Santhome Cathedral Basilica

Santhome Cathedral Basilica

  • Chennai
  • Tamil Nadu
  • India
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  • Timing 6 AM to 9PM
  • Established 1523

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Santhome Cathedral Basilica, Chennai Overview

Address: 24, Santhome High Road, Mylapore City: Chennai State: Tamil Nadu Location: South India Year of Construction: 1812 AD Type of Construction: Medieval Type of Building: Church Religion: Christianity Importance: It was here that St. Thomas one of the Apostles of Jesus Christ was killed and buried. Accomodation: Accomodations are available in the hotels and lodges of Chennai. Accesibility: Chennai is very well connected to the major Indian cities by air, rail and road. Santhome Cathedral Basilica is an important monument located towards the south of the Marina Drive. The place, where Santhome Cathedral Basilica stands today, used to be known as Betuma in the past. St. Thomas, one of the twelve apostles, is said to have arrived in the region somewhat in the middle of first century A.D. He initially preached at a place called Little Mount (Chinnamalai in Tamil Nadu) and was put to death at St. Thomas Mount in the year 72 A.D. Soon after his death a church was built over his burial place and it is this church that after series of renovations stand as Santhome Basilica Cathedral. Located in Chennai in India, San Thome Cathedral in Chennai draws many devotees, tourists and culture-seekers. A Roman Catholic cathedral built in the 16th century by Portuguese voyagers, San Thome Cathedral was refurbished as a cathedral by the British in 1893 to display neo-Gothic architecture. Later this famous pilgrimage center, was bestowed with the status of a minor Basilica by Pope Pius XII on 16th March 1956 to appreciate its antique value and chronological significance. Basilica refers to a royal house or palace and evaluates the glory of a church. San Thome Cathedral in Chennai at its original site of Mylapore in Chennai, was initially built by Apostle St. Thomas himself, who advocated in Chennai between 52 A.D. and 72 A.D and then was killed in St. Thomas Mount. The present structure now stands above the tomb of the apostle St.Thomas. Santhome Cathedral Basilica is located along the Marina. According to the legends, one of the Apostles of Jesus Christ - Saint Thomas, in his mission to spread Christianity in Asia, came to Chennai soon after Jesus was crucified. He lived and preached in St. Thomas Mount. This Cathedral has been built on his burial site. Santhome Cathedral Basilica was buit in 1896.

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