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Luxury Private Tours Egypt, Travel to Jordan and Explore Israel. holy Land Tour, or Pilgrimage Tour. enjoy Our Luxury Private Tours Packages to Egypt. Our Team Will Custom Your Tour. spend 4 Nights Exploring Egypt’s Fascinating Ancient Sites Aboard a Luxury Nile Cruise with all Meals Included. Daily Off Shore Excursions Included, all Guided By Private Egyptologist Tour Guide. in Cairo Private Enjoy 3 Nights Stay At 5* Le Meridien Cairo Pyramids Resort and Spa with Daily Breakfast, Visits to Grand Pyramids and Memphis-sakkara are Included all Guided By Private Tour Guide. enjoy a 2 Nights Stay in Jordan with 4* Accommodation, Including Private Guided Visits to the Ancient City of Jerash, the World Famous Rock Carved City of Petra, and the Mesmerizing Desert Landscapes of Wadi Rum. Finish Your Tour At Mount Nebo, Gaze in the Distance Upon the Promised Land also Visit the St. George’s Basilica in Madaba, Home to the 6th Century Mosaic Map. stay 2 Nights in Jerusalem and Enjoy Private Guided Tour to all the Most Important Ancient Biblical Sites of Jerusalem , Bethlehem, and Jericho. Stroll Along the Ancient Streets of this Vibrant City Admiring the Beautiful Architecture, Colorful Outdoor Markets and Bustling Restaurants. Accommodations are 4* and all Sightseeing Escorted By An Expert Local Guide. no Minimum Passengers Required, 100% Guaranteed Departures.individuals and Small Groups. all Our Itineraries are Fully Customized with Flexible Departure Dates.

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Day wise Itinerary

  • Day 1 :

    Board your international flight to Cairo from any major city in Canada or the USA.

  • Day 2 :

    Welcome to Cairo, Capital of Egypt. First Thing is to Purchase Your Tourist Visa, You are Required to Fill a Form and Pay a Fee of $25 Usd Cash per Person. After Clearing Customs and Immigration Our Representative Will Meet You and Transfer You to Your Hotel. Your Package Includes the 5* Le Meridien Pyramids Hotel & Spa with a Great Location Close to the Grand Pyramids.
    Overnight in Cairo.
    Accommodation: Le Meridien Pyramids Hotel & Spa
    upgrade At An Extra Cost To: Mena House Hotel
    meals Included Today: No Meals.
    Activities: Rest of the Day At Leisure.

  • Day 3 :

    After Breakfast Start Your Private Guided Tour in Egypt By:
    the Great Pyramids of the Giza Plateau, Located 10 Miles South of Central Cairo Just At the Edge of Metropolitan Cairo. One of the Last Still Standing Wonders of the Ancient World, with Its Three Great Pyramids Khufu,(also Known as Cheops) Over 4,000 Years Old the Oldest and Largest of the Three. Khafre (chepren) the Only One with An Original Stone Cap At the Top and Menkaura (mycerinus) the Smallest. Although Not for Everyone But Entrance to the Pyramids Can Be Arranged At An Extra Cost. At the Foot of the Great Pyramid You Find the Mysterious Sphinx Carved Almost Entirely from One Piece of Limestone One of the Most Photographed Ancient Monuments in the World. Without a Doubt Your Visit to the Great Pyramids of Giza Will Be One of the Most Memorable of Your Trip.
    Continue Your Tour with Your Private Tour Guideto Visit Sakkara Here You Find the Step Pyramid Considered the First and Oldest of all the Ones Built in Egypt. Constructed By King Djoser Designed By the Architect Imhotep Who Was the First to Build Tombs for the Kings.
    Visit to Memphis, Originally a Great City with Many Exceptional Temples, Founded Around 3,100 Bc, Unfortunately There is No Much Left of the City Today.
    What People Come to Visit Here is the Enormous Statue of Ramesses Ii. The Colossus of Ramesses is About 33.8 Ft Long, the Colossus is Housed in a Small Museum Built Specially for the Colossus.
    Full Day, Guided with a Licensed Egyptologist. Lunch Included.
    Overnight in Cairo.
    Accommodation: Le Meridien Pyramids Hotel & Spa
    meals Included Today: Breakfast At Your Hotel, Lunch During Your Sightseeing Tour.
    Activities Included Today: Visit to the Grand Pyramids and Memphis-sakkara.

  • Day 4 :

    This Morning a G T Rep Will Transfer and Assist You to Board Your Flight to Luxor, Upon Arrival Transfer to Your River Cruise, M/s Amwaj Nile River Cruise Lines Includes all Meals, and Daily Off Shore Excursions. Drinks are Not Included, Bottled Water, Coffee, Tea and all other Beverages are Only Available At An Extra Cost. Please have Cash Available for Incidentals and Not Included Extras, as Credit Cards are Not Always Accepted On Board, Usd or Euros are the Preferred Currency.
    all Our Shore Excursions are Guided By a Licensed English Speaking Egyptologist.
    Today You Will Visit:
    karnak Temple: On the East Bank the Largest Temple Complex in Egypt Built Over a Period of 1300 Years to Honor the God Amun of Thebes His Wife Mut and Sons Khons. An Impressive Complex of Over 25 Temples Full of Sanctuaries, Big Columns, and Obelisks, At Least Thirty Pharaohs are Represented Here Over a Period of Time. One of the Highlights is the Hypostyle Hall with 134 Enormous Pillars, for Sure An Awe Inspiring Place.
    Stroll or Ride in a Horse Drawn Carriage Down the Avenue of Sphinxes, Two Miles Once Lined with Hundreds of Sphinxes, Much as the Ancient Egyptians Did to Complete Their Pilgrimage to the Luxor Temple, During the Festival of Opet, this Festival Was to Reunite God Amun with His Wife Mut, Since Their Statues Were Kept Separate.
    Luxor Temple: a Magnificent Example of Egyptian Temple Architecture, Along with Karnak Was One of the Most Sacred and Important Temples of Ancient Thebes (now Luxor City). Built Parallel to the River Nile Dedicated to Amun Ra King of Gods, and His Wife Mut (goddess of War), At Luxor You Find Colossal Statues of Rameses, and Big 24 Meters Carved Pylons. One of the Two Obelisks that Once Stood At the Entrance of Luxor Temple Still Remains, the other Was Removed and Transported to France in 1874 and Now Sits At the Place De La Concorde in Paris. Another Site Worth Mentioning is the Mosque of Abu El Hagag Which Was Built On Top of the Buried Ruins of Luxor Temple, After the Temple Was Uncovered the Mosque Was Preserved and is Still a Place of Worship Until Today.
    Overnight Aboard in Luxor.
    Accommodation: M/s Amwaj Nile River Cruise.
    Upgrade At An Extra Cost To: Sonesta Saint George Nile Cruise.
    Meals Included Today: Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner.
    Activities Included Today: Guided Tour of Karnak Temple, Guided Tour Luxor Temple Complex.

  • Day 5 :

    Breakfast on board then you start your tour to the West Bank to see the Necropolis for pharaohs and nobles, the Valley of the Kings most well known for being the place where Tutankhamen’s Tomb was found, Tutankhamen’s treasures now in Cairo’s Egyptian Museum. The Valley of the Kings is a World Heritage site, many of the tombs are closed to the public and your guide will direct you to the ones that are open. Use of video equipment is forbidden. A very important site in Egyptian History since the most important Pharaohs in Egypt were buried here.
    Queen of Hatshepsut Temple: Dedicated to the first female Pharaoh, set at the head of the valley, the temple is the best example of Egyptian classical style architecture. Built to express the grandeur of the Pharaoh as well as honoring the gods that she would need in the afterlife, after dead all her statues were defaced by her son Tuthmosis III.
    Colossi of Memnon: All that remains of the largest and most opulent mortuary Temple of Amenhotep. Although badly damaged the massive stone statues 75 feet in height in the image of Pharaoh Amenhotep III are still quite impressive. The colossi have stood guard for more than 3400 years on the West Bank.
    Overnight on board while sailing to Edfu.
    Accommodation: M/S Amwaj Nile River Cruise.
    Meals included today: Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner.
    Activities included today: Private guided tour to the Valley of the Kings, Queen Hatshepsut Temple, The Colossi of Memnon.

  • Day 6 :

    Breakfast on board, today enjoy visits to:
    Temple of Edfu, built in the Greco Roma Era is the most well preserved and complete Egyptian temple, built to honor Horus the falcon headed god. The walls are lined with inscriptions and hieroglyphics depicting the age old struggle between Horus and Seth, This impressive example of the Ptolemaic architecture is said to have taken 180 years to complete.
    Overlooking the Nile you find the Temple of Kom Ombo in the town of the same name located 45 km north of Aswan. Built to honor the crocodile and Falcon Gods Sobek and Horus, dating from 180 BC it has beautifully carved columns some of them still keep their original brilliant colors.
    Sail to Aswan. Overnight in Aswan.
    Accommodation: M/S Amwaj Nile River Cruise.
    Meals included today: Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner.
    Activities included today: Private guided Tour Edfu Temple, private Guided Tour Komombo Temple.

  • Day 7 :

    Breakfast On Board, Enjoy Visits To:
    the High Dam: Bordering Egypt and Sudan, is the World’s Largest Dam, Its Construction Finished in 1970, and It Changed the Life of Egyptian People Providing Flood Protection, Irrigation, and Electricity to Egypt. One of the Most Talked About Facts is the Enormous Task of Relocating Many Ancient Monuments Along the Banks of the Nile, this Was Only Possible By Using Very Advanced Engineering and the Cooperation of Many Countries.
    When the Dam Was Built It Created the World’s Largest Manmade Lake: Lake Nasser, Which is a Beautiful and Pristine Region It Can Be Explored By a Separate River Cruise that Sails Between Aswan and Abu Simbel.
    Granite Quarries with Unfinished Obelisk: Most of the Red Granite Used to Built Egypt’s Temples and Tombs Came from These Quarries. Here Lies the Unfinished Obelisk Still Attached to the Bedrock. Abandoned When a Crack Appeared While Working On It. It’s Weight is Calculated At 110 Tons and Would have Been the World’s Largest Piece of Solid Stone Ever Carved.
    Temple of Philae: Located On the Island of Agilkia, is the Beautiful Temple of Philae, Dating from 380 Bc. Erected to Honor the Goddess Isis. This is Not Its Original Location, this Temple Was Relocated from the Holy Island of Philae in the Middle of Lake Nasser.
    In 1960 Many of the Buildings and Monuments Were Painstakingly Moved from Philae Which Was Continually Flooded and Eventually Submerged in Lake Nasser, the Rescue Operation Took Many Years and the Cooperation of An International Group of Engineers and Archeologists.
    Overnight in Aswan.
    Accommodation: M/s Amwaj Nile River Cruise.
    Meals Included Today: Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner.
    Activities Included Today: Guided Tour Visiting Aswan’s High Dam, Unfinished Obelisk, Visit Temple of Philae.

  • Day 8 :

    Enjoy a Morning of Leisure in Aswan On Board Your Cruise Ship, or Add An Optional Tour to Your Itinerary. We Suggest a Tour to Abu Simbel; a Three Hour Drive from Aswan. It is One of the Most Well-known Sites in Egypt After the Grand Pyramids and the Sphinx.

    abu Simbel: On the West Bank of the Nile At the Shores of Lake Nasser. Abu Simbel Was One of the Temples Moved from Its Original Sacred Place to Save It from Flooding, a Project Considered One of the Greatest Achievements in Modern Engineering. Fully Guided By a Licensed Egyptologist, Includes Boxed Breakfast.

    disembark. Our Representative Will Transfer You and Assist You with Your Flight Back to Cairo. Upon Arrival Transfer to Your Cairo Hotel Assisted By Our Representative.
    Overnight in Cairo.
    Accommodation: Le Meridien Pyramids Hotel & Spa.
    Meals Included Today: Breakfast.
    Activities Included Today: Morning At Leisure. Domestic Flight Transfer to Cairo.

  • Day 9 :

    This morning our representative will transfer you to Cairo airport to board your flight to Amman. Upon arrival proceed to purchase your tourist visa at a cost of 40 Jordanian Dinars, please note visa fees must be paid only with local currency , there is a bank next to immigration desk to exchange money.
    After our representative will transfer to your Hotel, later drive approximately an hour to the City of Jerash, one of the most visited tourist destinations second only to Petra. The ancient city of Jerash has been inhabited for more than 6,500 years, coming under Roman rule in 63BC. It is known to be one of the best-preserved Cities of the Roman Empire in the world, it was hidden for hundreds of years before being recently re-discovered. It features a beautiful blend of Roman and Middle Eastern architectures. The Old and new Jerash are located beside each other, separated only by a wall. Explore the ruins of the old City, the original temples, theaters and plazas have been carefully preserved within the remaining city walls. Some of the must see sites are the hippodrome, a partially restored Roman-era stadium, the Temple of Artemis, which was dedicated to the patron goddess of the city, the Oval Plaza, Jerash’s colonnaded street and the Jerash Archeological Museum, which houses antiquities found during the excavation of the ancient city.
    Continue with a scenic short drive through the beautiful valleys of northern Jordan to Ajlun. Visit Ajlun Castle, located on the top of a mountain, Ajlun Castle is a good example of Arab military architecture. Wander through the Castle’s maze of corridors and floors, from the top of the castle you can get a beautiful view of the country side and the surrounding valley.
    Return to Amman for Overnight.
    Accommodation: Amman Cham Palace Hotel.
    Upgrade at an extra cost to: Grand Millenium Amman.
    Meals included today: Breakfast and Dinner.
    Activities included today: Jerash City Tour and visit to Ajlun Castle.

  • Day 10 :

    After breakfast drive to Mt. Nebo (Siyagha), this mountain is a holy site and a memorial to the Prophet Moses. Mt. Nebo is where Moses is said to have seen the promised land.
    Enjoy views of the Jordan Valley, get a glimpse of Judah and Jericho on a clear day you can also see the dead sea. At the top of the mountain there is also a Franciscan Monastery and a Church that has a beautiful display of Byzantine mosaics on the floor.
    Continue your tour, drive approximately one hour for a visit to St. George’s Greek Orthodox Basilica in Madaba, home to the oldest preserved and most detailed ancient map of the lands extending east and west of the River Jordan from Lebanon to Egypt, from the desert to the Mediterranean.
    This large Mosaic Map dates back to the 6th. Century and it details the Holy Land and Jerusalem. It was only discovered in 1894 and now is one of the most important treasures of Jordan.
    Then Drive to Wadi Rum, the Valley of the Moon. Feel the romance and adventure of the Arabian Desert. Wadi Rum was the headquarter of Lawrence of Arabia during World War I in the fight against the Turkish Ottoman Empire. It was also the film set of the famous movie Lawrence of Arabia. Enjoy two hour tour in 4X4 Jeep exploring this magical moonscape desert region be amazed at the spectacular landscapes of towering cliffs and canyons.
    Next You will be treated for a traditional Bedouin lunch at Wadi Rum. Continue your drive to Petra for Overnight.
    Accommodation: Petra Panorama Hotel.
    Upgrade at an extra cost to: Petra Marriott Hotel.
    Meals included today: Breakfast traditional Bedouin lunch at Wadi Rum and dinner at your Hotel.
    Activities included today: Visit Mt. Nebo, Visit Madaba Basilica, Jeep Tour at Wadi Rum with traditional lunch.

  • Day 11 :

    After Breakfast At Your Hotel Drive to Petra for a Tour of this Famous Ancient Site.
    Petra: the “pink City” is the Top Tourist Destination in Jordan and is a Unesco World Heritage Site Found Between the Red Sea and the Dead Sea. Petra is Unique in that the City Was Carved Out of a Massive Rock Face More Than 2,000 Years Ago. It Was Once the Gateway to the East and Was a Major Trade Route, Camels and Caravans Full of Goods Making Their Way Through the Beautiful Ancient Landscape. Nowadays Earthquakes have Destroyed Most of the Ancient Houses, But Over 500 Stone Tombs Carved Into the Rock are Still Standing in Excellent Condition.
    Enter Through the Famous Siq, An Impressive Long Winding Opening Between the Walls of Two Overhanging Cliffs, You Could Hire a Horse Drawn Carriage to Take You Throughout the City. Although You Find Many Structures the Most Impressive Are, the Treasury, the Amphitheater and the Ad-deir Monastery Looking Over the Valley and Accessible By a Flight of 800 Stairs Cut from the Rock.
    After Your Tour of Petra, Drive to Allenby Bridge to Cross in to Israel. A Fee of $15 Usd Must Be Paid Locally Upon Leaving (paid in Jordanian Dinars). Board a Shuttle Bus and Cross in to Israel Where You Will Be Met By Our Representative.
    Transfer to Your Hotel. Rest of the Day At Leisure.
    Overnight in Jerusalem
    accommodation: 4* Holy Land Hotel Jerusalem.
    Upgrade At An Extra Cost To: St. George Landmark Hotel Jerusalem.
    Meals Included Today: Breakfast and Dinner.
    Activities Included Today: Tour the Famous Ancient City of Petra. Travel to Israel.

  • Day 12 :

    After Breakfast, the Day Will Be Spent Visiting Holy Jerusalem, At the Crossroads of Different Civilizations Where You Will Come Across Remains of Ancient Mosaics and Treasures from the Roman and Byzantine Period, the Crusaders and the Ottoman Empire to Name But a Few. In the Old City You Will Encounter Oriental Charm and Be Plunged Into the Souk’s Colorful Alleys Which Take You to the Meeting Places of the Three Major Monotheistic Religions.
    Mount Zion, a Holy Site Shared By People of Jewish, Christian and Muslim Faiths, the Temple Mount is the Highest Point of the Ancient City of Jerusalem. Here You Visit: the Tomb of King David, the Room of the Last Supper and Dormition Abbey the Monastery Built in Memory of Virgin Mary.
    Continue for a Walking Tour of the Old City By Visiting:
    the Byzantine Cardo: Located in the Old City of Jerusalem Within the Jewish Quarter, Popular Shopping Area for Art and Special Goods. The Cardo Was Jerusalem’s Main Street in Roman and Zantine Times, You Can Find It Outlined On the Famous Madaba Map Kept in Jordan.
    Via Dolorosa: “the Way of Grief”, in Latin. Via Dolorosa is Located in the Old City of Jerusalem and is a Path Where Jesus Was Lead in Stifling Pain Carrying the Cross of Crucifixion. Fourteen Stations are Placed Along this Path, Based On Events Which Happened On the Way to the Golgotha Hill, the Site of Crucifixion.
    Church of the Holy Sepulcher: Known as the Place as Both the Crucifixion and the Tomb of Jesus of Nazareth. The Church Has Traditionally Been a Major Pilgrimage Center for Christians all Around the World.
    Wailing Wall: also Known as the Western Wall is the Most Visited and Sacred Place for the Jewish Faith, is all that Remains of the Four Walls Built By Herod the Great to Support the Temple of Jerusalem.
    Tour Fully Guided By An Expert English Speaking Guide.
    Overnight At the Hotel in Jerusalem
    accommodation: 4* Holy Land Hotel Jerusalem.
    Meals Included Today: Breakfast and Dinner.
    Activities Included Today: Spend the Day Visiting the Most Well Known Sites in Jerusalem Accompanied By An Expert Guide.

  • Day 13 :

    After Breakfast At the Hotel Your Guide Will Take to Visit Mount of Olives Where You Can Get Fantastic Views of Central Jerusalem.
    Mount of Olives: Mentioned in the New Testament as the Place for Jesus Teachings, It is Said the Hills Were Once Covered with Olive Groves. From Here You Get Great Panoramic Views of the Old City of Jerusalem.
    Located in Mount of Olives is the Church of the Ascension is Believed On this Sacred Site the Ascension of Jesus Christ in to Heaven Happened. At the Base of Mount of Olives is a Crusaders Church that Marks the Tomb of Virgin Mary.
    Visit the Garden of Gethsemane: Walk amongst the Ancient Olive Trees of this Garden, Believed to Be the Place that Jesus and His Disciples Came to After the Last Supper. Next to the Garden is the Church of all Nations also Known as the Basilica of the Agony Here is Where Jesus Prayed Before His Arrest.
    You Can also Visit the The Franciscan Chapel of Dominus Flevit, Located On the Upper Slope of Mount of Olives from Here You Can Get Beautiful Views of the Temple Mount. There is also a Visit to the Church of the Pater Noster Where Jesus Taught His Disciples.
    Continue On to Bethlehem Where It all Began, Visit:
    the Byzantine Church of the Nativity: One of the Oldest Surviving Christian Churches, the Church Built Over the Assumed Birthplace of Jesus of Nazareth.
    On the Floor Beneath the Altar the Exact Spot Where Jesus of Nazareth Was Born is Marked By a Fourteen-point Silver Star.
    The Grotto of the Nativity: One Can See the Star that Signals the Place of Jesus Birth, the Manger and the Altar Dedicated to the Three Wise Men.
    Chapel of St. Jerome. Descend to the Grotto Where St. Jerome Translated the Hebrew Bible in to Latin, the Church is Dedicated to St. Catherine.
    Milk Grotto: the Milk Grotto, or “the Grotto of the Lady Mary”, is a Quaint Grotto with a Small Chapel Built Above It. It is Traditionally Believed that During the Slaughter of the Innocents, the Holy Family Took Refuge in this Particular Grotto Before Their Escape Into Egypt.
    Proceed to Jericho Look At the Remarkable Landscape of the Judean Desert Learn the History of this Ancient City, the Oldest City in the World. See the Old Sycamore Tree that Many Believe Zacheus Climbed to Spot Jesus. Stop for a View of Mount Temptation (also Known as Mount Quarantine) Hear the Story of How Satan Tried to Tempt Jesus.
    Tour Fully Guided By An Expert English Speaking Guide.
    After Your Tour Drive to Allenby Bridge for Your Border Crossing in to Jordan. Before Leaving Israel You Need to Pay Locally $50 Usd per Person for Border Fees. After Your Crossing Our Representative Will Meet You There and Drive You to Amman.
    In Amman Enjoy a Driving Panoramic Tour of the City with Possibility to Stop and Enjoy Short Walking Through City. Amman is Very Live City that Doesn’t Sleep, Shops are Open Mostly Till Midnight, Later On Drive to Nice Restaurant for Dinner in Amman.

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