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  • Trails of Buddhism In India

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    Buddhist Pilgrimage Places in India

    HE was born and brought up in a royal clan. His father ensured that his son gets everything of the worldly pleasures. However, the fate was pre-decided and as per the rule of nature, no one has the authority to change it again. HIS focus shifted from all worldly pleasures to finding out the real meaning and motive of the human life.

    Leaving behind his entire family, he chose to lead a simple life without any facilities. Throughout his life, he never harangued with any living being. Instead, preached brotherhood and harmony among all creeds. Spreading peace among all, he left for the heavenly abode. He was the 'Chosen One' and the whole world knows HIM by the name of Buddha.

    India is a land where the trails of each faith are found in all directions. Buddhism is one such religion that is followed by a sizable populace. There are various places that we have compiled for you where people flock in profusion alike. So here's a glimpse at those enchanting destinations.

  • Bodh Gaya has its name written with the ink of gold in the history of Buddhist places in India

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    Bodh Gaya has its name written with the ink of gold in the history of Buddhist places in India. It is one of the holy sites for the followers of Buddhism where Buddha attained enlightenment. This shrine is the home of the ancient Bodhi Tree and its descendants around the main temple. It also houses the 80-feet tall statue of Gautam Buddha where he discovered the eightfold path to unfetter from all desires of the life.

  • Leh is an epitome of Buddhism in India

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    Not only for the road trips and the scenic landscapes, Leh is an epitome of Buddhism in India. It is a home to some ancient monasteries like Hemis Monastery, Phyang Monastery, Thiksey Monastery, and Lamayuru Monastery. Throughout the year, these monasteries are flooded with monks and tourists. Embark a journey to the Buddhist monasteries in Leh and discover the oldest existing imprints of Buddhism.

  • Sarnath is one of the most esteemed Buddhist pilgrimage centers in India.

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    "And the enlightened soul commenced his initial discourse from the pious land of Sarnath".
    After attaining enlightenment, Buddha preached at Sarnath for the first time. His sermons on Dharma were given to every living creature around him. At that time, he was surrounded by a herd of deer. After this, Sarnath became one of the four sacred places with the structures like Dhamekh and Chaukhandi Stupa.

  • Rumtek Monastery is one of the famous monasteries in Sikkim and popular buddhism in india.

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    Rumtek Monastery is one of the famous monasteries in Sikkim. It is a major tourist attraction as well as a sacred monastery that is frequented by monks and tourists alike. The charm of this monastery never fails to catch the sight of visitors due to its enticing structure and the serene ambiance. The masked dance festival during May-June and Losar are celebrated with a great zest.

  • Mindrolling Monastery is another pious shrine of Buddha located in Dehradun

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    Indeed that true that a visit to this place is an amazeballs experience. Mindrolling Monastery is another pious shrine of Buddha located in Dehradun. Yes, you're right that a monastery with the same name exists in Tibet! The monastery in India was set up by a group of monks in the year 1965 in Clement Town. At present, it houses one of the largest Buddhist institutes in India that is known by the name of Ngagyur Nyingma College.

  • Namdroling Nyingmapa Tibetan Monastery and Golden Temple, Karnataka

    Namdroling Nyingmapa Tibetan Monastery and Golden Temple is one of the famous buddhism place in india

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    Utter peace, tranquility, enchanting structure, and a soul-soothing ambiance- simply a perfect definition of Namdroling Nyingmapa Tibetan Monastery. It is a famous monastery in Karnataka, a state dotted with the cultural heritage in all four directions. This monastery is referred as the largest teaching center of the Nyingma lineage of Tibetan Buddhism. Embellished exquisitely, the altar of this monastery has the golden idols of Buddha in a meditating position. That's the reason for it being known as the Golden Temple.

  • Sanchi is listed among one of the famous buddhist pilgrimage site in India

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    The history of Sanchi has never failed to impress the visitors. Known as the place where the Mauryan Emperor Ashoka bowed, Sanchi is another historical place in India. It houses the eminent stupa that contains the relics of Buddha. Buddhists from all over the world visit to Sanchi to pay their respects to Lord Buddha at Sanchi. Not only as a sacred site but, Sanchi is listed among one of the famous tourist attractions in India.

  • Tawang Monastery is the largest monastery in India. Situated in the beautiful location of Arunachal Pradesh, this historical monastery holds a great significance among the followers of Buddhism. The name of this monastery translates into 'Celestial Paradise in A Clear Night'. The surroundings of Tawang Monastery add more charm to its beauty that attracts the tourists and monks alike.

  • Rajgir is a famous Buddhist monastery in india

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    Also known by the name of Giviraj, Rajgir is a famous Buddhist monastery in the historical district of Nalanda. In the ancient era, it served as the capital city of the Kingdom of Magadha that eventually evolved into the Mauryan Empire. It used to one among the favorite places of Buddha because he delivered his two sermons. The famous places that catch the attention of visitors include the names like Saptaparni Cave and Gridhakuta Hill.

  • Dharamshala as a popular tourist destination and also famous for buddhist pilgrimage sites in india.

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    Though we all know Dharamshala as a tourist destination in Himachal Pradesh, the very famous Mcleodganj is a residence to H.H Dalai Lama. Yes! We're talking about the renowned hill station of Dharamshala. It is not less than a sacred site for the Buddhists all over the country. There's a famous Vipassana Center located there as well. Many Buddhists visit Dharamshala, especially on the occasion of Buddha Purnima.

  • Vaishali is a city that was visited by Buddha extensively.

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    You can make out a rough idea about the popularity of Vaishali that many people named their daughters after this place. Located in Bihar, Vaishali is a city that was visited by Buddha extensively. His second council was usually held here. It is also said that in the fifth year of enlightenment, Buddha visited this place to spread the message of peace. Emperor Ashoka built many pillars in Vaishali after adopting Buddhism.

  • Spiti, Himachal Pradesh

    Spiti is also known as a famous Buddhist pilgrimage site in india.

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    Umpteen people know that Spiti is endowed with mesmerizing landscapes. Well, it has a lot more than just scenic beauty. Spiti is also known as a famous Buddhist pilgrimage site. It is the home to the highest monastery in India known by the name of Kye Monastery. Blest with serenity in its ambiance, Kye Monastery stands at a gigantic height from where the entire valley is visible. Do not forget to visit Tabo Monastery for achieving the peace of mind.

  • Dhamma Setu, Tamil Nadu

    Dhamma Setu, Tamil Nadu is one of the famous buddhim destination in india.

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    Seeking an escape from the hectic schedule of life? Do not throng to any hill town. Prefer paying a visit to Dhamma Setu. Dhamma Setu is located in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu and is a well-known Vipassana Center. Surrounded by the lush green vegetation, it is a great place where you can breathe a new life in your tired senses.

  • Kushinagar is a prominent site for Buddhists

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    Kushinagar, a name that cannot be missed, is a prominent site for Buddhists. It is the place that is said to be the one where the 'enlightened soul' preached for the last time before departing for the heavenly abode. Kushinagar is the place where Rambhar Stupa stands. It is the exact spot where Lord Buddha was cremated. The Mahaparinirvana Temple is located close to the site where the statue of Buddha is placed in a reclining position.

  • The above-listed names have a great religious history and importance. Throughout the year, especially on the occasion of Buddha Purnima, these monasteries and shrine shimmer exquisitely. So, don't you think that a visit should be made to any of these shrines someday?

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