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Route - ​Paro - Genekha - Gur -Labatama - Panka - Talakha - Chamgang - Thimphu - Punakha - Wangdue Phodrang - Paro - Chele La Pass Route Info - Total Route Distance: 377 kilometers approximately including the hike Total Travel Time: 40 hours 30 minutes including the hike Trip Highlights Five Chortens - Paro Nyamai Zam - Paro Rinpung Dzong - Paro Drukgyel Dzong restoration site ​ Ta Dzong - Paro Choedu Goemba - Paro ​ Kichu Lhakhang - Paro Tachog Lhakhang - Paro Tashi Denzer Lhakhang - Wang Bama Bama Lhakhang - Wang Bama Chiji Goemba - Genekha Genekha Village ​ Gibze Kebze campsite - Gur to Labatama Pagalabsta La Pass - Gur to Labatama Dagala Mountain ranges - Pagalabsta La Pass Mt. Kanchenjunga - Gur to Labatama Utsho Lake - Labatama Relitsho (Lake) - Labatama Hentsho (Lake) - Labatama Jametsho (Lake) - Labatama Dala Tsho (Lake) - Labatama to Panka Labajong La Pass - Labatama to Panka Mt. Everest - Labatama to Panka Mt. Masang Gang - Labatama to Panka Mt. Gangchhenta - Labatama to Panka Mt. Tsenda Gang - Labatama to Panka Mt. Jichu Drake - Labatama to Panka Mt. Kanchenjunga - Labatama to Panka Dochha Chhu (River) - Labatama to Panka Himalayan Monal Pheasants - Panka Chole La Pass - Panka to Talakha Kiwi Chowa - Panka to Talakha Talakha Peak - Panka to Talakha Talakha Goemba - Talakha Thimphu Valley - Talakha Tsheringang - Talakha Chamgang Village Simtokha Dzong - Thimphu Changangkha Lhakhang - Thimphu Zilukha Nunnery - Thimphu National Institute for Zorig Chusum - Thimphu Tashichho` Dzong - Thimphu Royal Textile Academy - Thimphu Arts & Crafts Market - Thimphu National Memorial Chorten - Thimphu Buddha Dordenma - Thimphu Dochu La Pass - Thimphu Druk Wangyel Chortens - Dochu La Pass Druk Wangyel Lhakhang - Dochu La Pass Chimi Lhakhang - Punakha Punakha Dzong - Punakha Suspension Bridge - Punakha Thagoo Lhakhang - Bajo Bajo Lhakhang - Bajo Radak Neykhang - Wangdue Phodrang Wangdue Phodrang Dzong restoration site Rinchengang Lhakhang - Wangdue Phodrang Eight Chortens - Wangdue Phodrang Royal Botanical Garden - Lamperi Tiger's Nest Temple - Paro Chele La Pass - Paro-Haa Mt. Jomolhari - Chele La Pass Mt. Jichu Drake - Chele La Pass Best time of the year - April - June and September - October is considered best but we can expedite during other months except during heavy summer rain and extreme cold winter Trip Yakka Prepare physically for hiking and camping at higher altitude at least 1 month before Bhutan Rule out and screen for pulmonary and other major health risk factors that contribute to High altitude sickness Learn about acclimatization and its techniques for high altitudes Contact us for details

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Day wise Itinerary

  • Day 1 : Paro - Rinpung Dzong - Ta Dzong - Drukgyel Dzong - Kichu Lhakhang

    Upon your arrival in Paro International Airport, you shall be greeted by a aCholala Tours & Travels representatives and he/she shall brief you about the tours, itinerary, inclusions as well as cultural practices of Bhutan including Do’s and Don’ts. Once you complete all the formalities at the airport, we will drive you to the hotel. After you unpack and get some rest we will introduce you to an authentic Bhutanese Dishes for lunch before going out to explore the valley.
    We then visit following sites at Paro;
    Five Chortens
    Rinpung Dzong
    Ta Dzong
    Drukgyel Dzong
    Choedu Goemba
    Kichu Lhakhang
    Once at the hotel, we will make a quick presentation about the trip answering all your queries and preparing you ahead for the great expedition. After a delicious supper, we retire for the night rejuvenating from your long flight.

  • Day 2 : Paro - Genekha

    Today we drive towards Genekha trekking route start point at Wang Bama village. After Driving on Paro – Thimphu Highway for about 27 kilometers, we take right turn and continue uphill on a black topped small feeder road. From here it is about 14 kilometers till Genekha villege and should take us about 1 to 2 hours slow drive all uphill on a bumpy feeder road.

    If you prefer to drive all the way till Genekha base camp, you can do so at the expense of leaving out a precious hike through lush green vegetation and stunning views of the valleys and its landscapes. If you choose to hike steadily upwards through oak and pine forest, it should take us about 4 to 5 hours helping you get acclimatized to the altitude. It will allow you to visit some of the fantastic monasteries along the way.

    We will hike from the village of Wang Bama visiting Tashi Denzer Lhakhang, a Nyingmapa Shedra. As we continue hiking we will come across Tsamkhang, Chiji Goemba, other smaller chortens and temples, a school and a health center.

  • Day 3 : Genekha - Gur

    We start hiking with a short descent to the river and crossing it we climb uphill to rest on a huge rock overlooking the beautiful landscape. From Genekha to Gur is a total of about 7 kilometers hike, taking us about 4 to 5 hours to complete. We will see many varieties of alpine flora, birds and animals throughout the trail.

    Continuing the trek we hike uphill for couple of hours more. We will camp at an elevation of about 3290 meters or 10794 feet. Wild beautiful flowers will awe you in abundance in spring season.

  • Day 4 : ​Gur - Labatama

    From Gur towards Labatama, we hike a total of 12 kilometers for about 5 hours. It is a good trail to reach the alpine forest zone with open views of the valley below. As we trek across the ridges you will appreciate the beauty of the rugged mountain vegetation, wild flowers, asparagus and refreshing meadows.

    We then arrive at a possible campsite of Gibze Kebze at 3710 meters above sea level but we have plenty of day light left so we continue hiking through hilly path of Rhododendron shrubs. Pagalabsta La Pass is where we climb up next fine view of the Dagala Mountain ranges and Mt. Kanchenjunga of Sikkim. Descending from the pass we climb down towards Yak herder’s camp until we get to Utsho Tsho.

    The Utsho Lake is plenty of golden trout fish. You can witness a lifestyle of yak herder, a nomad in higher Himalayas. We camp near the lake for the night at altitude of 4300 meters.

  • Day 5 : Halt at Labatama

    Halting at Labatama has a very special reason. It will be a leisure relaxing day combined with exploring Labatama valley and fishing in one of its three lakes. We can also use the day to recuperating and rejuvenating from our previous hiking excursions.

    We can choose a leisure expedition to one of the three lakes nearby. They are Relitsho, Hentsho and Jametsho where you can choose to fish for our dinner. All you need to do is to let us know before you visit Bhutan so we can get you a fishing permit from the government.

  • Day 6 : Labatama - Panka

    Hiking from Labatama to Panka covers about 8 kilometers taking about 6 to 7 hours. We begin with a climb along the western side of Dala Tsho up to a ridge at 4520 meters or 14829 feet. We walk through Labajing La Pass at an elevation of 4400 meters.

    Along the trail we can witness a stunning view of majestic Himalayan peaks all through the descent. On a clear sky, we can see prominent mountains such as Mt. Everest, Mt. Kanchenjunga, Mt. Masang Gang, Mt. Gangchhenta, Mt. Tsenda Gang and Mt. Jichu Drake. If you prefer a better view of these prominent landscapes, we can climb a peak close to the saddle at an elevation of 4720 meters which is about 30 minutes detour from our original destination Panka.

    If your legs are weary and prefer getting to Panka we continue descending downhill. Himalayan Monal Pheasants are a common sight on this trail. We camp at Panka for the night choosing campsite depending upon availability of water.

  • Day 7 : Panka - Talakha

    We cover a total distance of about 8 kilometers in 5 to 6 hours upon hiking from Panka to Talakha Goemba. We make about 180 meters of ascent and 110 meters of decent throughout the trail. The trek entails crossing of several passes without a major climb and often a home to various mountain birds.

    Hiking through a forest of different varieties of blue poppy, rhododendrons and Himalayan pheasants we arrive at Chole La Pass at 4100 meters. From here we trek downhill to Kiwi Chowa at 4030 meters and continue via a pass where four tracks converge at 3960 meters.

    Talakha Peak is where we hike up next and then drop downhill steadily to a mixed forest of fir, rhododendron, bamboo, rose, juniper, and birch. As we get to Talakha Monastery, we witness stunning views of Thimphu valley, enjoy hot stone outdoor bathtub dipping and camp overnight near the Monastery at Tsheregang.

  • Day 8 : Talakha - Chamgang - Thimphu

    On the final day of the Thousand Lakes of Dagala Trek, we hike for about 6 kilometers from Talakha Goemba towards a village of Chamgang. It is about 440 meters descent in elevation taking us for about 3 hours. We then drive through apple orchards and hydro power substation into Thimphu valley. We drive uphill for few minutes before entering Thimphu city to visit Simtokha Dzong, the first Dzong built by Zhabdrung Ngawang Namgyel in Bhutan.

    After checking into your hotel, we enjoy delicious lunch after so many days of camping meal before heading out to explore the capital city. We then visit the following places:
    Changangkha Lhakhang
    Drubthob Goemba or Zilukha Nunnery
    National Institute for Zorig Chusum
    Tashichho Dzong
    Royal Textile Academy
    Arts & Crafts Markets

  • Day 9 : Thimphu - Dochu La Pass - Punakha

    Today we first visit the National Memorial Chorten a focus of daily worship for many elderly Bhutanese and others alike, which is visible majestically from the Buddha Dordenma hilly driveway. We then visit Buddha Shakyamuni statue, Buddha Dordenma located on a hilltop of Kuenselphodrang. It stands majestically at a height of 51.5 meters made of bronze and gilded in gold making it one of the largest statues of Buddha in the world. It has about 125000 smaller Buddha statues inside.

    We make our journey to the stunning iconic landscape of Dochu La Pass where the Druk Wangyel Lhakhang festival ground is located at about 22 kilometers from capital city Thimphu. It offers one of the most scenic panoramic views of the Himalayas set around 108 Chortens on a hilltop. On 13th December, every year unless there is a change in festival date, the Dochu La Druk Wangyel Tshechu commemorates the victory of His Majesty the Fourth Druk Gyalpo and the Royal Armed Forces over Indian insurgent forces residing in southern Bhutan and liberate souls lost in 2003 ever since 2011.

    Upon completion of about 45 kilometers drive we will stop at Chimi Lhakhang. We then drive through Khuruthang town located along the Punatsang Chhu banks to your hotel. Located across the Punakha Dzong, you will enjoy a scenic stunning view of the Punakha Dzong and her valley. After a supper, we retire for the night.

  • Day 10 : Punakha - Wangdue Phodrang - Thimphu - Paro

    We visit the beautiful Punakha Dzong. You will find out that it is arguably the most beautiful Dzong in the country. Existing the Dzong, we head towards a Suspension Bridge across the Pho Chhu. It is perfect visit for those who want to experience some thrilling heart pumping experience while crossing it. Stunning valley scenes awaits you as you cross it on either side.

    From here you can choose to ride a mountain bike on a feeder road towards Wangdue Phodrang town. It is an easy trail for biking with beautiful views of villages and Punatsang Chhu. It should take us about an hour to enter Thangoo where we will visit Thangoo Lhakhang. We then visit the following sites before departing towards Paro:
    Bajo Lhakhang
    Radak Neykhang
    Wangdue Phodrang Restoration site
    Rinchengang Lhakhang
    Royal Botanical Garden
    Upon arriving our destination of the day, Paro, we rest well and prepare for a majestic hike to Tiger’s nest Temple tomorrow. We retire for the night.

  • Day 11 : Paro - Tiger's Nest Temple - Chele La Pass - Paro

    We start famous Taktsang hike, you can choose to ride a horse from the parking lot to the monasteries with your own expenses. If the full hike sounds a bit tough, you can hike for 1 hour to the cafeteria - a wooden tea-house restaurant which offers a good view of the monastery.

    If you still have some energy left, we can drive towards the Chele La Pass. It is one of the highest vantage motor-able points in Bhutan from which you can marvel at commanding views of the snow–peaked Himalayas and beautiful valleys beneath it.

  • Day 12 : Departure from Bhutan

    After a hearty conversation over a delicious breakfast we drive to Paro International Airport for your departure. We lend our ears for your suggestions, comments and reviews of the famous Thousand Lakes of Dagala Range Trek. You leaving Bhutan is not an end to our friendship but a new beginning where we hope to see you again at another place and time.

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* Retention Amount varies as per the number of days left before your package start date.

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