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  • Top 20 Places To Visit In South India Before Die

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    Top 20 Places To Visit In South India Before Die

    Facing the Laccadive Sea on its West & Bay of Bengal in East, the southern hemisphere of India is completely magnificent. Who says that North India is the only place thats festooned with tourist attraction? South India is also adorned with several breathtaking attractions that lure travellers from different parts of the country. Different states in South India have their respective charm that attracts the visitors. Whether you want to spend a peaceful holiday amid nature, groove to the latest beats or feast like crazy- theres something for everyone. No one goes unsatisfied from the heaven that South India is. Heres a list of tourist attractions in the South that would bewitch you with their enchanting beauty.

  • Fishing At Bheemeshwari

    Bheemeshwari a frequented tourist destination in South India

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    Bheemeshwari is an alluring settlement in Bangalore. It is a secluded spot with a tranquil ambiance and not less than a haven. Exotic species of birds, animals and avifauna, mesmerizing landscapes, rugged trekking paths and waters gushing at a speed make Bheemeshwari a frequented tourist destination in South India. The Mahseer Fishing camp is the USP of Bheemeshwari. The game of Mahseer fishing is held here at regular intervals.

  • Quad Bike Expeditions In Goa

    Goa is well know place in South India

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    Goa is never to be missed destination in the southern hemisphere of the country. It offers its visitors with the best of delicacies, groovy music, virgin beaches, booze, fantastic restaurants and an unforgettable nightlife. The place is a complete package of fun and relaxation. The thrilling experience of quad biking over the jagged terrains is an activity that should be luxuriated in Goa. Do not forget to gear up and ensure safety.

  • Do Nothing At Gokarna

    Gokarna is one of the amazing places to visit in South India

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    Gokarna is a small settlement entrenched on the shoreline of Arabian Sea. It is blessed with the serene and sandy beaches that face the vast Arabian Sea. If one desires to spend a vacation doing nothing, gear up for Gokarna. Taking a stroll along the shores while listening to the music of waves, basking in the pleasant sun while sipping mock-tails- ah! Thats indeed luxurious and enticing.

  • Camping And White Water River Rafting At Dandeli

    Dandeli is the perfect places for white water River Rafting

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    The next vacation destination is Dandeli. Not only the wildlife sanctuary but, the alluring Dandeli River also gives a call of adventure to the tourists. Dandeli is a beguiling destination for relish the enthralling sport of river rafting. Crossing the waters gushing through serpentine paths is indeed adventurous and limb tiring. To relax, camping under the open sky amid nature is a pristine way to relax the limbs.

  • Elephants, Waterfall Rappelling, Ultra-light Flying & More At Coorg

    Coorg is the perfect hill town destination in South India

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    Coorg is a misty hill town in Bangalore. It is shrouded by the green hills and is one among the popular places frequented in South India. The natural music of nature like waterfalls surging down and birds chirping truly provides an otherworldly pleasure. Coorg is not only the place for regular nature walks but for waterfall rappelling and ultra light flying as well. Do think about Coorg before you plan a trip outside India.

  • The Backwaters At Aalapuzha (Alleppey)

    Alleppey is one of the most popular places to visit in South India

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    Due to its geography, Alleppey is known as 'Venice in India'. The calm and tranquil waters of Alleppey are simply breathtaking. To luxuriate in the backwaters, one can rent the house-boat and can live in it. Also, touring on the surface of gentle waters at night and gazing at the illuminating shores catches the sight. Do not forget to carry your camcorders to capture the picturesque backwaters of Alleppey.

  • Ruins At Hampi

    Hampi is a most visited tourist places in South India

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    Hampi is a place where every individual gets to know about the rich history of the country from the grass root level. Hampi was a part of the Vijaynagar Empire & gloats numerous historical ruins of ancient temples and is a UNESCO world heritage site. The magnificent Virupaksha Temple is the prime attraction in Hampi that dates to the Treta Yuga. So pull up your socks pals, our next destination is Hampi.

  • Enjoy French Architecture At Pondicherry

    Pondicherry is the best place to visit in South India

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    You know why the term French architecture is used? Well, it is pretty simple because Pondicherry was under the French influence for the longest time. The French erected intriguing marvels that are standing till date. One gets to see colorful grandeurs, houses and even French architecture churches. And yes, do not forget the virgin beaches and saline waters of Pondicherry. Visiting Pondicherry, ah, it is once in a life-time experience.

  • Scrumptious Seafood delicacies On A Cliff By The Beach At Varkala, Kerala

    Kerala is a delightful place to spend a holiday in South India

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    Strolling along the shoreline of Arabian Sea with cool breeze kissing your cheeks, Gods Own Country Kerala is a delightful place to spend a holiday in South India. It is loaded with natural beauty and landscapes. The whole world seems alluring when you grub the seafood delicacies and sip the wine while sitting near the bonfire. Thats truly mesmerizing. Oh yes, dont forget to visit the Janardhanaswamy Temple. It illuminates beautifully after the evening prayers.

  • Roam Amidst The Tea Gardens In Munnar

    Munnar is one of the romantic hill stations in South India

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    Rhetorically, Munnar is one of the romantic hill stations in South India. You know that youve entered into the boundaries of Munnar when the fresh fragrance of virgin tea leaves mingles with the nostrils. This particular area of Munnar is covered with emerald green tea plantation that is an alluring tourist spot. The visitors frequent this place whenever they come to see Munnar. Apart from the tea gardens, one can also visit the woods, waterfalls and lakes nearby.

  • Gawk At The Magnificent Peaks At Yercaud, Tamil Nadu

    Tamil Nadu is one of the most popular places to visit in South India

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    The astonishing land of Yercaud stands on 7 hills. This marvel of nature perches in Tamil Nadu and draws hundreds of tourists. Situated away from the noises of city, Yercaud sprawls over vast acres of uneven land. This spot is one among the lesser known serene spots in South India. One can head towards to gaze at the beauty of nearby waterfalls, coffee plantations and historical caves.

  • Enjoy The Light Sprays Of Water At Jog Waterfalls, Karnataka

    Karnataka is one of the popular places to visit in South India

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    The Jog falls is a splendid waterfall shrouded amidst green nature. The 2nd highest waterfall in India gushes down through the rocks directly into a vast pool. The white waters pouring down is a soul soothing sight. The tourists from different direction of the country come and visit the magnificent Jog Falls in Karnataka. This waterfall becomes wider during the monsoon season and looks even beautiful.

  • Mingle With The Elephants In Gavi, Kerala

    Kerala is the perfect places to spend a holiday in South India

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    Gavi is a tropical dense reserve in Kerala. The green canopies of the reserve are easily visible when seen from the nearby hills. This forest reserve is the habitat of elephants including tahr, leopard, macaque and pied hornbill can be spotted here. Trekking can be enjoyed in Gavi and when your limbs become tired then camping amid nature is the best option. Daily safaris are also conducted for the tourists.

  • The Caves At Siddara Betta, Karnataka

    Karnataka is one the beautiful places to visit in South India

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    If you ardently love trekking then Siddara Betta is the haven for you. A pilgrim plus trekking destination in Karnataka, Siddara Betta is a serene place located away from the hustle and bustle of the city. This place holds a religious importance because the sages arrive at Siddara caves for meditating. The locals have spotted many sages that meditate for a longer time inside these caves.

  • Party In Bangalore

    Bangalore is one of the most popular place in South India

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    It is time to kill the stereotype. Bangalore is seen as the place where the genius minds are found but, dear friend, it is the place where one can experience the wildest parties as well. The I.T hub of India is also popular for boasting a vast number of EDM parties. Bangalore is dotted with numerous places where one can groove to the beats of music. It seems the genius minds are making an appropriate use of technology.

  • Nagarhole Wildlife Sanctuary

    Nagarhole Wildlife Sanctuary is one of the most popular places to visit in South India

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    Sharing its boundaries with Bandipur National Park, Nagarhole Wildlife Sanctuary is a natural habitat for various mammalian species like one horned rhino, leopard, tiger, Indian bison, brown bear and over 150 bird species. It has emerged as a popular weekend getaway as it stands next to Bandipur National Park. No charges are taken for entering in the sanctuary however, safari fee is applicable.

  • Food in Mysore

    Mysore is one of the best places for food lovers

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    Mysore is a place where one witnesses an amalgamation of culture and science. It gloats well known historical places like the Mysore Palace and side by side is emerging as another I.T hub in South India. But, dont forget that it the place where you can treat the taste buds. The sumptuous South Indian cuisine can be tasted in a variety in Mysore. Do take a halt here and enjoy a grand feast.

  • Visit The Annual Thrissur Pooram In Kerala

    Kerala is one of the most popular places to visit in South India

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    Thrissur Pooram is a major Hindu festival that is held in Kerala annually. This festival is celebrated in a unique way. The 2 major temples, Paramekkavu and Thirumbavady, compete with each other in order to win or retain the previous championship. Different rounds are held like decorating the headgear of elephants, fireworks and dance performances etc. Thrissur Pooram is the largest gathering in South India and should be visited once in a lifetime.

  • Whoa! Do you ever give a thought that theres so much to explore and enjoy in South India? Right from the virgin beaches to the mesmerizing landscapes, the southern hemisphere of our country is loaded with numerous notable attractions that lure the people in some or the other way. If you have not explored any of these, its the right opportunity to pack your bags and book the tickets to these alluring destinations.

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