Sao Bento Monastery

Sao Bento Monastery

  • Rio De Janeiro
  • Brazil
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Sao Bento Monastery, Rio De Janeiro Overview

Sao Bento Monastery might appear not so appealing from outside, but the interior reflects the richness and charm of Brazilian culture perfectly. The monastery was built in 17th century by Benedictine Monks and now serves as a place of attraction for tourists. Interior of the monastery reflects the influence of baroque architecture. Walls decorated in gold and silver chandeliers weighing over 200 pounds are captivating and add on to the lavishness of the place. The calm and peaceful atmosphere inside is perfect if you are looking for tranquility and spirituality amidst downtown Rio.


The simple facade of the monastery holds many treasures inside. Even if you are not religious, the fine detailing and beautiful architecture inside will make you love the place. Visit the cathedral on Sundays 10am if you want to witness a choir of Benedictine Monks performing Georgian chants. Sao Bento Monastery is an ideal place to visit if you are into culture. Witnessing beautiful wooden carvings and alluring series of paintings inside is a virtual feast for the art lovers. A must visit place away from noise of the city.


Best Time To Visit- 10 am on Sundays or 7:30 on Weekdays.

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