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Top Tourist Places To Visit in Mpumalanga

  • Mpumalanga
  • South Africa
  • Tourist Attractions - Best Places to Visit This beautiful province has a lot to offer the tourists coming here : -
    • Wakkerstroom : - It is a home to some of the world's most spectacular birds.
    • Mac Mac Duet : - In Mpumalanga has the Mac Mac River which splits into two and the columns of water plummet side by side for 65 meters into a pool.
    • Lisbon's Double Stream : - Just one of many magical falls in the area.
    • Berlin Falls : - They are the most spectacular in Mpumalanga.
    • Kaapsehoop : - Here the houses are built up against rocky outcrops and against a hill, and you can't see them from the main road. It's a place surely not to be missed.
    • Songimvelo Game Reserve : - located on the border of Mpumalanga and Swaziland which offers nine-day horseback adventures in big game country.
  • Country South Africa.
  • Currency Currency used here is Rand.
  • Geographic Coordination

    26°00'S 30°00'E.

  • Population

    The population in Mpumalanga is 3,536,300.

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Mpumalanga Overview

Mpumalanga meaning "land of the rising sun" in the local language, offers you from exhilarating wildlife, to lonely mountain retreats, entrancing water sports and some of South Africa's most diverse and vibrant African cultures. This lovely province offers you many wildlife destinations having the rarest species of birds, animals etc. Mpumalanga is a nature lover's paradise since it is not a highly developed province with large cities and towns, visitors here are brought closer to nature The breathtaking hiking, attractive sceneries, rafting, fly-fishing and many small towns make this province a wonderful holiday destination, ideal for families, honeymooners and those looking for a great bush experience.

Climate and Geography

Mpumalanga’s weather is naturally defined by it’s topography. Mpumalanga is a province of two halves, namely the high-lying grassland savannah of the highveld escarpment and the subtropical Lowveld plains. The western side of Mpumalanga, on the highveld escarpment, is like a rise of tropics, an ascent into an uncompromising range of temperatures. The west is drier, hotter and much colder than the rest of the Mpumalanga province. Middelburg, in the heart of the highveld, experiences summer rain, and has a summer (October to February) to winter (April to August) range of around 19º C with average temperatures in the contrasting seasons, of 26º C and 8º C. Nelspruit, the capital city of Mpumalanga, lies at the edge of the Lowveld near the Kruger National Park, and enjoys relatively plentiful summer rainfall (an average of around 620 mm falls between September and March) and mild to hot subtropical conditions in the Kruger National Park. If your trip covers the entire province, make sure you are prepared for the differences in temperatures from the Highveld to the Lowveld. Mosquitoes unfortunately also thrive in the climate of the lowlands. Please ask your pharmacist about the best anti-malaria prophylaxis. Visitors to the Mpumalanga Game Reserves should consult a local pharmacist or their family physician for advice on the best anti-malaria drug or drug combination they should take. or additional information see South Africa Malaria Risk Areas.


Public roads in South Africa are well developed and well sign-posted with driving done on the left hand side of the road. Drivers must have an international drivers license and a minimum of 5 years driving experience to hire a car in South Africa.

Getting Around : There are many ways to get to Mpumalanga, South Africa. You could sail from almost anywhere in the world and reach here. An easy option is to fly to one of the two International Airports in South Africa and reach this province by bus or car.

Local Transport : Traveling by road is the best option to see Mpumalanga, as the mystique landscapes and smooth roads together form a perfect driving experience.

Shopping & Entertainment

In addition to shopping centres, Nelspruit has a wide range of options. Always in demand, farm stalls throughout the Lowveld offer a range of fresh farm products. Flea markets are held regularly at the following venues: Prorom Square (Friday), Promenade Centre (Saturday) and Hall's Gateway (Saturday and Sunday). For more current info please see Mpumalanga Malls & Shopping in our Things to Do section.

Mpumalanga is a very colorful place and rich in its cultural festivals.

Dullstroom Arts Festival
Sundwala Mankele MTB Challenge
Sabie Experience
You will feel fabulous to be a part of these festivals.

Entertainment : Mpumalanga is a very colorful place, rich in its cultural festivals.
  • Dullstroom Arts Festival
  • Sundwala Mankele MTB Challenge
  • Sabie Experience
You will feel fabulous to be a part of these festivals.

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