Aqaba Castle

Aqaba Castle

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Aqaba Castle, Aqaba Overview

One of the few historic spots in Aqaba, this castle stands a memoir of the Great Arab Revolt. Till 1916, it served a stronghold for the Turkish, before they were defeated by the army of Sharif Hussein Bin Ali, aided by T. E. Lawrence, popularly known as Lawrence of Arabia. Presently, this tourist spot is open for all to wander around in the past.


The Aqaba Castle, also known as Aqaba Fort has been in existence for long as a crusader castle. It was reconstructed by Sultan Qansweh Al Ghuri- one of the last Mamluk rulers in 1587 and thus also called the Mamluk Fort. Since then it has undergone renovation several times.


What’s in for tourists?
Enter the castle through the grand doorway, supported by two mammoth towers. You can even slip into the Sultan’s shoes and walk about the castle like one. The prisons and execution chambers near the entrance can still run chills down your spine. For a lighter feel, you can see the horse stables and messenger pigeons' place, or climb to the upper floors for a better view of the surroundings.


More places to see around
The Aqaba Archaeological Museum and the House of Sharif Hussein Bin Ali are located right next to the castle. These places house several relics belonging to various Islamic periods.

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