Windsurfing in Araucania

Windsurfing in Araucania

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Windsurfing in Araucania, Araucania Overview

Araucania is a part of Chile and provides wide ranging scope for Windsurfing. It is possible to windsurf both in the sea and in lakes, though windsurfing on coastal beaches is highly preferred, where the water has a pleasant temperature. But in the Araucania Region, which occupies the Southern part of Chile, Windsurfing is mainly practiced in lakes and lagoons and is testified by enthusiasts to be particularly good.

Skill Of Windsurfing : The Windsurfing sport originated as a combination of sailing and surfing. The water-sport Windsurfing involves navigating the surface of the water on a small 2 - 4.7 meter board. The Board is driven by wind acting on a single sail that is connected to the board with a flexible joint. Extreme Windsurfing which includes pirouettes, jumps and speeding can be practiced on the basis of your acquired skills and the kind of equipment you have.

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