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Kumbakonam Overview

Kumbakonam is a quaint town that lies in Thanjavur district of Tamil Nadu. It was also spelled as Coombaconum and Combaconum during the rule of British. In the 7th century, the region of Kumbakonam rose to a city but, before that, it was ruled by dynasties like Chola, Pallava, Nayak, Pandya, Marathas for a short time and the British. The meaning of Kumbakonam is 'Pot's Corner'. It is believed that Brahma's pot fell down from heavens on this region.

Kumbakonam is elevated 80 feet above the sea level. It's rough terrains span an entire area of 12 sq. km. and are fed by the waters of the rivers like Kaveri and Arasalar. This region has a tropical climate. The summers in Kumbakonam are searing as the median mercury levels scale between 38°C-41°C, whereas, the winter season is a pleasant season as the average temperatures scale between 16°C-19°C.

Kumbakonam houses numerous attractions that never fail to draw visitors. The spectacular attractions in Kumbakonam are Brihadesshwara Temple, Nageshwara Temple, Airavateshwara Temple, Adi Kumbeshwar Temple, Sarangapani Temple, Ramasamy Temple, and much more that one shouldn't miss.

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