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Tourist Attraction in Montpellie

  • Place de la Comedie : - Situated between the train station, the historic city center and the Polygone shopping center, this immense, pedestrianized square is the heart and soul of Montpellier. This extensive square is the site of major open-air shows and daily street entertainment.
  • Centre Communautaire Culturel Juif : - This center organizes and publicizes activities in Montpellier which promote a better understanding and appreciation of Jewish culture. These activities are open to all and include conferences, films, poetry readings and meetings with artists.
  • Musee de la Pharmacie : - This museum displays objects from the history of medicine, pharmacy and surgery. One mustn't forget that Montpellier was the first city where the teaching of medicine was established during the middle Ages. Among the many curiosities on display are herbariums, decorated vases from the pharmacies of yesterday and surgical instruments.
  • Jardin des Plantes : - The garden is a peaceful haven from the hustle and bustle of the surrounding metropolis. It contains a wide variety of both indigenous and exotic species, as well as several trees that date back to when the garden was founded. Other features of this beautiful garden include an Orangery, tropical greenhouses, a bamboo garden, rock gardens and even a small duck pond.
Other than these there are various other places in Montpellier where you can visit and spend your time. Some of these are Promenades en Calèche, Château de la Mogère, Château de Flaugergues, Château de Flaugergues, Cathedrale Saint-Pierre, and many more.Best Places to Visit :

    √ Musee Fabre : - On the west side of Montpellier Old Town, stands the Musée Fabre which showcases a picture gallery consisting of works by old Italian and Dutch painters, as well as older and more modern French masters and fine 18th C. sculptures.

    √ Promenade du Peyrou : - Promenade du Peyrou, an elevated park on two levels, dating from the 17th and 18th centuries, offers a splendid view of the Cévennes and the sea. At the intersection of the promenades there is an equestrian statue of Louis XIV, dating back to 1828, while at the western end of the terraces stands a water-tower.

    √ Chateau de Castries : - 7 Km long aqueduct draws water for Château de Castries to the grotto garden. Two pools are also filled by the water. Beyond a terrace that is present before the house, is a pool and still further is woodland.

    √ Fairy Grotto : - Locally known as Grotte des Demoiselles, this spectacular cave is 120 meters long and 52 meters high. It is full of rich decorations and has been called the "Subterranean Cathedral." There are numerous limestone rocks in exquisite shapes and colorful stalagmites, stalactites, draperies and cascades as well.

There are various other tourist attractions as well which are equally appealing. Some of them include Antigone, Arc de Triomphe, Cathédrale de St Pierre, Corum, Jardin des Plantes, Le Caylar - Labiel Cave, Maguelone and many more.

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