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Clubbing holidays in Bucharest Tour

Package Duration
3 Days / 2 Nights
Destination Covered

  • Day 1 : Friday

    Description :

    Welcome to Bucharest. On the way to your hotel you will take a sightseeing tour and have the opportunity to see the city’s landmarks. First night begins in one of the most famous clubs in Bucharest, Bellagio. The high-life in this part of Europe gathers in the most exclusive club of the capital. November through May, Bellagio is the best venue for elegant, upscale parties.

    Day 2 : Saturday

    Description :

    Before the party starts we recommend taking a stroll through the old historical center. The friendly, relaxed atmosphere of dozens pubs and cafés filled with young people gives the impression of an endless holiday. For Saturday night the best choice is Chaboo, the biggest club in Bucharest holding over 4000 seats. In Chaboo, the Broadway-inspired themes create a surreal ambiance to which contribute the extravagant, sophisticated décor, the impressive outfits and dancing shows.

    Day 3 : Sunday

    Description :

    We’ll say good-bye until the next clubbing holidays in Romania.

  • Other Benefits (On Arrival)
    Package Excludes :
    • Airline tickets
    • Travel insurance
    • Meals, other than mentioned in the itinerary
    • Entrance fees to monuments/sights other than those mentioned in the itinerary
    • Various expenses such as room service, beverages, personal calls, souvenirs, etc.

  • Package Terms & Conditions :

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    I. Liability     Rolandia Travel is not liable for any indirect losses resulting from the provisions of this agreement or from the inadequate use of the Website or of the tourism services booked or purchased on the Website. Rolandia Travel is only liable for direct losses whose value shall not exceed the total cost of the services purchased (except for death or personal injury which have no limited value).

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    O. Governing Law   These Terms and Conditions constitute the entire Agreement between the User and Rolandia Travel and are governed by the laws of Romania.


    FRAMEWORK AGREEMENT     for sale of tourism service packages

    Contracting Parties:

    Rolandia TRAVEL LLC located in Iasi, Eternitate street no. 76, AXA Business Centre, 2nd floor, Office E2.14, fiscal code RO 30914247, registered in the Romanian Trade Register under number J/22/1958/2012 Iasi, accredited by License no. 6725/2013 and represented by Mr. Nicusor Gabriel APOSTOL in his capacity of General Manager, hereinafter referred to as the Agency and the Tourist/the Tourist’s agent.

    I. Object of the contract      The object of the hereby contract is the sale, by the Agency, of tourism services granted by the voucher or travel ticket and the issuance of travel documents. The agency must request the tourist to fill-in a booking form/application in writing and send it via fax or email, when requesting tourism services that are not part of their own offer and which require booking confirmation by other providers.   The Contract is concluded when the services requested by the client have been confirmed by the agency, respectively the client is informed about the services have been confirmed and he/she accepts them in writing by fax or email, or accept the Terms and Conditions within the booking form.

    II. Price         The contract price is stated on the invoice and includes the effective cost of the tourism services, agency fees and VAT. The advance payment is minimum 50% of the total price. The remaining 50% will be paid at least 15 days before the holiday start date. In the event that Rolandia Travel has not received the agreed amount from the Tourist, the Tourist cannot use the respective tourism services. Payments for contracted services shall be made in Euro.

    III. Agency rights and obligations 1. If the agency is compelled to modify one of the essential provisions of the contract, the Agency undertakes to inform the tourists at least 15 days before departure date. 2. The Agency may modify the contract price, in the sense of an increase or a decrease, as appropriate, only if the change occurs as a result of variations in transport cost, royalties and other service fees charged for landing, boarding/ debarking in ports and airports; tourist fees or foreign exchange rates relative to the contracted tourism service(s).       3. In the event that, after the travel/holiday has started, an important part of the tourism services stipulated in the contract fails to be delivered or the Agency realizes it cannot be delivered, the Agency is liable to:           3.1. provide appropriate alternative services in view of continuing the journey without a price increase, respectively the services provided shall have the same quality and quantity; 3.2. refund the tourist for amounts representing the difference between the services paid and the actual services provided during the tourist trip;     3.3. In the event the tourist cannot be offered appropriate alternatives or does not accept them on objective grounds, the Agency must provide the tourist’s transportation back to the place of origin or elsewhere as agreed at no additional cost and, where appropriate, damages for the services not delivered.          4. The agency is responsible for the satisfactory performance of contractual obligations, except as follows:      4.1. when failure to fulfill or defective fulfillment of the contractual obligations is due to the tourist;  4.2. when failure to fulfill the obligations is due to force majeure or circumstances that neither the Agency nor the service providers could foresee or prevent (itinerary or schedule changes, delays in transport traffic, etc.). 5. The Agency undertakes to communicate to the tourist in writing, 2 days before departure, the following information:          5.1. the schedule, flight stopovers and connections, and, where appropriate, the seat to be occupied by the tourist in each means of transport included in the contract (except aircraft); 5.2. the name, headquarters/address, telephone and fax numbers of the organizer and/or retailer’s local branch or, when these are not available, an emergency telephone number enabling to contact the organizer and/or retailer;    5.3. in the case of minors traveling unaccompanied by parents, information allowing parents to establish direct contact with the child or with the person(s) in charge of the child’s accommodation.

    IV. The tourist’s rights and obligations    1. In the event that the Tourist cannot participate in the travel/tourist holiday, he/she can assign the contract to a third person who satisfies all conditions applicable to the contracted holiday package, undertaking to notify the Agency in writing at least 10 days before departure day. For independent travel by air flight, the transfer can be made only if there is the possibility of flight seat transfer. The tourist transferring the service package and the transferee are jointly liable to pay the flight airfare and any additional costs incurred during the transfer.    2. In the event that prices stipulated in the contract increase by over 10%, the tourist may terminate the contract, being entitled to reimbursement by the Agency of all amounts paid. 3.1. The tourist undertakes to inform the Agency within 5 calendar days after receipt of notice provided at chapter III paragraph 1, on the decision to opt for:       3.1.1 terminating the contract without paying penalties;    3.1.2 accepting the new contractual conditions.                  3.2. If the tourist terminates the contract or the Agency cancels the travel/ holiday package before departure date, the tourist is entitled to:    3.2.1. accept at the same cost a different package of tourism services of equivalent or superior quality, as proposed by the Agency;          3.2.2. accept a travel of inferior quality proposed by the agency with immediate refund of the price difference;          3.2.3. be immediately reimbursed for all amounts already paid based on the contract. 3.3. The tourist has the right to terminate at any time, in whole or in part, the contract, and if the termination is attributable to them, the Tourist is obliged to compensate the Agency for the damage created, except in the cases of Force Majeure defined by the law. If the tourist requires changing the hotel, the room structure or any of the services, this is construed as terminating the contract, subject to the legal penalties enforceable at the time, and concluding a new contract. 3.4. The tourist undertakes to pay the resort fees, sanitation tax and any other applicable local taxes at the hotel reception, without being able to claim any compensation or refund from the Agency.       3.5. The tourist is obliged to submit to hotel reception his/her identity card as well as the travel documents issued (vouchers) that grant tourist services purchased.

    V. Waiver, penalties, damages       1. If the tourist renounces by their own fault to the tourism services covered by the hereby contract, the tourist owes the Agency penalties, as follows:          1.1. 25% of the package cost, if renunciation is announced between 30-25 days prior to departure;       1.2. 50% of the package cost, if the renunciation is announced between 16-25 days prior to departure;   1.3. 100% of the package cost, if the renunciation is announced in less than 16 days prior to departure or in case of no-show.     2. If the tourist who concluded a tourism service contract with the agency and made an advance payment fails to pay the remaining rates in the term specified by the agency, the contract is considered terminated and the agency has the right to cancel the reservations made on benefit of the tourist, with full retention of the amounts paid by the tourist by that date.          3. In the event that an Embassy refuses to grant the entrance visa required for the holiday package, the tourist shall not be refunded for any fees paid by the agency to direct service providers as well as its own operating expenses.    4. If the tourist who entered the Romanian state refuses to return to the country of origin and therefore the Romanian authorities make expenses of any kind, that tourist must cover all expenditure incurred.         5. Penalties equivalent to the contract price apply in the event that the tourist fails to arrive on time at the airport or at the departure/destination venue, if the tourist is prevented to travel by the police border or due to problems/delays with respect to the travel documents by the tourist’s fault.        6. The Tourist shall submit the holiday package renunciation request in writing, by e-mail; otherwise, the request for renunciation is not taken into account.    7. The Agency shall pay compensatory damages according to the degree of non-compliance of the contractual obligations.  8. If Rolandia travel agency resells the tourist services of other tourism service providers, the charges/fess applied by the respective provider will be communicated to the tourist by fax or email.

    VI. Claims     1. If the tourist is dissatisfied with the services provided, he/she must draw-up a written complaint, detailing clearly and explicitly the faults encountered on site, relative to the holiday package purchased; such a complaint shall be sent promptly both to the Agency and the tourist service provider (hotel management, restaurant).  2. Both the Agency as well as the Tourism Service Provider shall act immediately to settle the claim. If the complaint is not solved or is only partially solved, the tourist shall submit to the Agency a written complaint via e-mail, no later than 5 calendar days after the end of the holiday and the Agency will, within 15 calendar days, pay the tourist the compensatory payments due.

    VII. Insurance          The tourist is insured for the reimbursement of repatriation expenses and/or the amounts paid by him/her in case of insolvency or bankruptcy of the Agency, by the Insurance Reinsurance Agency CITY INSURANCE located in Bucharest, Constantin Aricescu street, no. 5-7, ground floor, sector 1, phone no. (004) 021-231.00.54, fax no. 021-231.04.42, by insurance no. BN 000000179 of 13/12/2012, effective until 12/12/2013.    The tourist has the possibility of concluding an additional, non-compulsory insurance contract or an assistance contract (with any insurance company) in order to cover any transfer fees or repatriation charges in case of accident, illness or death.

    VIII. Documents       The following documents are considered an integral part of this contract, as annexes: a) the voucher /ticket / purchase order/ addendum to the contract, if applicable; b) the travel program (for groups accompanied by a guide).         

    IX. Final Provisions 1. The hereby contract represents the entire agreement of the signatory parties. 2. The hereby contract may be concluded as a distance contract, by fax, the parties accepting the authority of this agreement in its current form.        3. The sale of tourist service packages will be made in accordance with the hereby agreement and in compliance with the provisions of Government Ordinance no. 107/1999 on the marketing of travel packages, approved with amendments and completions by Law no. 631/2001, Order no. 516/2005 of 12/04/2005 published in the Official Gazette, Part I no. 334 of 20/04/2005 with subsequent amendments.      4. The hereby contract may be presented as a catalog, brochure or any other type of document, provided the tourist is informed thereon and the document contains the information required by art. 10 paragraph (2) of G.O. 107/1999, approved with amendments and completions by Law no. 631/2001, Order no. 516/2005 of 12/04/2005 published in the Official Gazette, Part I no. 334 of 20/04/2005 with subsequent amendments.

  • Price Table
    PersPrice/PersSingle supplement
    2320 Euro50
    3-6230 Euro50
    6-8210 Euro50
    8-12200 Euro50
    12-16195 Euro50
    16-30180 Euro50

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