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On The footsteps of the Holy family Package

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    Description :
    On The Footsteps Of The Holy Family (Sites Of Rest Of The Holy Family):
    The Tree Of The Virgin Mary, St. Mary Church And Miraculously Water Spring In Mostord Area, St. Mary Church In Maadi Area, Old Cairo, Abu Serga Church And The Holy Family Cave, The Coptic Art Museum.
    Arrive To The Site Of Ancient Town Of Lunw (Pharaonic) Or Heliopolis (Greek) Or Ain Shams (Arabic) The Ra Center Of Learning. The Site Shows The Obelisk Of Senusert 1 (12Th Dynasty). Nearby Is The Tree Of The Virgin Mary And The Water Well, The Site Where The Holy Family Is Supposed To Have Rest During Their Escape From Herodotus.
    Visit The Church Of St. Mary In Mostorod Area, As The Holy Family Reached A Wilderness Is Called Mostorod And Rested In A Shadow Place After The Fatigue Of Travel Under A Tree There And Founded A Stems Water, Virgin Mary Cleaned Their Clothes And Washed Her Son. The Current Church Built On The Same Place, Launch Dates And Dedication For The Year 1185 Of The Birth Of Christ, Which Goes Back To The Second Century. The Spot Itself Is One Of The Stations Of The Holy Family, Passed Out On The Way.
    Christ Emission A Glory Spring Water, Still Exists To This Day, A Spring Is Miraculously, Because Of The Healing Obtaining For Whom Take A Bath Or Drink From It.
    Visit St. Mary Church In Maadi On Nile River Which Is Another Site Of Rest Of The Holy Family And Visit The Steps Which Leads To The Nile River Which Used By The Holy Family To Take A Boat , See As Well The Antique Bible Which Was Found Open On The Surface Of The Nile On The Page Says "Bless My People In Egypt", Followed By Lunch In The Church On The Nile River.
    Visit The Ancient Churches, In Old Cairo Which Was Built By The Romans When They Constructed The Fortress Known As “babylon”. Wander Through The Oldest Alleys In Cairo And Visit The Hanging Church Of St. Mary And Abu Sarga Church Dating Back As Early As The Fourth Century As The Holy Family Founded A Cave In Old Cairo And Stayed In It- The Length Of This Cave Is 20 Feet And 15 Feet Width With Only 02 Entrances The Cave Is 21 Feet Down From The Surface Of The Church - The Floor Of The Church Itself Down From The Surface Of The Ground Outside (The Street) About 12 Feet, Meaning That The Cave Fall Below The Level Of The Surface Of The Ground / Street About 34 Feet. This Cave Exist Tell Now And A Church Was Built Above It With The Name Of Abu Serga Church. Next To The Cave And Inside The Structure An Old Water Well. This Cave Is Considered The Holiest Sites Of Christianity In Egypt Because The Whole Holy Family Stayed In It.
    There Is As Well An Antique Picture (Icon) Back To The Ninth Century Ad Approx. Representing The Arrival Of Jesus Christ, The Virgin Mary, Joseph And Salome To The Land Of Egypt .The Idols Was Shattered And Could Not Stay In Babylon, Egypt, The Holy Family Stayed For Just Few Days Not More Than A Week And Ran Away As Demons And Shattered Idols Thrilled Priests And Went To The Governor Wanted To Kill This Boy, The Lord Jesus Said To His Mother: "It Will Be Here A Church In Good Name And Will Be The Spot For Visitors And The Port Of Salvation" .. This Church Is Still The Port Of Salvation And Distention For Tourist And The World To Visit The Christian Copts In Egypt.
    Visit The Historical Synagogue Of Ben Ezra And The Coptic Museum, Founded In 1908, Which Contains The World’s Richest Collection Of Coptic Art And Treasures.
    Duration - Approximately 08 Hours, From 08:00 Am To 04:00 Pm.
    Including - Guiding, All Necessary Permissions, Entrance Fees, Lunch And Air Conditioned Transportation.
    Package Excludes :
    • Drinks - Tips.

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