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Udaipur Overview

Udaipur is a renowned township located in the district of Gomati in Tripura. This town shares the same name with the town of Udaipur that is located in the Indian state of Rajasthan. Udaipur, in Tripura, is famous for the Tripura Sundari Temple. It is one of the 51 shakti peethas in India, dedicated to the ten mahavidyas. Being the prime attraction, it is swarmed by the zealous devotees on an extensive scale.

Udaipur is elevated at a height of 72 feet above the sea level. It stands on the banks of the River Gomti that feeds the craggy terrains of this town. The climate of Udaipur is described as a tropical savannah in nature. It faces a pleasant temperature throughout the year as the median mercury levels scale between 17°C-25°C. Udaipur receives an annual rainfall with an average of 2,146 mm.

There are bewitching attractions in Udaipur. The prime attraction is the Tripura Sundari Temple that is swarmed by devotees extensively, especially during Navratri. The other must-visit places include the banks of the lakes like Kalyan Sagar, Jagannath Dighi, Amar Sagar, and the local astir markets etc.

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