El Mirador

El Mirador

  • Antigua
  • Guatemala
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  • Discovered 1926

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El Mirador, Antigua Overview

El Mirador is a thumping great Mayan settlement. The pre-Columbian settlement is situated in Guatemala. It was explored in 1926 and the first aerial picture was clicked in 1930. The constructions treasured by the place are enormous. El Mirador thrived in the 6th century BCE. It profusely prospered during 3rd century BCE and the trend continued in 1st century CE.

The construction work however came to halt in between many times and it took impetuous speed in the Classic era and then again came to stop in the 9th century. The civic center of the site spreads across 26 km2 with multifarious structures. There is also up to snuff and astounding monumental architecture that stands 10 to 30 meters tall.

There are plethoras of structures that have whopping and artificial platforms such as El Tigre and La Danta. The La Danta temple is 230 ft tall and is counted as the world’s largest pyramid. All most every structure in the place has stones cut and shaped, and then adorned with beautiful and sizeable masks that presented various deities worshipped on the Maya civilization.

 Many archaeologists say a solid urban planning was done before the foundation of the city was laid. There are causeways and paths making for an intelligent interlinking with various architectural compounds and various ancient cities slumping in the Mirador Basin. These causeways were also referred as sacbeobs. Some structures were also contrived in Late Classic period that is 700 CE. But the structures constructed during this period are not higher than 8 meters.

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