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Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro, Machame Route Tour

Package Duration
6 Days / 5 Nights
Destination Covered

  • Day 1 : from hotel to machame gate to Machame Camp

    Description :

    An hour private drive from Moshi Town to Kilimanjaro National Park Machame Gate, where registration and payment process will be done, while porters are organizing the luggage’s ready to start a tour. A tour will continue to Machame Camp for overnight. After all process, a tour will begin where you will be working nearly 5 hours to first point, Machame Camp. There you will be resting, having your hot lunch/ lunch box dinner and overnight.

    Day 2 : from Machame Camp to Shira Camp

    Description :

    After breakfast at Machame gate, you will keep on ascending to the second camp point called Shira Camp, there you will have a rest, lunch box/ hot lunch dinner and overnight.

    Day 3 : from Shira Camp to Barranco via Lava

    Description :

    After breakfast at Shira Camp the tour will continue to next camp called Barranco Camp, via Lava Tower where you will have a short rest for lunch. Lunch box will be provided. At Barranco Camp, you will have a rest, dinner and overnight.

    Day 4 : from Barranco to Barafu Camp via Karanga Camp and summit overnight.

    Description :

    After breakfast at Barranco Camp the tour will continue now ascending to next camp called Barafu Camp via Karanga camp where you will stop for a short rest and lunch. At Barafu Camp you will have a rest, dinner and overnight but around 1:00am the hike to summit Mount Kilimanjaro, UHURU PEAK will begins. You will hike for 3 to 4 hours through Stella point then UHURU PEAK, where you can stay till the dawning of the 5th day during sunrise that you can take a beautiful picture of your African Adventure while you are at the peak. After all the descend to Barafu point will begins.

    Day 5 : descend from summit to Barafu Camp then to Mweka Camp

    Description :

    After descend from summit, you will have breakfast at Barafu Camp then slowly start descending to either Millenium Camp or Mweka Camp for rest, lunch, dinner and overnight.

  • Other Benefits (On Arrival)
    Description :
    Kilimanjaro Mountain
    Located: Tanzania in East Africa.
    Elevation: 19341ft or 5895m above the sea level. (Kilimanjaro is the highest mountain in Africa, and the highest free standing mountain in the world.)
    Vegetation: It ranges from mountain forest, savannah, tropic jungle and alpine zone.
    Temperature at the peak can be 0 degrees F (minus 18C) and if the wind is blowing, the wind chills reach dangerous level.
    Number of trekkers.
    Being one of the most popular mountains in the world, roughly 40,000 trekkers every year try to reach the summit of Mt Kilimanjaro. According to research the average summit success rate across all climbers and routes is three- quota (75%). However, summit success rate heavily depends upon what route is climbed as routes vary considerably in terms of acclimatization profile and duration. It is relatively safe climb and most who failed to summit experience altitude related issues or harsh weather near the peak.
    Route to climb mountain Kilimanjaro.
    Mount Kilimanjaro routes and their variations take between five to nine days to complete. Although Mount Kilimanjaro is known as a "walk-up" mountain, you should not underestimate it and its risks. The overall statistics show that less than half of all climbers didn’t reach the summit.
    There are several routes by which to reach Kibo, or Uhuru Peak, the highest summit of mount Kilimanjaro namely, Marangu, Rongai, Lemosho, Shira, Umbwe and Machame.
    Difficulties, risks and death.
    Difficulties often happened due to altitude, the high altitude the low oxygen available, and some of the trekkers may suffer acclimatization problem. Overcoming this problem , Machame and Lemosho route are highly recommended, and increasing the number of days to climb also increase the possibility of climbers to summit safely with less observed difficulties. The great risk to avoid is about your health, as the altitude increases the climbers suffer from altitude sickness before they reached the summit and most were ascending too high, too quickly. Signs of sickness include vomiting, headaches, and difficulty sleeping. Researcher said the best way to acclimatize was to climb slowly and some trekkers to incorporate acclimatization rest days. Severe altitude sickness can lead to serious complication, including shortness of breath at rest and inability to walk. The average number of death recorded according to research is 3 to 5 annually.

    Best time for climbing.
    The best time to climb Mount Kilimanjaro is during dry season or time with little downpour. June to September and November to February are the best season for trekking Kilimanjaro.
    Trekking cost and itineraries.
    The cost for climbing Mount Kilimanjaro is relative cheaper than you can think. The price differs depending with the route chosen, number of days preferred, state of budget ( if you planned budgetary or luxury) and dollar fluctuation because our currency (Tanzania shilling) is highly determined/influenced by a dollar.
    Package Excludes :
    • The price above do not includes the following.
    • Tips for the screw
    • Personal expenses
    • Hiring of the hiking equipment

  • Package Terms & Conditions :

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