Lake Lanotoo

Lake Lanotoo

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Lake Lanotoo, Saarbrucken Overview

Samoa country charms many visitors throughout the year with its watery glee called Lake Lanotoo also often called by people as Goldfish Lake. The lake resides in the lap of Upolu Island in Samoa. The way to the lake is simple. The visitors have to first traverse the Island road and tread by foot for about 2.3 km to reach Bahia Temple and then enter the Lanotoo Road. The Lake Lanotoo has a lengthy track that extends to 3-5 km.

The lake is a serene, placid and cool. The visitors can take a rejuvenating stroll around the lake in the mornings and evenings. The reason why it is also referred as Goldfish Lake is because there are many gold fishes in the lake. The lake looks like a large bowl with pee-green water. And apart from the gold fishes, the lake also gives shelter to the leeches.

The lake would have been ideal for swimming but there are sundry reasons for which many do not fancy it for swimming. The lake gets plagued by sometimes cold and sometimes warm currents and many swimmers find it disappointing when they are unable to explore the bottom superficies of the lake.

It’s interesting to listen to the mesmerizing stories that linger around about the past of the lake. It is said in old times beautiful parasol-shaded coquettes and lively women used to visit it. And there are many other stories worth exploring.

The visitors are advised to have company guide and wear walking shoes and long pants when they visit the lake. Though drinking water is available in the place but it is suggested they should not forget to carry drinking water with them.

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