Paragliding in Santiago De Chile

Paragliding in Santiago De Chile

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Paragliding in Santiago De Chile, Santiago Overview

They play at being birds and swoop through the skies. They command the air and scan the land. They fly in blissful freedom. These are some of the feelings that their sport produces in hang-gliders, the cultists of one of the extreme sports with most followers in the world. And, for the "winged men" (and women), Chile offers prime flying areas. Santiago is one of the cities offering the best launch points for long-distance flights. Some of the routes are: Batuco, this is a community 35 kilometers northeast of Santiago, whose main attraction is a 300 meter mountain that has become a prime flying spot for novice and intermediate level pilots, due to its pleasant conditions and easy access. Colina, this is a little village located 32 kilometers north of Santiago, which has perfect launching sites and good wind conditions. Mt La Piramide, this is one of the favorite places for this sport due to its easy access and the variety of flying areas it offers. It is between the municipalities of Vitacura and Huechuraba.

The Best Season : October through April. A recommendation: only authorized hang glider pilots with communications equipment are allowed. A restriction: no flying is allowed on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays. Mt Del Medio, located in the La Dehesa area, in Santiago. From here one can fly to La Piramide. There are no restrictions of any kind. La Reina Alta, located in the community of La Reina, this is a long Cordillera foothill range crossing the municipalities of Las Condes, Pe

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