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Climate, Milan Overview

The climate of Milan is Mediterranean, but like any large urban metropolis, buildings and human activity affect the local micro-climate The city’s climate a classification of humid subtropical climate, which makes it fall under the category of the Mediterranean type of climate. This is in marked contrast to other areas of the country where you will either have to wear thick clothing to ward off the chill, or strip down to the essentials to keep from burning up. There are winters ands summers in Milan however, and these are the times when you can expect the temperatures to hit the extremes. Milan is a city that is remarkably blessed with favorable weather throughout most of the year, The average recorded temperatures for the region range from -3/+6°C in January and all the way up to +15/+28°C in July. Snow was once a commonplace occurrence in the city, at one time registering over 15 inches throughout the year

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