Mountain Biking In Santiago

Mountain Biking In Santiago

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Mountain Biking In Santiago, Santiago Overview

The country offers many ideal locations for participating in this activity. Starting in the North, the dry, rustic and inhospitable landscape of the desert predominates. The routes and paths present big challenges for the aficionados of this sport, who must contend with the hot sun, dehydration, the high diurnal temperatures and the extreme low ones during the night. The central zone, on the other hand, offers a more pleasant, temperate climate, and a huge number of places to travel between the coastal and the low mountain areas, both urban and rural. The best options are the national parks and reserves and the secondary roads that pass through the zone. In the South, Austral and Magellan regions, the temperature is much lower and the climate can present surprises. There exists a great variety of trails and secondary roads within each of these regions. The Austral Road is an excellent route to take during the summer.

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