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South Omo Cultural Tour

Package Duration
9 Days / 8 Nights
Destination Covered
Addis Ababa - Arba Minch

  • Day 1 : Arrival Addis Ababa

    Description :

    You will arrive at Bole International Airport. Reception by Finot Tour Ethiopia guide and driver and transfer you in a selected hotel for check-in. You will have a city tour depends on your arrival time. City tour of Addis Ababa including the panoramic view point Entoto Mountain, Merkato, said to be Africa’s largest market of its kind, and the National Museum (home of Lucy, hominid skeleton dating back 3.2 million years) and the ethnographic museums.

    Day 2 : Addis Ababa - Butajira - Arbaminch

    Description :

    Starting off from Addis Ababa early morning, you will be heading down South to Arbaminch via Butajira and Hosaina. At Tiya, you will have a brief stopover to visit the UNESCO-registered Stalae fields of Tiya. With lunch break at Wolaita Sodo, you will proceed to Arbaminch, arriving late afternoon.

    Day 3 : Arbamich - Konso - Jinka

    Description :

    In the morning, you will head down South to Konso. Arrival at Konso, you will be able to visit a local Konso village, their terraced farm fields and totems. The Konsos are known to be the ones who first initiated terrace farming. Driving further down into the Lower Omo Valley past the Weito Plains, you will be able to see the Tsemai tribe. Further on at Key Afer, you will be able to visit the Bena tribe. You will arrive in Jinka late afternoon.

    Day 4 : Jinka - Mago National Park - Jinka

    Description :

    In the morning, you will be heading into Mago National Park, home to the Mursi tribe. Settled in the lowland plains of the Park, you will visit a local village of the Mursis. Returning back to Jinka, you will be able to visit the local South Omo Museum, an opportunity that will give you a good overall insight into the various tribes of the South.

    Day 5 : Jinka - Key Afer - Turmi

    Description :

    Starting off from Jinka in the morning, you will be heading to Turmi with a brief stopover at Key Afer. Arrival at Key Afer, you will be able to join into the local weekly Bena market, same a very colorful market that attracts neighboring tribes in the area – the Aris from Jinka, the Tsemais from Weito, the local Benas and the Hamers from Dimeka area. Attending to this market will allow you to compare the dressing patterns, ornamentation techniques etc. of the various tribes in the area. After lunch at Key Afer, you will be proceeding to Turmi via Dimeka. You will arrive in Turmi late afternoon.

    Day 6 : Turmi - Korcho - Turmi

    Description :

    In the morning, you will be heading to Korcho, home to the Karo tribe. Settled around the banks of the Omo River, the Karo tribe are known for their body paintings, same done for beautifying purposes. From this particular village, the view of the Omo River is magnificent, a high ground view seeing off the Omo River flowing down South into the Turkana Lake. Mid-afternoon, you will be heading back to Turmi where upon arrival.
    NB: During any of your evenings in Turmi, you will be able to see an Evangadi dancing ceremony of the Hamers. With luck, you may also be able to attend to a bull jumping ceremony of the Hamers a marriage initiation rite of the young men that allows them for transformation from childhood to adulthood, a right that comes with a lot of social responsibilities as well.

    Day 7 : Turmi - Dimeka - Turmi

    Description :

    Mid-morning, you will be heading to Dimeka, another Hamer tribe settlement 28kms out. Saturday being the weekly Hamer market in Dimeka, you will be able to join in at this market, see their day-to-day activities. Returning back to Turmi early afternoon, you will visit a local Hamer village.

    Day 8 : Turmi - Arbore - Arbaminch

    Description :

    Heading to Arbaminch in the morning, you will be driving by the Buska Mountain chain. Extending for roughly 96kms in the Weito Plains parallel to Lake Stephanie for certain parts; you will be visiting the Arbore tribe. With lunch stop at Weito, you will head to Arbaminch where upon arrival you will be spending overnight.

    Day 9 : Arbaminch - Ziway - Addis Ababa

    Description :

    Early morning, you will be heading back to Addis Ababa via the Rift Valley line. Driving through the lake region, you will be able to see Ziway, Langano, Shalla and Abiata lakes and additionally the Crater Lake region of Debrezeit. Arriving Addis Ababa late-afternoon, you will be checking in a selected hotel of your choice, thereby ending your 8 days tour of the Lower Omo Valley of South Ethiopia.

  • Other Benefits (On Arrival)
    Package Excludes :
    • International and National flight Ticket
    • Alcoholic Drinks or extra bottled water for the trip
    • Video and Photo Camera charges if and where applicable
    • Any souvenir purchase payment
    • Visa Expense
    • Travel insurance

  • Package Terms & Conditions :

    General Terms and conditions

    The terms and conditions contained in this tour participation agreement govern the relationship between you, the passenger, and us Finot Tour Ethiopia by booking a trip; you agree to be bound by the terms of this tour participation agreement.

    Reservations and payments

    Reservation: an initial deposit of 30% of tour cost is required to secure your reservation.

    Final Payment: A deposit of rest of the payment as per your selected tour is required 21 days prior to commencement of tour or as per agreed at the time of confirmation of the tour.

    Making Final Payments

    Final payments are due 21 days prior to trip, depending upon the program. See the deposit, Final payment, and Cancellation Fees schedule included in this tour participation agreement for payment dates for specific programs Reservations may be put on a waitlist or cancelled by Finot Tour Ethiopia if payment is not received by the final payment due date. Should this occur, cancellation chares will apply All prices are stated in used or Euro, per person.

    Cancellations and Refunds

    Finot Tour Ethiopia most people, who cancel their reservation do so out of necessity. Nevertheless, cancellations are costly to administer and involve dedicated staff time and communications costs. Therefore, all cancellations made before 30 days after booking are subject to 10% deduction of total tour cost. Cancellation made between 29-22 days after booking are subject to a non-refundable of 25% cancellation made between 21-16 days after booking are subject to a non-refundable of 60% deduction of total tour cost. And cancellation made 15 days before commencement of tour after booking are subject to a non-refundable of tour cost. Cancellations are based on per person bases. Please note, however, that reservations made after the final payment date are immediately subject to cancellation charges.  

  • Before 30+ days ------------ 10% of Total Tour Cost
  • Before 29-22 days ---------- 25% of Total Tour Cost
  • Before 21-16 days ---------- 60% of Total Tour Cost
  • Before 15-0 days ------------ 100% Total Tour Cost
  • Making Changes

    Finot Tour Ethiopia understands if you need to change your plan most programs allow travel deviations that affect destination, departure date, program extensions, and the like. Note that tour plan can be changed; provided that requests are made in writing 21 days prior to the commencement of tour. Deviations are subject to a 50.00 USD per- person non-refundable processing fees and all cancellation charges of, flight tickets and hotels shall also be included in Deviation Charges. No deviations can be made or processed within 21 days of Commencement of tour.

    Protect your Investment

    You can feel confident that with the Finot Tour Ethiopia Tour programs, the full value of your investment is protected. Now that’s peace of mind! Representative of Finot Tour Ethiopia shall be liable.

    Without limiting the foregoing, Finot Tour Ethiopia is not responsible for any losses or expenses due to delays or changes in schedules, overbooking or downgrading of accommodations, mechanism to arrive or depart on time. Finot Tour Ethiopia is not responsible for acts of god or force major events, sanitation problems, lack of medical care, sickness, weather conditions, strikes and other labour activities, acts of terrorism, acts of war (declared or undeclared), quarantines, embargoes, blockades, criminal activities or any other act or event beyond the direct control of Finot Tour Ethiopia.

    Finot Tour Ethiopia assumes no financial responsibility for any cancellation or delays resulting from invalid passports, visa, or other travel document requirements, or for ticket or other travel documents that do not reflect your name exactly as it appears on your passport. Finot Tour Ethiopia reserves the right to change the itinerary of the tour without prior notice. If the tour is cancelled by Finot Tour Ethiopia for any reason, Finot Tour Ethiopia shall have no liability beyond the prompt refund of all tour participants’ payments received by it.

    Cancellation – delegation – amendment

  • In case cancellation of booking 7-10 day prior to departure of 1-2 night stay weekend tours and 10-14 day prior to departure of tours have more than 2 overnight stay 25% of amount is charged to client as cancelling price if cancellation is made before the date described above amount is refunded. If cancellation is later, no money is refunded. If a participant who buys Travel Assistance Program policy effect payment to travel agency, in case he/she cancels the tour because of death, serious accident and sickness as specified in policy occurred before the date tour starts and vehicle doesn’t depart, the paid amount will be compensated by insurance Agency within the fame work of general and special conditions Africa Amazing Travel agency is not liable to participants by no means.
  • Our agency is not liable to for money or valuable loss occurs during tours.
  • Throughout the tour, in case of injury, death and lost happened on all kind of air-land sea vehicles transporting agency’s insurance is valid.
  • Because of any political disturbance, strike, natural disaster, technical acts, adverse weather conditions, cancellations made by transporting agencies occurred before or throughout the tour our agency cannot be held responsible. Thus, our agency has right to rearrange or change the price or vehicle as described in the program.
  • Clients can hade over their rights to someone else till 3 days prior the date tour starts. Assignee is responsible of expenses by reason of balance with assignor.
  • In case a client does not inform the travel agency in writing that he/she will attend the tour which he/she messed, travel agency can cancel all reservations made for him/her after 24 hours the date tour start and no refund is applied.
  • If the group number is not enough to make a tour or it is considered necessary, travel agency can partly or completely cancel the tour with informing participates at least 5 days before the date tour start. In such a case amount is paid back.
  • Throughout the tour, guide can change the program according to road and weather conditions as occasion may require.
  • Participants are responsible for their luggages and all belongings carried in luggages.
  • In case travel agency does not obey the agreement partly or completely, Credit Card is applied at the time of calculating of compensation payment
  • Responsibility and Liability

  • Finot Tour Ethiopia and its agents act as agents of the client related to hotel Accommodation, sightseeing, tours and transports whether by aircraft, coach, boat, etc and shall not be liable for loss or damage caused by delays, sicknesses, injury or death, except when the passenger is being carried in Finot Tour Ethiopia vehicle.
  • Finot Tour Ethiopia reserves the right to employ subcontractors to carry out all or part of the services agreed to be given and in the event of exercise of such right, the term given above on number 1 related to Finot Tour Ethiopia liability shall apply.
  • Finot Tour Ethiopia will use its best efforts to assist as an agent to its clients in dealing with third parties such as hotels, airlines and other transport companies and travel agents. However, it cannot be held responsible for any loss or damage of baggage, photographic equipments, electronic equipments or other personal belongings caused by the third party.

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