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Ancient Uzbekistan Package

Package Duration
9 Days / 8 Nights
Destination Covered
Tashkent - Khiva - Samarkand

  • Day 1 : Join Tashkent

    Description :

    On arrival in Tashkent you are met by our guide at the Tashkent International Airport and transferred to hotel. After check-in, you are given time for a rest after a long flight.

    Day 2 : Tashkent sightseeing, flight to Urgench, transfer to Khiva

    Description :

    After a good and sufficient breakfast, you are starting your Tashkent city touring:
    Kukeldash madrassah.
    Chorsu bazaar.

    The Hasti-Imam architectural complex:
    Kaffal Shashi mausoleum.
    Barak Khan madrassah.
    Tilla Sheikh mosque where the oldest Koran “Osman Koran” is being kept.
    Lunch is organized at a nice local restaurant of Tashkent.

    City touring continues from:
    Monument of Courage - the epicenter of the Tashkent earthquake of 1966.
    Tashkent Opera House.
    The Museum of Applied Arts.
    Tashkent tour concludes after the visit of the Museum of Applied Arts and you are transferred to the Tashkent Airport for an evening flight to Urgench, the administrative center of Khorazm province, from where you are transferred to Khiva, the distance is 22 miles.

    On arrival in Khiva, the driver takes you to hotel where a friendly and hospitable staff assists you with pleasure on check-in.

    By the time you are checking in, the restaurant staff will be ready to serve a delicious dinner of local cuisine which will be available in 15-20 minutes after chech-in.

    Day 3 : Khiva sightseeing

    Description :

    First breakfast in Khiva.
    Full day sightseeing of Khiva’s oldest Ichan Kala (Inner fort) part which is full of promising wonders of local architecture:
    The statue of the founder of AlgorythAbu Abdullah Muhammad ibn Musa Al-Khwarazmiy.
    The map of Ichan Kala.
    Muhammad Aminkhan madrassah and Kalta Minor minaret.
    Polvon Qori trade center.
    Kohna Ark citadel.
    Muhammad Rakhimkhan madrassah which is the Museum of History of Khiva today.
    Sayyid Alladdin mausoleum.
    Kazy Kalon madrassahthe Museum of Music.
    Handicraft centers: Woodwork center and Silk Carpet center.
    Mausoleum of Pakhlavan Mahmudthe most frequently attended mausoleum in Khiva by local people which is considered to be a sacred place for Khorazmians.
    Islom Khoja complex: madrassah of Islom Khoja who was the Prime-Minister of Khiva Khanate in the late 19th and early 20th centurieswhich is the Applied Art Museum todaythe minaret of Islom Khojathe tallest in Central Asia and the Russian School.
    Lunch is provided at a local traditional house which will let you feelat least pretendto be a member of this family.
    Ichan Kala sightseeing proceeds from:
    Juma mosque (Friday mosque)the biggest and extraordinary in all of Uzbekistan which is sometimes resembled to the Cordoba mosque in Spain.
    Aq mosque (White mosque).
    The Hammam (bath-house).
    The East gate of Ichan Kala.
    Tosh Hovli palace.
    As the tour is specialized more in cultural wayafter the city tour you have a chance to explore the dwelling quarters of the old town and experience the local life.
    For dinner you are taken to one of the best restaurants of Khiva where upon request you can enjoy a Khiva folk concert and dances at the time of eating.

    Day 4 : Transfer to Ayaz Kala Yurt Camp

    Description :

    Last breakfast in ever fascinating Khiva.
    Free time for shopping.
    Early lunch at 12:00.
    Check-out and departure to Ayaz Kala yurt camp.
    On the way to Ayaz Kala we take a visit of Toprak Kala fortress which in the 1st-2nd centuries CE was the capital of Ancient Khwarazm.
    Arrival at Ayaz Kala yurt camp and check-in because today you spend a night in yurts (tent made of camel wool) like the nomads did long time ago.
    After check-in we take a visit of Ayaz Kala fortress the origin of which dates back to 2nd-1st centuries BCE.
    Dinner is in the yurt.
    After dinner we have a wonderful tea or coffee time around a camp-fire.

    Day 5 : Departure to Bukhara

    Description :

    After taking a nice breakfast in a yurt (camel-wool tent) you depart to Bukhara through the vastest desert of Central Asia by crossing over the legendary Oxus River (present Amu Darya River). The longest part of this trip you spend on wheeling through the desert where you will have a pitch stop at a nice panorama spot for photographing the river and later for an on-road lunch.
    Arrival in Bukhara and check-in to hotel which is in the center of the old townin a distance of a two-minutes walk to the legendary Labi Havuz complexthe heart of Bukhara.
    Of coursefree time is needed for a little rest after a long-distance drive.
    Dinner is at the pond of the legendary Labi Havuz complex which was created on the place of an old Jewish woman’s house where for sure you may feel the real taste of Bukhara cuisine.

    Day 6 : In Bukhara

    Description :

    First breakfast in Bukhara.
    Bukhara city sightseeing includes the visit of:
    Ismail Samaniy mausoleum.
    Chashma-i-Ayyub mausoleum.
    Bolo Khovuz mosque.
    Ark citadel.
    For walking to a nearest restaurantyou are spending two minutes from the Ark citadelthe restaurant which has a stunning view of Poi-Kalon complex from the 12th–16th centuries CE.
    In the afternoonwe continue the tour from:
    Poi-Kalon complex:
    Miri-Arab madrassah.
    Kalon mosque and minaret.
    Toki-Zargaron trade dome of jewlers where we can taste the best herb tea.
    Ulughbek madrassah.
    Abdulazizkhan madrassah.
    Abdullakhan tim.
    Acting hammam of Bukhara.
    Toki-Telpak Furushon trade dome of hatters.
    Magoki Attori mosque.
    Toki-Sarrafon trade dome of money exchangers.
    Caravansaray where we can do a wine tasting of Uzbek wine.
    Jewish Synagogue.
    Labi Havuz complex:
    Kukeldosh madrassah.
    Nodyr Devonbeghi madrassah and Nodyr Devonbeghi honaqoh.
    Bukhara tour concludes.
    Bukhara farewell dinner is going to be served at Nodyr Devonbeghi madrassah where you will enjoy the local wineUzbek traditional fashion and folk show.
    In order to make the day perfect you may take an evening walk after such a wonderful dinner.

    Day 7 : Departure to Samarkand via Shakhrisabz

    Description :

    Last breakfast in Bukhara.
    Check-out and departure to Samarkand with a whistle-stop tour of Shakhrisabz city.
    On arrival in Shakhrisabz city you are taking a guided tour of:
    Ak Saray Palace
    Dor-us-Siyadat mausoleum and Kuk Gumbaz mosque
    Lunch is going to be arranged at a local traditional house.
    When lunched is done you are transferred further to Samarkandon the way you will have a wonderful scenery of Kashqadarya landscape and there will also be a possibility to stop in the village and visit a local hospitable family to treat you a warm green tea with local village sweetsthe family which has a small-ranged home carpet manufacture.
    On arrival in Samarkand before you check-in to hotel there will be a good chance to attend a fashion show of colorful dresses at Valentina's traditional fashion house (can be arranged upon your will).
    This time you check in to one of the Samarkand hotels located in the center.
    Dinner is at one of Samarkand restaurants.

    Day 8 : In Samarkand

    Description :

    After the first breakfastin Samarkandyou are taken to Guri Emir Mausoleum where you start your Samarkand city tour from:
    Guri Emirthe mausoleum of Tamerlanehis sonsa grandson and his master.
    Registan square.
    Bibi Khonum mosque.
    Siyob bazaar.
    Lunch is at a local restaurant.
    Samarkand sightseeing continues from:
    Afrasiyob Museum.
    Observatory of Mirza Ulughbekthe grandson of Tamerlane.
    Shakhi Zinda complex.
    Samarkand city tour concludes.
    Samarkand farewell dinner will wait for you at a nice local restaurant.
    After dinner we visit the Registan square again for a Registan Light Show which will conclude our amazing visit of Samarkand.

    Day 9 : Train transfer to Tashkentnext destination (tour concludes)

    Description :

    Last breakfast in Samarkand which you may take later than usualbecause of the late departure and arrival time in Tashkent for lunch.
    As you are taking a train to Tashkent and the departure time of the train is fixed on 11:10 amyou accomplish the check-out little later than usual which will provide you with free time for walking or shopping.
    Forty five minutes before the departure time of the train you are requested to kindly checkout and take your seats in the car or bus for the transfer to the Samarkand Railway Station.
    It takes you 10-12 minutes to reach the railway station and couple of minutes to get on a train.
    On your arrival in Tashkentyou are transferred to a nice restaurant in Tashkent and after lunch to the hotel where you check in for a rest till dinner.
    After a sufficient rest you are kindly taken to a restaurant in Tashkent for a farewell dinner (before dinnerthe attendance of a play at the Tashkent Opera House is available upon request for an additional extra payment. To book tickets for a playplease contact our travel expert who will kindly complete the reservation for you).
    Then you are transferred to the Tashkent International Airport for the departure to the next destination which will be the ultimate service to complete your Uzbekistan trip.

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