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  • Wildlife Adventure Guide Tips

    Following are few wildlife adventure trip guidelines and tips :-

    • Before you depart, do research on the destination and the wildlife spot you want to visit. Do plan your trip at the peak wildlife season of the year.
    • Do research on wildlife and their habitat before planning the trip.
    • Never forget to spot the best possible place for viewing wild animals and birds.
    • Opt for early morning or late night wildlife trips. During these timings you can spot maximum number of wild animals.
    • Prefer hiring a guide or outfitter who can make you see all popular wildlife spots and could share his experiences with you.
    • If traveling with kids, try to engage them by introducing them to various animals and birds.
    • Always maintain a self control over your kids..Make them learn to be patient and alert along enjoyment.
    • Do carry all emportant stuff in your daypack including field guide, binocolors, animal and bird checklist, digital camera, topographic map, compass, GPS unit and optional notebook to make a note of what you see.
    • Never land off your vehicle while watching wild animals or to click snaps of them. It could turn out to be very dangerous as you may get attacked by wild animals. It can endanger your life as well.
    • Try to maintian appropriate distance from wild animals. Make slow and silent moves while watching wild animals.
    • Never feed wild animals with eating stuff you carry. Make your kids also learn the same. Wild animals can hurt you if get irritated or agitated.
    • Always treat wild animals with utmost care and respect. Never make fast movements and loud noises as it can disturb and annoy them. Be cautious and try not to disturb them or come in the way of rhinos and hippopotamus. They are very dangerous and can pose a threat to your life.
    • Try to remain unscented and wear natural shade clothes. Avoid wearing loud perfumes and bright colored clothes.
    • Never forget to take along wild life expert or guide along with you. Never hesitate to seek any kind of advice in concerned with wildlife.
    • Learn to be patient on safari tours. It can take few hours or days to capture the pics of all wild animals in your camera.
    • Do click photographs from proper distance.
    • Binoculars are must to becarry while being on wildlife trip. Binoculars are a great help for spotting or sighting far away wildlife creatures and animals.
    • A lightweight flashlight or torch with a red lens is must for nighttime viewing. It will not frighten wild animals and birds.

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