Lunana Snowman Trek

Lunana Snowman Trek

Package Duration
24 Days / 23 Nights
Destination Covered
Paro - Sharna - Thangthangka - Jangothang - Halt - Chebisa - Shomuthang - Robluthang - Limithang - Laya

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  • Day 1: Paro - Sharna

    Start of Trek Day 1: Distance 17 kms and walking time 5-6 hours. Starting at Drukgyel (2580m) and camp near Sharna Zampa (2870m). Gradual climb following the Paro River through the agriculture valley and villages. The campsite is opposite to the Gunyitsawa Army check post in a meadow.

    Day 2: Sharna - Thangthangka

    Trek Day 2 : Distance 22 kms and walking distance 6-7 hours. Starting at Sharna Zampa (2870m) and camp at Thangthangka (3630m). The trial is a gradual ascent with plenty of ups and downs through conifer forest, ferns and Rhododendrons. A magnificent view of Mt. Jumolhari can be seen from your campsite on clear days.

    Day 3: Thangthangka - Jangothang.

    Trek Day 3 : Distance 19 kms and walking distance 5-6 hours. Starting at Thangthangka (3630m) and camp at Jangothang (4090m)Todays trial passes an army post and the village of Soe and a small settlement at Takethang. Yak herders live here. Camp beneath a ruined fortress at the base of Mt. Jumolhari.

    Day 4: Jangothang - Halt.

    Trek Day 4: Acclimatisation Day. You can spend the day relaxing or there are several day hikes to choose from. Two interesting hikes would be to get views of Mt.Jumolhari or Jichu Drake. If you are interested in a lake then you can take the hike to Tsophu. Overnight at camp.

    Day 5: Jangothang – Lingshi.

    Trek Day 5 : Distance 18 kms and walking time 5-6 hours. Starting at Jangothang (4090m) and camp at Lingshi (4010m) Today you encounter your first major pass at 4890m ( Nyile-la ). You also get snow peak views of Tserim Kang (6789m) Camp near a stream in a meadow.

    Day 6: Lingshi - Chebisa

    Trek Day 6 : Distance 10 km and walking time 5-6 hours. Starting at Lingshi (4010m) and camp at Chebisa (3880m). Today is a pleasant walk and you encounter parts of Lingshi village and the settlement of Goyak. On reaching camp at Chebisa village you can visit the village houses.

    Day 7: Chebisa - Shomuthang

    Trek Day 7 : Distance 17 km and walking time 6-7 hours. Starting at Chebisa (3880m) and camp at Shomuthang (4220m). Todays walk is mostly through wild high pastures and yak pastures with few people & Yaks. You also encounter a pass ‘Gobula’ at 4440m. Camp is on a bench above a river, a tributary to the Mo Chu which comes out just below Gasa Tsachu.

    Day 8: Shomuthang - Robluthang

    Trek Day 8: Distance 18 km and walking time 6-7 hours. Starting at Shomuthang (4220m) and camp at Robluthang (4160m) On the early part of the trek you will get views of Kang Bum (6526m). After crossing Jhari la pass at 4747m you get views of Gangchenta (6840m) , Tserim Kang and upper half of Jumolhari. You pass by Tsheri Jathang, a valley by the riverside where herds of Takin are normally seen during the summer months.

    Day 9: Robluthang - Limithang

    Trek Day 9: Distance 19 km and walking time 6-7 hours. Starting at Robluthang (4160m) and camp at Limithang (4140m). Today is a hard day, as you have to cross Sinche la (5005m) the highest point on your trek. The second half of todays walk is through rocky trails and moraines. Limithang is in the Laya district and here you begin to see the wonderful children in funny hats. Camp at Limithang is beneath Gangchhenta, the Great Tiger Mountain. If you have time it would be worthwhile to spend a rest and exploration day here.

    Day 10: Limithang - Laya

    Trek Day 10 : Distance 10 km and walking time 4-5 hours. Starting at Limithang (4140m) and camp at Laya (3840m). Today is all the way down hill along a winding river valley with quite a closed-in feeling. The trail splits, one going down with the river to the campsite used by the army. The other stays high and brings you into the west side of Laya village. You can camp on a high flat bench above the east end of Laya village. The peak towering above Laya is Masagang (7165m).

    Day 11: Laya - (Halt)

    Trek Day 11: Visit Laya village houses or hike above the camp. A day halt is interesting here or just spending the day with the Layaps (nomads)

    Day 12: Laya - Rodophu

    Trek Day 12: Distance 19km and walking time 6-7 hours. Starting at Laya and camp at Rodophu (4160m) The trek starts with a gradual downhill, after an hour or so you start with gradual climb till the camp through conifer, maple and Rhododendron forest. Campsite near a small meadow.

    Day 13: Rodophu - Narethang

    Trek Day 13: Distance 17km and walking time 5-6 hours. Starting at Rodophu and camp at Narethang (4500m) Today you start your walk with the trail leading uphill through dwarf Rhododendron bushes and non-vegetated area with ups and down and cross a pass called Tsomola at 4780m. Camp at Narethang, which is on a small plateau beneath the 6395 m peak of Gangla Karchung.

    Day 14: Narithang - Tarina

    Trek Day 14: Distance 18km and walking time 18km and walking time 5-6 hours. Starting at Narethang and camp at Tarina (4020m). You start your trek by climbing up to the Karchung la at 5120m and then down to glacial lakes that are towered by the peaks of Jejekangphu (7300m) and Tsenda Kang (7100m). From here it is down hill to the camp.

    Day 15: Tarina - Woche

    Trek Day 15: Distance 17km and walking time 5-6 hours.Starting at Tarina and camp at Woche (3940m). The walk leads through conifer forest following the stream flowing from Tarina. 2 hours climb till you reach Woche village. From here the Lunana area begins. Camp at Woche.

    Day 16: Woche - Lhedi

    Trek Day 16: Distance 17 kms and walking time 5-6 hours. Starting at Woche and camp at Lhedi (3700m). The trail is a gradual climb till you reach Kechela pass at 4580m and then down hill till Thega village where you stop for lunch and continue the journey till you reach Lhedi village, where government development body such as health centers and wireless station for Lunana have been built.

    Day 17: Lhedi - Thanza

    Trek Day 17: Distance 17 km and walking time 5-6 hours. Starting at Lhedi and camp at Thanza (4090m). The trail is gradual climb uphill following the main source of Pho-Chu River till you reach Chozo village. Make a brief stop to explore the village and continue the journey to Thanza village placed below the snow-capped peak of the Table Mountain locally known as Zonggophu Gang (7100m). Camp at Thanza.

    Day 18: Thanza halt

    Trek Day 18: Visit village houses and mix around with the villagers or take a hike in or around the campsite or hike to Raphstreng Tsho with pack lunch (4-5 hours roundtrip). This lake created 2 major flash floods in Punakha districts in 1969 and 1996.

    Day 19: Thanza - Tshochena

    Trek Day 19: Distance 20 km and walking time 7-8 hours. Starting at Thanza and camp at Tshochena (4900m) Today you will be trekking for longer duration so it is advisable to start early as possible. The trail is one and a half hours climb and then gradual all the way to the base of Taze-la. Then climb to Jaze-la pass at 5050m and downhill till the campsite.

    Day 20: Tshochena - Jichu Dramo

    Trek Day 20 : Distance 14 km and walking time 4-5 hours. Starting at Tshochena and camp at Jichu Dramo (4880m). The trail is gradual ups and downs between the snowcapped peaks and cross Loju-la at 4940m. Camp at Jichu Dramo.

    Day 21: Jichu Dramo - Chukarpo

    Trek Day 21: Distance 18 km and about 5-6 hours. Starting at Jichu Dramo and camp at Chukarpo (4950m) The trek is a climb of Gang Rinchen-zoe la pass at 5140m and all the way down hill till you reach Chukarpo.

    Day 22: Chukarpo – Thampe Tsho

    Trek Day 22: Distance 18 km and walking time 5-6 hours. Starting at Chukarpo and camp at Thampe Tsho (4230m).Its mostly downhill for about 2 hours and then up for about an hour and then all the way down hill till Um Tsho (lake) 4230m. In this lake Terton Pemalingpa found lots of religious treasures. The camp is bit further at Thampe Tsho.

    Day 23: Thampe Tsho - Maurothang

    Trek Day 23: Distance 14 km and walking time 5 hours. Starting at Thampe Tsho and camp at Maurothang (4000m) You start your trek with about 2 hours down hill till the base of Tampela then climb till Tampela pass at 4580m. The trek is all the way down hill through Rhododendron bushes till you reach a yak pasture, which will be your camp.

    Day 24: Maurothang - Nikachu

    Trek Day 24 End of Trek: Distance 18 km and walking time 5-6 hours. Today is your last day of trek. The trail passes through bamboo thickets and fields following the Nikachu River and ends at the village of Sephu at 2500m by the Nikachu Bridge. From here you can either drive to Trongsa (2hours) or then continue sightseeing of Trongsa and Bumthang, this will extend your itinerary by 3 more days or drive from Nikachu towards Thimphu.

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