Lower Gompa

Lower Gompa

  • Bomdila
  • Arunachal Pradesh
  • India

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Lower Gompa, Bomdila Overview

The Lower Gompa, Bomdila is in Arunachal Pradesh. On the map of India, virginal Arunachal Pradesh appears as one giant green patch. It is the country’s least explored and wildest state. Arunachal Pradesh rises from the Assam plains as one mass of densely forested and I’m probably steep hills culminated into snowcapped peaks all along the border of Tibet.
Travelers who visit Arunachal Pradesh have an amazing adventurous journey. You can visit remote mountain valleys and encounter some of 26 indigenous tribal people. The tourist infrastructure is fine. Arunachal Pradesh offers homestays and hotels. Not as much as any other tourism spot but still has enough.
There is the Indian military which guards the border passes. China has never recognized the Indian sovereignty here, in 1962 even invaded Arunachal. The atmosphere in Arunachal is mostly calm. There not much existence of any political violence.


Bomdila is a small town. The best way of going around the town is by walking. Or You can also hire a car and go around to visit the Bomdila Monastery. Bomdila is a stopover when anyone is in Arunachal Pradesh. People usually stop at Bomdila and then continue their journeys.
Mostly, the travelers try to reach Bomdila by evening and then stay one night after that more towards their other destination. Some people even like to stay at Bomdila for 1-2 nights and take some time to go around and visit the beautiful monasteries present near town.
What you can do in Bomdila is, find any hotel and check-in, after taking some rest you can start your journey of going around other places. You can go hiking, hike up to Upper Gompa. It might even rain at times so if possible carry one umbrella with you.
You should probably reach the Upper Gompa in around an hour or so. When you will walk towards it you will be Abel to hear beautiful spiritual chants which will make the air completely pure. There are loudspeakers fitted in the monasteries by the monks of Bomdila so that the whole valley echoes in the chants. The atmosphere is absolute bliss. It is just so peaceful.

Lower Gompa, Bomdila-

The Lower Gompa, Bomdila is one of The Gontse Gaden Rabgyel Ling (GRL) monastery division. The Lower Gompa, Bomdila is located in the main market’s ending area. Everyone wants to visit the monastery because it’s breathtakingly beautiful. The Tibetan architecture of the monastery is really popular among visitors. Also, the massive prayer hall is very famous. There is an old belief among people that, if anyone spins the monastery's prayer wheels the all their wishes will come true.

The Infrastructure Of The Lower Gompa, Bomdila-

The infrastructure of the Lower Gompa, Bomdila is the Tibetan Architecture. The given architecture influences Chinese and Indian. But it also has many other unique features that have been brought into the infrastructure. Its adaptation has been done due to the generally arid, cold, high altitude climate of Tibetan plateau and to the Tibetan Buddhism.
There are many of the surviving monuments of Tibetan Religion, which is very closely based on the Indian prototypes. Later there were monuments and temples built, water the second diffusion of Buddism at that period. It is very much similar to the Tibetan Vernacular architecture. They only show a limited amount of foreign influence on architecture. The very early extant defensive structure appears likewise to be solely based on indigenous technologies and designs.

Things to keep in mind before visiting Lower Gompa, Bomdila-

When you have decided to visit a cold place or any hill station, it is highly recommended that you carry all your essentials. The most important thing is the woolen and warm clothes. Do not forget to carry warm shoes, socks, thermal leggings and clothes, pants, jackets, caps, scarves, hats, and globes. These are the items that will nicely protect you against the mad cold.
The next important thing is a medical kit. When you are traveling you must carry a first aid kit with you. It is a very important thing, which one must never forget. Among warm clothes, keeping a supply of medication is always a smart move. When you visit a hill station you might catch a cold at any time so having some basic medicines is very important.
In the case of an emergency, some medicines can always help. Be it any kind of a situation you must have your necessities with you, as in a hill station you never know when the dispensary will open. Remote areas don’t have medicines other than some common specifications ones. So, having your safety kit is much better.
The other impart thing is funding. Carry different types of modes of payment with you. You never know what you might need to keep everything in hand. Debut cards, credit card, online transfer facility, Paytm, etc.

What to do in and around Lower Gompa, Bomdila?

Whenever you visit this place, don’t forget to spin the wheel to fulfilling your wishes. Also, the Tibetan architecture is very famous and worth seeing. After checking out the Lower gompa, Bomdila you can also visit the middle and upper Gompa, Bomdila viewpoint and RR hills too.

How To Reach?

You will have to walk from the area of the main market to the Gompa which is around 2 km away.

The Best Time to visit the Lower Gompa, Bomdila-

The perfect time to visit the Lower Gompa, Bomdila is from October to April. As at this time of the year, the atmosphere is nice and pleasant.
This was a rough background about Arunachal Pradesh, and the Lower Gompa, Bomdila. You can follow the above-mentioned information and visit the place with all the basic knowledge. After you visit the Lower Gompa, Bomdila you can also visit some other near places.
There are many other monasteries too. You can also visit these monasteries after you will be done with the Lower Gompa. The next time you plan to visit Arunachal Pradesh, definitely go to the Lower Gompa, Bomdila and enjoy the beautiful Tibetan architecture along with amazing views and atmosphere.


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