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  • Cargese Beach in Bareges#1
    Cargese Beach

    Are you planning a holiday to some small peaceful island where you can rejuvenate, away from the hustle-bustle of the city life? Then visit Cargese, a...


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  • Aiguille Verte in Bareges#2
    Aiguille Verte

    Aiguille Verte, meaning Green Needle, is a an elegant, slender peak contrasting magnificently with its neighboring peaks, the bulky ice mass of Mont B...


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  • Mont Guillaume in Bareges#3
    Mont Guillaume

    The Mont Guillaume is not the highest of the southern range in Parc National des Ecrins, but with the height of 2542 meters it's the first mountain no...


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  • Mont Dore in Bareges#4
    Mont Dore

    Mont Dore is the highest peak in central France The Dordogne river rises near the Mont Dore. The hiking is at about the same elevation as in the White...


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  • Aiguille Sans Nom in Bareges#5
    Aiguille Sans Nom

    An important secondary peak of the Aiguille Verte (4122m) with an impressive North face (from side of Nant Blanc glacier). The summit is rarely climbe...


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  • Aiguille Du Dru in Bareges#6
    Aiguille Du Dru

    Standing against the backdrop of the Aiguille Verte, the summits of Les Drus are the most impressive of all the rock spires visible from Chamonix. The...


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  • Mont Blanc in Bareges#7
    Mont Blanc

    The summit of Mont Blanc is a glistening white dome that fills the sky. It is the highest and hugest summit in the Alps. The elevation difference from...


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  • Bonifacio Beach in Bareges#8
    Bonifacio Beach

    Bonifacio is a small town located at the southern tip of Corsica Island in France. The Island is situated on the Mediterranean Sea and the Strait of B...


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  • Campomoro Beach in Bareges#9
    Campomoro Beach

    Campomoro is located around 17km southwest from the town of Propriano and is a pleasant seaside village. The chief attraction of Campomoro is the 2km ...


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  • Mont Aiguille in Bareges#10
    Mont Aiguille

    Mont Aiguille is a giant rock structure, with vertical walls and a flat top. It is located just 36 miles southwest of the town of Grenoble. It is best...


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  • Skiing in the Pyrenees in Bareges#11
    Skiing in the Pyrenees

    Downhill skiing in the fantastic Bareges-La Mongie ski area (Tourmalet Resort) of the French Pyrenees. Beautiful unspoilt scenery and miles of uncrowd...


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  • Ecrins in Bareges#12

    Ecrins is the highest peak of the Dauphin


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  • Mont Pelat in Bareges#13
    Mont Pelat

    Mont Pelat is in the Mercantour National Park. It has a small rocky summit with good views across to Mont Blanc on a clear day. In early summer there ...


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  • Propriano Beach in Bareges#14
    Propriano Beach

    Propriano is a small port located on Valinco Gulf in the island of Corsica, France. It is just one kilometer away from the Plage de Baracci. The natur...


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  • Mont Mezenc in Bareges#15
    Mont Mezenc

    Mont mezenc is the highest point of the volcanic plateau. From the top, you can see from Mont Ventoux to the Mont Blanc, about 350 km long range. It i...


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  • Mont Maudit in Bareges#16
    Mont Maudit

    Mont Maudit is a high, sharp, ice-clad pinnacle, the halfway point on the long trek to Mont Blanc (15,771 ft.) from Chamonix by the Northeast Ridge. M...


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  • Ajaccio Beach in Bareges#17
    Ajaccio Beach

    Ajaccio is a small town located on the western coast of Corsica Island, i.e. 390 km from Marseille. It is the capital of Corsica, a small island in th...


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  • Dent d'Oche in Bareges#18
    Dent d'Oche

    From the west side it is a steep scramble for the last 200-300 metres with fixed chains. Astonishingly there is a small 'buvette' (caf)


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  • Mesa De Los Tres Reyes in Bareges#19
    Mesa De Los Tres Reyes

    A rocky pyramid placed between France and the spanish provinces of Navarra and Huesca. The easiest route climbs from Linza (Huesca) and does not pose ...


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  • Aiguille Du Chardonnet in Bareges#20
    Aiguille Du Chardonnet

    The Aiguille du Chardonnet is a close neighbour of Mont Blanc on the south east side of the Chamonix valley. Looking south from the neighbouring Aigui...


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  • Mont Thabor in Bareges#21
    Mont Thabor

    The highest mountain of the environment. You can climb it in one day (8 hours to the summit), but is nicer to do it in 2 days (via refuge du Mont Thab...


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  • Mountaineering in the Pyrenees in Bareges#22
    Mountaineering in the Pyrenees

    Pyrenees are a very beautiful range of mountains located in Southwest France and form a natural border between Spain and France. The Pyrenees Mountain...

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  • Grande Casse in Bareges#23
    Grande Casse

    Highest peak in the Vanoise. Route from the Refuge de la Vanoise follows the steep and dangerous Glacier des Grands Couloirs - big holes, falling rock...


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  • Grand Veymont in Bareges#24
    Grand Veymont

    Grand Veymont is the highest peak of Vercors range in Dauphine Alps.The massif is known of a huge plateau situated ca. 1000-1500 metres above sea leve...


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  • Paragliding in Bareges in Bareges#25
    Paragliding in Bareges

    Bareges is a small town in the Hautes-Pyrnes region of south-western France. The town offers scenic views of the surrounding mountains and has various...


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  • Canyoning and Mountain Adventure in Bareges#26
    Canyoning and Mountain Adventure

    Bareges is a picturesque town in the Hautes-Pyrenees district of south-western France. The town offers beautiful views of the neighbouring mountains a...

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  • Grand Ballon in Bareges#27
    Grand Ballon

    Highest mountain in the Vosges. As its same suggests, it's pretty round. From the top, you can see the small Ballon, Ballon d'Alsace and the Storkekop...


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  • Mont Pourri in Bareges#28
    Mont Pourri

    A peak offering a variety of snow/ice routes of varying difficulty, from French grades PD+ to D. The normal route is a varied and beautiful climb up t...


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  • Compostela Trail - Pyrenees in Bareges#29
    Compostela Trail - Pyrenees

    In the foothills of the Pyrenees in medieval times, the locals were well organised in greeting the pilgrims who had made the dangerous crossing from F...


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  • Grande Ruine in Bareges#30
    Grande Ruine

    One of the easiest peaks of this part of the French Alps. Provides marvelous views of the two major peaks of the Haut Dauphine (Barre des Ecrins and M...


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  • Aiguille De La Grande Sassiere in Bareges#31
    Aiguille De La Grande Sassiere

    Important and imposing mountain, it is the highest summit along the border ridge that goes from the sea to Colle della Seigne. Highest mountain of the...


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  • Meije in Bareges#32

    The Meije comprises towering spires of rock which demand mountaineering experience to safely climb it. Climbing the summit and then traversing the rid...


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  • Gavarnie Falls in Bareges#33
    Gavarnie Falls

    The Gavarnie Falls, also known as Grande Cascade de Gavarnie, is a tiered waterfall and ranks with its overall drop of 422 m as the tallest waterfall ...


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  • Levanna Orientale in Bareges#34
    Levanna Orientale

    One of the highest mountains in the Monviso-Gran aradiso section of the Alps, and and one of the most recognizable peaks from Turin, the Levanna Orien...


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  • Aiguille De Chambeyron in Bareges#35
    Aiguille De Chambeyron

    Aiguille de Chambeyron is a fine peak in Haute-Ubaye (an exceptionally sunny area, as well as nearby Queyras) near the France-Italy border. Between...


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  • Grandes Jorasses in Bareges#36
    Grandes Jorasses

    Grandes Jorasses is a spectacular peak, located on the east ridge of the Mont Blanc Massif. The peak is a sheer rock wall on both its north and south ...


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  • Hohneck in Bareges#37

    Highest hill above the Munster valley and second highest in Vosges. Its a rounded peak and its upper slopes and cone are treeless. Parts of the north ...


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  • Les Bans in Bareges#38
    Les Bans

    Noble rock and ice barrier at the southern limits of the Dauphine Alps. From Pilatte refuge ascend Pilatte glacier to the col de Bans (3 hours); serio...


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  • Bastia Beach in Bareges#39
    Bastia Beach

    Bastia is a small town situated at northern Corsica in France. Bastia is an important port of Corsican. The chief attraction of Bastia is its beaches,...


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