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Top Tourist Places To Visit in Chennai

About Chennai

The capital of southern state Tamil Nadu, Chennai is the sixth most populated city in India. Currently a major metro city, Chennai is a very old establishment. Even before the colonial era, the city was called Madras. The name was officially changed by the government in 1996. Many people still refer to this city by the old name. Chennai is an important centre for learning, commerce and culture. There are several noted educational institutions, multinational corporations and IT Parks.

There is a blend of old and modern ways of living in the city. People follow traditional practices in their daily routine and wear the ethnic clothing mostly. With the influx of people from other parts of India, working in MNCs, the culture has become largely cosmopolitan. The tourists can enjoy plenty of options like beaches, monuments, famous haunted places in chennai and places of religious importance. The New York Times published a list of '52 places to go around the world' in which Chennai was the only South Asian city to be named.

Best Time to Visit :


Calling Code :


Area :

426 km2

Best Time to Visit : November to February.
Climate : The climate is hot and humid.
Main Languages : Tamil, Telugu, Hindi and English.
Population :

89,17,749 as recorded in 2014.

Temperature : Summer - Max : 37. Min : 22.
Winter - Max : 32. Min : 19.8.

Climate & Geography

Chennai is located in the northern region of Tamil Nadu and often referred to as "Gateway to South India". Located on the Coromandel Coast, on the Eastern Coastal Plains, Chennai touches the Bay of Bengal Sea. The ground elevation is 6.7 metres. Being located very close to the equator and along a coastline, Chennai experiences a tropical wet and dry climate. Summers are extremely hot while winter months are moderate. The precipitation during monsoon ranges from moderate to heavy.


Just like other metro cities, Chennai also has a developed transportation infrastructure. It is easy to get as well as get around the city.

Air: There is an international airport in the city which is one of the busiest ones in India with flights to many countries and major cities in India.

Rail: Chennai has two main railway stations. One connects it to the major cities of the country and the other for cities in Tamil Nadu and nearby places.

Roadways: Chennai is linked with other cities through five national highways. There are several bus services from many cities in south India going towards the city.

Local Transport: To get around Chennai, local trains, buses, auto-rickshaw and taxis can be used. All these modes are readily available at most spots.

Shopping & Entertainment

Chennai offers numerous options for shopping around. There are many shopping malls to flock and plenty of showrooms selling silk sarees, ethnic jewellery, items of handicrafts. There are many multiplexes showing Hindi, English and Tamil films where one can get entertained. Also, tourists can look out for live Bharatanatyam and Carnatic music performances.

Top Things To Do In Chennai

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