Lengwe National Park

Lengwe National Park

  • Chikwawa
  • Malawi
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Lengwe National Park, Chikwawa Overview

This park is 350 sq miles (900 sq km) in extent, south of Majete and 50 miles (80km) from Blantyre. The vegetation is thicket, with some deciduous woodland and more dense tree growth along the stream courses. The eastern area is quite flat, allowing for a good and well marked network of driveable tracks. To the west the level rises and low hills, outcrops of sandstone, break the skyline. Lengwe is quite arid outside the rainy season and many of the water courses become dry sandy channels. This aids game viewing because it forces the animals to use the few pools that are permanent supplies of water. There are hides and man-made pools in the eastern area of the park just a short distance from the main gate. The advantages of the hides is that one may see a mix of wildlife together at the water-hole. Though there are predators in the park in the form of leopards and hyena, it is antelope which will be more often seen. These include what is rare for Malawi, the very beautiful nyala. Nowhere else in southern Africa is it seen so far north. Magnificent kudu also roam the park as do common duiker, the small Livingstone

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