

    Image Source :

    We have all seen many films with the theme of a girl ghost holding a doll in hand, with an evil-ish grin on her face. This is a common appeal used by horror film makers; however, it is reality in the case of Chandan Nagar.

    A young girl was murdered at a construction site in Pune, about 10 years ago. The apparition of the young girl is often seen around midnight by the locals. When you see her, she would scream at you loudly. Want to meet her in the dark?

    This was the list of the reportedly most haunted places in India. Its a personal call to whether or not believe the existence of a creature invisible to the naked eyes. There are multiple concepts and philosophies to their existence. This is one of the most heated debate topics among believers and skeptics; however, there are traces, witnesses and incidents that may leave your eyes wide open...

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