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Therapeutic Tourism Programs in Siwa Oasis Package

Package Duration
3 Days / 2 Nights
Destination Covered

  • Other Benefits (On Arrival)
    Description :
    Therapeutic Tourism Programs In Siwa Oasis: 03Days /02 Nights
    Rheumatoid ,Rheumatism, General Weakness, Treat Some Cases Of Infertility And Hepatic C Virus.
    Siwa Oasis, Gabal Dakrour (Mount Dakrour) And Hamamat Cleopatra (Cleopatra'S Bath) Are The Most Important Sites For Therapeutic Tourism.
    Siwa Oasis Enjoys Numerous Properties That Place It At The Top Of The List Of These Sites Recommended For Therapeutic Tourism. It Is Distinguished By A Calm, Clear Environment And Mild Temperature. By Boiling The Deep Subterranean Pollution Free Mineral Water A Treatment Is Available For Treating Renal Stones.
    Gabal Al Dakrour Is Important For The Tourists To Siwa In Treating Rheumatism , Romateod And General Weakness By Burying The Patient In Hot Sands Surrounding The Mountain.
    Sand Burial Is Another Therapeutic Practice That Is Special To Siwa But This Treatment Is Effective Only In The Sweltering Heat, So It Begins In Mid- May.
    Sand Bath "Almrdam",
    The Use Of Warm Sand Containing Radioactive Elements In The Treatment Of Some Chronic Diseases Of The Most Popular Methods Used For Physiotherapy In Siwa, Known As Environmental Therapy.
    Siwa People Have Discovered Since For Quite Some Time The Effectiveness And Impact Of Sand Baths In The Treatment Of Rheumatic Diseases Such As Romateod And Treat Some Cases Of Infertility And Hepatic C Virus.
    The Siwa People Now Create So-Called "Almrdam" To Be Treated "Almrdam" Patients In It, And It Would Require A Number Of Tools Are: Tools For Drilling: To Dig Almrdam In The Sand (Shovel, For Example) Blankets Towels - Tents Disobedience: Used As Pegs Assigned Them Blankets To Work Umbrella Above The Patient'S Head And Means For Sacked To “almrdam” Area Middle Of The Desert As Well As A Number Of Other Requirements Such As Oils And Beverages And Meat To Be Addressed By The Patient During The Treatment Period And That Is Limited To The Fenugreek Tea And Anise Tea.
    Important : You Have To Note That This Type Of Treatment Is Not Suitable For Patients With Heart Disease, And Those Who Suffer Recent Fractures, As Treatment With Sand Open Fractures, Must Be Two Years After The Fracture To The Patient Can Exercise Therapy That Way.
    The Patient Go To “almrdam”, Treatment And Steps:
    Treatment Begin That, Patient Goes To Almrdam By Car Where Slept There Inside The Hole Allocated To It After The Disarmament Of All His Clothes, Then Backfill It Inside The Hole Until Covered With Sand In Full, And For A Period Ranging From Ten Minutes To Twenty Minutes.
    After The Patient Out Of The Hole, Wrapped In A Blanket, And Slept Inside The Tent For A Period Determined By Its Ability To Afford To Stay In The Temperature Inside The Tent, There Are Those Who Can Stay Inside The Tent For Half An Hour And There Sits An Hour, And So On.
    The Patient As Soon As He Entered The Tent Drink Fenugreek Tea To Heat The Body And Lighten The Skin Pores, Followed By A Drink Anise Tea And To Be Drink At Intervals, To Overcome The Intense Heat And Dry Throat, "It Should Be Noted That Drinking Water Is Forbidden Inside The Tent”.
    Following That Phase, Patient Goes Out Of The Tent, And Returns To The Hotel Room, Which Will Stay During The Treatment Period - Without Exposure To Any Source Of Air, As The Patient’s Room Must Not Have Any Source Of Air From Fans Or Air Conditioning Or Any Port Of Open Air. The Patient Drink Water With Lemon To Soothe The Hottest Body, Then The Patient Can Eat Meat Or Chicken Soup Must Be Fat Soup, Lemon Can Be Added To The Soup.
    The Patient Rest Until The Evening, And Can Change His Clothes Without Exposing Himself To Water, Then Having Dinner Which Is About Chickens Or Ducks Or Meat, With Rice And Soup.
    The Patient Can Eat At Breakfast Beans, Falafel And Yogurt.
    The Patient Remain So For Three Days, Since That Period Is The Minimum Period Of One Bath; Length Of The Growing Or Short Duration Of The Bathroom Due To The Condition Of The Patient Himself And The Extent Of Progress In Treatment.
    Wrap A Patient With A Blanket The First Period Spent By The Patient Is The First Three Days, And If Found Progress, Can Be Increased In The Duration Of Treatment 02 Days, Then Other 02 Days, To Bring The Total To Nine Consecutive Days, But If The Patient In Need Of More Days For Treatment Must Have A Rest Day After Nine Days, As The Sand Perish Body, And Continue After That Trip Therapy By Sand Bathes Again If Needed So.
    After Finishing The Sand Bath Pores Body Is Closed Through Rubbed Some Kind Of Olive Oil And Vinegar, And A Small Percentage Of Salt And Lemon And Alcohol, With No Exposed Body Of Water For At Least Three Days, Then Be Taken Bath Water For A Very Short Period. After The Bath Patient Can Eat Hot Soup.
    Eating & Drinking Instructions For Treatment By Sand Baths.
    Breakfast Before Eleven O'Clock In The Morning.
    To Refrain From Eating After Breakfast Until The Entry Of Almrdam.
    Avoid To Exposure To Any Source Of Air During Going And Returning From Almrdam.
    Do Not Use Ice Cold Water And Cold Drinks In The Days Of Filling.
    Must Wear Heavy Clothing When Out Of The Room For Any Purpose.
    Not To Eat Watermelon In The Days Of Filling Because Of The Moisture In It.
    No Bathing In The Days Of Filling.
    No Taking Of Medications And Chemical Drugs.

    Instructions After Filling
    Not To Expose To Any Air Stream Such As "Air - Fans - Conditioning - A Car."
    No Bathing With Water Three Days After The Reclamation.
    Warm Clothes Is Recommended After Filling (Even In Summer).
    50 Euro Per Person / Per Day.
    Package Excludes :
    • Other Extras, Optional Excursions And Tips.

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