Paragliding in Tandem

Paragliding in Tandem

  • Cape Town
  • South Africa
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  • Paragliding Charges Starting from Rs 1150
  • Popular Take Off Points Signal Hill and Lions Head are two of the most popular take off points amongst local and international Paragliding pilots.
  • Best Conditions for Paragliding Tours The best conditions for paragliding tours are from October to April.
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  • 69 Travel Agent
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Paragliding in Tandem, Cape Town Overview

Paragliding is an extremely enriching recreational activity that leaves you thrilled and your adrenaline rushing. In paragliding, all you have to do is securely attach yourself to a harness that is suspended by a thick fabric, which gains the accurate shape for soaring in the skies once it is suspended in the air.

Though paragliding is quite popular, Tandem Paragliding is fast gaining the reputation of being a safer replacement for paragliding.
Tandem Paragliding involves the gliding of two passengers together. One is the trained pilot and the other is the passenger, which could be you if you want to experience the thrill of soaring in the air, weightless like a bird. If you are the passenger, you sit at the front in a comfortable harness with the pilot behind you. You can simply let the pilot instruct the glider and you can enjoy the flight even without the knowledge of flying in a paraglide.

The tandem paraglide is able to support the load of two persons with the utmost ease. You will be delighted to see the surrounding scenery while flying in the air like a bird.

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