Crocodile Bank

Crocodile Bank

  • Chennai
  • Tamil Nadu
  • India
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  • Location 42 kms towards Mahabalipuram.
  • Established In 1976
  • Timings 8:30AM–5:30PM and Monday Closed
  • Area 3.2 Hectares

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Crocodile Bank, Chennai Overview

General information Date of Establishment- 1976. Area covered- 3.2hectares. Location- The crocodile bank is located around 42kms from the city of Chennai, near Mahabalipuram. Know the crocodile bank!


The crocodile bank is located near Mahabalipuram i.e. around 42kms from the city of Chennai. The bank was established in the year 1976 and is run by Romulve Whittaker. The bank covers an area of around 3.2hectares, which comprises of various small ponds and lakes. The crocodile bank was established with the aim to protect the endangered species of reptiles.


On reaching the place, one can feel the aquatic atmosphere due to the strong smell of fishes along with sound of the splashing water. Chief attraction The crocodile bank was started with only 25 reptiles but now the bank encompasses around 7000 inmates. All the crocodiles are kept in open pools so as to provide them the natural surroundings. One can come and view crocodiles freely from a safe distance.


The lush green vegetation around provides a good shade for both the crocodiles as well as the viewers. One can see thousands of crocodiles lying on the sand with their jaws wide open. There are various signboards that provides ample of information about the place as well as the crocodiles. The bank shelters various species of crocodile, which are listed below. Muggers-


They are the most common type of crocodiles found here. They are an Indian species of crocodile and are around 3.6m long. Gharials- They are the crocodiles with the longest jaws and are 4-5m long. Saltwater crocodile- They are around 8m long and weight around 900kgs. They are reckoned to be dangerous as they can harm human beings. Morlet

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