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The Road of the Slave - Benin Tour

Package Duration
3 Days / 2 Nights
Destination Covered
Abomey - Savalou - Abomey Calavi - Ouidah - Porto Novo

  • Day 1 : Cotonou - Abomey

    Description :

    Chairman Introduction and Welcome.
    Departure fRom Cotonou to Abomey or Porto-Novo.
    Guides comment of steps of the road followed by slaves.
    Attempt Abomey/Porto-Novo.
    Sites and monuments visits in the region.
    Hotel accomodation.

    Day 2 : Visit At Abomey And Regions

    Description :

    Visit of the Square " Adanzunji " known as one of main stages of the road of the slave, as departure in the war of the troops of the kingdom of Abomey since the reign of King GHEZO ( 1818-1858 ). Here king asked for the assistance of his ancestors (spirits of Kings and dead Dignitaries) to lead triumphantly attacks. This ceremony had been always place on the eve of a war decided by Fa. King sat down in front of the palace to listen to war chiefs and riders to make promises. These rose on " the forum of courage " to swear to overcome the enemies.
    Visit of King "bunker" etc.

    Day 3 : Visit At Ouidah : The No Return Place

    Description :

    Visit ot The " Road of the Slave's "' final Part of the route carried out by the slaves to Ouidah. She begins on the Square by auction and ends in the Door of the no Return Place by auction, (Place of the tree of the forgetting, Place of the Compartment Zomaï, Memorial of Zoungbodji, Tree of return and Door of not Return). This route(course) is approximately 3 km and is marked out by commemorative sites, monuments, and by statuses (statutes).

  • Other Benefits (On Arrival)
    Description :
    The Most Amazing World Tragedy Turned Into Museum : The Road Of The Slave. A Tour Package With Benefit From Benin Governmnt Tourism Offices Tchnical Support Confirmed To Benin Kasher Sa The Subsidiary Company Of The Us Trade Registered Offshore Company Group Kasher Corp.

  • Package Terms & Conditions :
    Formalities of a tourist on visit in Benin:The foreigners are generally submitted to the entrance visa. Exception is made for the nationals of the member countries of the Council(Advise) of the Agreement and of him(it) Economic Community of the States of western Africa ECOWAS. The Tourist Visa Agreement ( VTE) is also valid for Benin. Passports and other formalitiesSpecial filled form of visa application in a readable way, signed and dated by the applicant,A passport photo,Passport with which the validity has to cover at least all the duration of the stay in Benin,Photocopy of the plane ticket round trip or copy of a letter of the travel agency giving evidence of the actual purchase of a return ticket,For a stay of more than three months, the on-the-spot obtaining in Benin, of a resident's permit is compulsory Payment: variable according to the duration of the stay, in cash by money order or check established in the order of the Consulate of Benin.01 in The daytime in 7 days 15- 08 Days in 30 days, 30- 31 days in 90 days, 45- Visa entrances(entries) multiple 30- (3 months at the most, opening the possibility of entrance(entry) and exit(release) of Benin, to go possibly to Togo, Burkina, Niger or other countries) For the users living in province:Sending of a stamped envelope at your address to obtain the request forms of visa.Return by registered post with acknowledgement of receipt the aforementioned forms duly filled(performed) with the aforesaid rooms(parts,plays) in paragraphs 1,2,3,4 and 6.Plan a stamped envelope in the price list(rate) recommended with a.r. for the forwarding of the passport.Other formalities to enter in BeninVaccination: compulsory Yellow fever. Preventive treatment(processing) recommended anti-paludéen.For motor vehicles in duty-free entry for reexport: pad of passage in customs, international licence to lead(drive), international card(map) of insurance(assurance).Hunting: compulsory Hunting license, plan the tax of entrance(entry) to the national parks, the taxes of slaughter(cutting down) are to be paid on the spot (in the entrance(entry) of the zone of hunting)Rooms(Parts,Plays) to be supplied for the obtaining of the consular ID card Visa V.T.E.It is a unique(only) document facilitating the entrance(entry) of the tourists for five countries of the space Agreement: Benin, Burkina Faso, Ivory Coast, Niger and Togo. His(her,its) delivery(relief) during the day does not exceed(overtake) 72 hours after reception of an index card(form) of demand(request) by an embassy or a consulate of the Council(Advise) of the Agreement. His(her,its) cost is 25 000 F VOCATIONAL TRAINING CENTRE(CFA FRANC) and its duration is valid for 60 days. Observations - The travelers that must stay in Benin beyond three ( 03 ) months are invited to appear before the expiration of this deadline(extension), in the service of the immigration of the Ministry of the Interior, the Safety(Security) and Decentralization in Cotonou for the continuation of the validity of aimed at them. The Agents in official mission of cooperation being in this case, will have to request this continuation in association with Ministries or bodies the partners of which they are in Benin. Any further information can be obtained to the Embassy on request.
  • VISA
    Payment may be made by credit card or by bank transfer (USD or EUROS) to the member company ETS CHRONOKASH 's bank UBA-BENIN (United Bank for Africa)

Contact Detail

Benin Kasher Sa

Contact Person :-

Viatonou Enoch

Address :- C/824 Missite, Abomey, Benin